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Interview with Peggy Niles – Performance & Profit Strategist and The Owner of Quantum Scaling

Peggy Niles is a Profit Strategist and Business Consultant who helps established business owners transform their companies from the daily grind to one that keeps running smoothly while the owner focuses on the things that matter most to them. She walks her clients through her 3-step Quantum Scaling System℠, a proven system to reach their 5-year goals in 12-24 months. With 30+ years of experience, she specializes in scaling strategies, leadership and process creation/management. Also, as a Certified Public Accountant by trade, Peggy always keeps an eye on the effective actions and strategies have on a business’ bottom line. She believes small business is the best way to make a difference in the world - that’s why she helps her clients grow and scale their companies, without the overwhelm or laboring endless hours, so they can fulfill their dreams and gain the freedom, and life, they’ve always wanted with the impact they deserve.

Peggy Niles
Peggy Niles

Who is Peggy Niles?

The creative, fun-loving, dancing, numbers geek turned strategy builder, mentor and expert business advisor who believes no one should settle for the status quo but should instead go after their dreams because anything is truly possible when you set your mind to it.

I have lived in Illinois, USA, my entire life surrounded by family and friends (and, of course, my 11-year old fuzzy-wuzzy Shichon, Sharpie). After all, what better thing in the world is there than family, friends and enjoying life. My circle extends beyond Illinois, though; I love meeting and working with people worldwide and feel the different perspectives, personalities and experiences are a twist that allows me to expand my horizons. In fact, I remember after starting one of my corporate jobs, every time one of the managers came back from a call, he’d say “so and so said Hi,” “so and so said Hi,” and eventually “is there anyone you don’t know?”

Now don’t misunderstand me; it hasn’t always been easy (nor is it now), but being an optimist who requires balance has helped me through those rough times. It also helped me work to identify, discover and create my “Get More from Your Business Framework.” It relates to what I wanted out of my life, and when I started my own company, what I wanted to help others achieve, that is “Get More from Your Business so you can live life on your terms.”