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Learn How to Master Your Inner Emotions

Written by: Aida Dryjanski, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


How come there are times when you go inside a restaurant or a social gathering and felt either a sense of anxiety or even panic? Then, there are other times when you feel totally relaxed, at peace, and in alignment?

All of us have felt both, either the elevated or the exhausting energies. Several factors determine factors that determine the levels of energy that you are vibrating. Factors like where we are, with whom, how do we feel, what we are thinking, and many other external elements that may vary along the way.

But the reality is that your energy determines your quality of life.

The way our emotions influence the inner and outer energies of our being will be manifested in our daily actions, feelings, and ideas.

For example, if you are having a bad day, you probably feel sadness, anger, guilt, or probably you are frustrated or irritated. You are vibrating low, which means that your energy is depleted and low, and perhaps your health will suffer the consequences. You will feel tired, beat, ill. At the same time, your work will be impacted. Your results will downgrade as well as your productivity and creativity. Your efficiency will deteriorate, and most probably, even your relationships will suffer.

On the other hand, if you are having an excellent day, your emotional levels will be vibrating on high levels of energetic frequencies that will make you feel joy, happiness, peace, love, calm.

Consider this for a moment. There is no doubt that everything that surrounds us is energy, including us. Therefore, your energetic frequencies and vibrations will change according to your emotional condition, affecting and interfering with your physical, emotional, and mental states.

If there is one thing you can count on in this world, it is inconsistency and unpredictability.

Your journey in life is always a series of ups and downs. Challenges and opportunities that come and go. The only constant is you, how you will deal with all the adversities that you may face. If you feel drained inside, you will not accomplish your goals. But if you cultivate and regulate your inner emotions, you will be able to manage your energy that will help you endure anything that comes to you. You will shine and prevail.

Is it possible to learn how to self-regulate your own emotions, consequently, to modulate your inner energy?

The answer is yes. It is not an easy task, it takes work and the use of different methods, but it is possible.

How? There are many practices and methods that you can use. In short, you can learn to be more in touch with your own intuition (yoga meditation, deep breathing). You can learn to be more conscious and aware of the present moment by focusing on what is really happening within yourself and your immediate surroundings.

Practice understanding how to tune up to your inner self, how to “feel” your energy, and self-regulate your emotions, therefore, your reactions, passions, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Here are some ideas:

Believe in yourself.

Know yourself. The more confident, assertive, and satisfied you are with yourself, the less than external factors will affect or influence you. This also includes becoming aware of your own thoughts. Thoughts are also energy, and if you tend to be a negative and pessimistic person, it will disrupt your energy. Start to notice all the thoughts and words you say to yourself and others daily. Afterward, start using more positive and encouraging thoughts and words. When we lack faith in the process or ourselves, our energy is blocked.

Practice Deep Breathing.

Breathing exercises help you relax. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body and the mind. When you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax.

Throughout your day, take time to stop. Close your eyes. Go inward and feel into where you are. Do you feel present? How do you feel in your body? Practice

Take Time For Yourself

Take time to renew and rejuvenate. We lived in a hectic world with non-stop activities all day long and surrounded by fast-paced distracting, and sometimes, even disrupting technology. Set aside some time every time you feel drained, sluggish, over-tired, and worn out. Disconnect yourself from the daily routine. If possible, try to connect with nature and breath some silence and peace. Calm your inner chaos. You will come back a new person.

Hang Out with the Right People

Certain situations or people can deplete our energy. Your circle should include people who motivate and inspire you and who believe in you—set boundaries. Be protective of your energy and avoid those who diminish it. .Try to notice, to feel, and to observe: What happens to your energy in the presence of others? How do you feel in their presence? Take note of your breath and your body. Do you expand or contract?

Move your body, stretch your mind.

If you are strong and healthy, if you eat well, move your body, exercise your mind (reading, painting, meditating), you will feel and become more motivated and inspired. Your inner self and your outer self will become stronger and more flexible. Start your day right. Your body and your mind will flow and expand because you are activating your whole being.

Remember, energy can neither be created nor destroyed—but it can be transformed.

It is your choice. I know it is not always easy. However, it is in your power to decide and take responsibility if you want to feel tired, sluggish, frustrated, angry, sad, or stuck, rather than alive, joyful, peaceful, encouraged, inspired, loving, motivated, giving.

Be patient in learning how to master your inner self is a process, but it is attainable. Consider this. Your energetic field varies in frequency and vibration according to your inner activities, including your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, plus the external stimuli you receive through your senses. Therefore, you can start by being more conscious and aware of how you manage your emotions and energy. You can also be more alert and present in your everyday life. Take small steps… until you.

Understanding that everything in your life is entwined and that what you do or do not do in one area of your life will affect the whole of it. In short, if you live your life congruently, in attunement with your inner self, all that you reflect will be an insightful, energetic reality that we all will perceive and that you will wish to emit and transcend. You will come out empowered and strong, fulfilled, and ready to embrace your life.

By mastering your inner emotions and energy, you will master your life.

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Aida Dryjanski, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Aida Dryjanski is a Business and Mindset Coach and Consultant. She holds a BA in Advertising and Communication. She began working for Advertising Companies and a Publishing House, as well as Affiliate Marketing. After her mother suffered 12 years of a debilitating and painful illness, Aida decided that her mission was helping others going through life-shattering events. She holds certifications in Mindfulness, Focusing, Psychosomatic Integration, Emotional Intelligence and a Virtual Coach Graduate. Aida has her own coaching and consulting practice. However, there was a time when she struggled with her self-esteem and self-confidence. She felt lost and afraid. Until one day, she decided to change. And she did. Through lots of inner work, self-development programs, live workshops, and more. Now, she gives back. Her passion is helping women to renew, grow, and transform themselves, their business, and their income at any age. She does this through one-to-one sessions, group sessions, online courses, programs, and more. Aida not only helps her clients navigate and strengthen their mindset and emotions, but she gives them guidance, strategies, and whole-heartedly support. Her clients emerge renewed, transformed, and ready to achieve their next level in their personal and professional life. Aida knows and believes that there is greatness in every person.



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