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Katrin Zytomierska - In The Zone For Global Expansion

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Katrin Zytomierska, an inspiring Swedish entrepreneur with a number of projects under her belt. Along with being the CEO of Clean Eating AB – a company which specializes in clean and healthy food – she also runs one of Sweden’s most visited instagram accounts with a very engaged audience. We caught up with her for a chat about the upcoming expansion of her business, and what’s behind her succesful mindset. 

Katrin Zytomierska, CEO Clean Eating

Clean Eating stands for clean and healthy foods, free of unnecessary additives.

The company was founded in early 2012 as “” - from the beginning a digital portal for people who followed the diet.

Almost four years later, Clean Eating consists of a product line of forty unique products, available in well-stocked grocery stores around the country.

Tell us a little about the up-and-coming expansion?

- Due to our limited production capacity, we have been forced to employ a sales stop for quite some time now, with the unfortunate effect that we have not been able to supply new vendors or markets. We have even been forced to outsource some of our production to external factories to keep up with the demand from our contracted vendors – but I’m hoping to bring back that production once the new factory we’re building is ready. The new factory will also enable us to further expand our product range.

You’re looking to expand globally. Have you run into any obstacles during this process? - I’ve never had to worry since my co-workers - who run the day-to-day business – are extremely competent and meticulous. I’m sure they’ve had some snags and bumps along the road, though! 

What do you think is the reason behind your sucess? - I don’t do anything for the sole purpose of making a profit: I manufacture amazing products that people appreciate, and I put my heart and soul into my work.

What do you do to get ”into the zone” if you feel unfocused?

- I intensify my work-out routine, try to catch more sleep and say NO to things. A proper, drunk night out to clear my head works wonders, too!

A lot of people look up to you because of your honesty and open-mindedness. How have you developed that kind of mindset? - I don’t employ a particular strategy, so it’s nothing but the result of genetics and my upbringing. Simply put, I am entirely myself.

Do you feel that people around you are a little intimidated by you? Should they be? - Yes, I do feel that haha, but I’d say that intimidation comes from peoples’ own insecurities. People should really not feel intimitaded by me, but I do however expect to be treated with respect, which I’d say is a pretty normal mindset.

If you could give one advice to those who wish they were more open but are afraid of people’s reactions, what would that advice be? - I’d tell them to write or say something that they know will bring out reactions, and avoid deleting negative comments: Just respond ”yes, this is my opinion and I stand for it”.

Is there something you’d like to get better at? - Paddle tennis!

What would you say is your number one skill? - Keeping calm, and negotiating.