Is Being Busy Affecting Your Life?

Written by: Rita Hurry, Executive Contributor

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Too Busy for Self

As a Body, Mind, and Spirit Teacher, I have come across many people who desire to banish the fears and anxieties that hold them back from moving forward but do not make the time to put the work into clearing this. It’s not that they don’t have the time; it’s that they do not make the time. There is a big difference here. The fears and anxieties continue to interfere with the success they could achieve, but they are so busy busying themselves with things that this gets pushed to the side. Is this you? If it is, then it’s time to change this.

You are the foundation of your success.

So why is it important to prioritize ‘self-time’?

Stress is the biggest factor here. Often, when you are too busy to spend time looking after your wellbeing, it is due to the build-up of stress and the increasing workload you keep putting yourself under.

Stress can cloud your judgment on many things and leave you feeling overwhelmed, doubtful, and in a frenzy. This then leads to anxiety as the pressures mount and you feel you lack control over everything…this will then lead to fear and depression and could lead to your immunity weakening and a severe illness.

Often what happens also is that you make appointments for personal things and have to cancel them because you are over-consumed with work-related things.

Now, as a Business Owner myself, I know how busy things can be, and with running 2 businesses currently, I think I have a fair idea. But you have to realize what makes your business or your job a success is not all about what you are doing, but it’s also about who you are and how you manage the stress of each day and your well-being. Well-being goes far deeper than looking good on the outside and getting things done.

Making time to clear the negative stuff within you, the things that block you and stop you from achieving unlimited success is crucial. By doing this, you limit the effect stress can have on you, body, mind, and spirit.

After all, you are the foundation of your business. You are the foundation of your life and everything in it.

If you are not 100%, you will begin to crack, and the ups and downs of work, business, and life will take over and consume you until you cannot be productive anymore.

Create the Balance

Success is created through balance. Having that work/life balance is important. Just like eating wholesome food is good for the body, having a work/life balance is good for the mind and your career. It gives you the sustenance needed to achieve success.

Saying yes to ensuring that your wellbeing is positive and that you are self-aware and have dealt with the negative beliefs that often hold you back will set you on the path to managing stress when it arises and keep you moving forward.

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Rita Hurry, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Coach Rita Hurry is an Entertainment Spiritual Coach focusing on the balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit, which is the foundation to success. Coach Rita Hurry specializes in Law of Attraction, Meditation, Energy Healing, and Breathwork.

She has been coaching for over 17 years, and her clients include – Casting Agents, Musicians, Music Producers, Writers, Artists, Actors, Singers, Business Owners, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and other professionals. Her clients are based all over the globe.

She also is a published author and has 2 books based on the Law of Attraction principles available on Amazon.

Along with the spiritual work she does, Coach Rita also co-owns RIME Entertainment Limited and is a co-presenter and co-producer of an online interview show, RIME Entertainment Showcase, where both her sister and her interview various talents in the Arts and Entertainment industry, sharing their journey and inspiring others to never give up on their dreams.

Coach Rita’s mission is to help everyone to Think Big and Make the impossible… I’m Possible.



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