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Learning A Formula For Optimal Health, Well-Being, And Inner Peace

Written by: Alistair M. Hawkes, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


When curiosity of how personal success meets mind/body synergy causing increased focus and attention and enhancing high performance, we call it conscious evolution.

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A furthering of the consciousness movement.

I was raised with the understanding of the body/mind connection. I was taught to meditate at a Biofeedback Society of America conference in 1979 by Joel Levey, Ph.D. who now teaches meditation in corporate and military settings (see Jedi Warrior training.) I practiced for a while when I was 12 and then developed a lifelong interest in mindfulness and embodiment. In my 20s I worked for a non-profit organization called The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), an organization concerned with the role consciousness plays in health and healing. My mom was the CEO of ISSSEEM at that time. Part of my time working at ISSSEEM I was junior editing articles for the Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine peer-reviewed journal scientific journal on alternative healing. I learned so much about ancient wisdom practices that were emerging into the Complementary and Alternative Medicine field like Biofeedback, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Meditation, and Mindfulness to name a few. I devoured the ISSSEEM material and began to form my own ideas about how conscious awareness plays a role in happiness, self-development, and personal evolution. It’s important to note that I met HIKE4evolution’s founder, Liana Mattulich, MD (Argentina) and past President of the Colorado Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (see AAPB), at the 1992 ISSSEEM conference. Her longtime and continued influence in my personal development and evolution has been great.

During my non-profit years (1989-1999) I studied philosophy, began to practice yoga and later became a yoga teacher, became trained in Reiki and looked into many alternative healing practices. In 2006 I earned a master’s degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology at Naropa University (2006), and this particular educational experience shaped my understanding of how the psyche is developed through conditioning and lived experiences in the body. I have since been applying my subtle energies and energy medicine knowledge and expertise, along with my clinical training in a variety of community settings. Some of my favorite years in community mental health were when I taught mindfulness, self-management, and self-regulation to elementary school students in Jefferson County, Colorado. Becoming an educator through that process made me realize, again, how necessary it is to be conscious and aware. When this consciousness and awareness happens in our formative years the potential and possibilities for our life expand exponentially! Imagine a world where all people are engaged in self-care practices that increase optimal function and high performance. I currently have the privilege of teaching the HIKE4evolution system with my brother, Dallas Hawkes, MS and a small group of educators who have learned from Liana over the years. We teach people who are ready to go beyond their current thinking and capacity for change, into the land of greater alertness, vitality, and stamina.

HIKE has been instrumental in my life, and my personal success reflects that blessing. I have a wonderful daughter, an especially lovely family, a dog, a cat, and seven chickens. I love teaching HIKE, as well as traveling, reading, dancing, and gardening.

Human Inner Keys for Evolution: promoting high-performance in individuals.

The HIKE4evolution system is a web-based global educational scientific-backed progressive education system that enables a fast pathway for human evolution. The online and in-person training process is aimed to achieve optimal performance by developing our highest potential as human beings. The system works with a diverse array of cutting-edge biofeedback and neurofeedback processes, combined with ancient wisdom practices from around the world to promote a new level of sustained wellness with higher and efficient psycho-physiological functioning. The system, known before as INNER KEY started 50 years ago when Liana was practicing as a medical doctor in her country of birth, Argentina. She has combined neuroscience wisdom, medical knowledge, ancient practices learned from Tibetan wisdom elders during her time in monasteries, from Sufi and nagual masters, and from personal experience, into an evolutionary system packed full of formulas that are repeatable experiences that when applied with focus, concentration, awareness, and intention, create open perceptions in students allowing them to become all they can BE. The system is organized in spirals of information, right-timing modules, practices, and tools that can be followed through an online multiplatform training method, as well as through personalized sessions, seminars, and retreats at local centers.

A modern approach to self-development.

HIKE4evolution targets individuals of all ages who are interested in learning a modern approach to self-development. The HIKE system helps students understand and transform themselves at the psychophysiological level. The quality of our focus and attention affects us on a moment-to-moment basis, and when we are conscious of the quality of our attention and focus, we are able to activate and motivate ourselves in effective ways. When working with children, we start with easy concepts of grounding and centering, moving on to noticing what’s happening in the body and developing the skills to observe, monitor and manage ourselves so we can problem-solve in effective ways. When working with teens and adults we build on their current understanding of self-efficacy, and through their diligent and disciplined practice of the tools and skills, they self-modify, creating real change through self-mastery of their physiology, open awareness, flexible thinking, and regulated emotional experience. When all these parts of the self are working in harmony then the optimal function is maintained with little effort. Continuing self-practice is imperative to nourishing the building blocks of impeccability, limitless goodwill, and presence. These components become positively alchemical in our lives and communities. HIKE aims to increase happiness, personal success, well-being, and inner peace for all.

Fast-track to a better quality of life.

HIKE4evolution’s mission is to educate human beings worldwide using science and ancient wisdom tools to promote evolution, embracing a better quality of life with integrity, efficiency, and open hearts. Within a short period of time – three to six months of personal dedicated time and effort – students of the HIKE system optimize their physical and energetic functioning, open pathways to cosmic wisdom, have a deeper understanding of their true nature, and connect with comprehension of themselves beyond awareness. HIKE’s intention is to reach a critical mass of people and assist them, using the formulas of the HIKE system, in expanding and increasing their awareness, well-being, and inner peace. This inner peace translates into world peace. Enjoy!

HIKE4evolution is inviting new students in all levels of learning. Please join our mailing list, receive several foundational practices, and our upcoming class schedule by clicking here.

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Alistair M. Hawkes, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Alistair M. Hawkes is an educator for humanity's evolution. Alistair has been mentored by Liana Mattulich, MD (Argentina) a medical doctor and neurofeedback scientist, Elmer Green, Ph.D. a Biofeedback and Self-Mastery scientist, and Charles Chipps a Lakota Sioux Medicine Elder. Alistair has grown in learning communities such as The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), Council Grove, The California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), Naropa University, and is certified a Clarity Breathwork practitioner. Applying her extensive knowledge and expertise she teaches people how to become conscious participants in the creation of their unfolding selves.


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