Interview With Amanda Rose – Best-selling Author and CEO of the Infinite Power of You Inc.

About Amanda Amanda Rose is the founder & director of The Infinite Power of You Inc. It is a multi-published multi-genre author, business, wealth, & mindset coach, actor, motivational speaker, and online course creator. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has been in the online space since 2013 and a sales expert for over 10 years.

Her passion is to help her clients build lives of freedom and joy and thriving businesses through mindset mastery.

You just launched a new book, Manifesting Magic, in January, tell us about it!

Yes, Manifesting Magic: A 21-Day Guide to Harnessing the Magic of Life Through the Law of Attraction is my 13th full-length book publication and the 5th installment in the Manifesting Series. This book focuses on illuminating the science and psychology behind why and how manifestation works, along with practices to create new neural pathways n the brain that essentially trains the reader how to naturally and effortless manifest purposefully in all areas of their lives. The book was the featured read in January within The Infinite Power of You Bookclub, a book club for entrepreneurs to read and discuss personal development, and had glowing reviews from readers.

Learn more about Manifesting Magic and join the Book Club.

Amanda Rose

What inspired you to get started as an entrepreneur?

Looking back, I always had the entrepreneur bug, and I didn’t know it. Throughout my childhood, teens, and early adulthood, I was constantly coming up with ideas. As a child, I created an entire video-game sequel to my favorite video game. I wrote my first book when I was 16 (Fire Fury Freedom); however, it was not published for over a decade. When my mother hit menopause and suffered from hot flashes, I came up with an idea to create cooling bracelets. As a young adult, I began creating jewelry. None of these ideas mounted too much, and I hadn’t really considered myself to be an entrepreneur. They just seemed like good ideas that could be profitable to me.

In 2013, I had been working as a live in-store sales presenter. The job had gone sour for me after a shift in management, and by summer that year, I turned in my notice. At the time, I felt directionless. I knew I didn’t want to work long hours out of my home any longer, and I wanted to do something meaningful. I ended up joining a health & fitness MLM (MultiLevel marketing) company, however at the time, I didn’t even know what an MLM was. What I know was that working from home sounded incredibly freeing, that I was excellent at sales, and that I was dedicated to making it work. Over the years, my business evolved as I did and has become the diverse, multi-faceted corporation today.

What was your biggest struggle to get things going for your online business?

Oh, gosh… everything! Selling in a store is completely different than selling on social media. I failed in every way possible, and I think I made up several new ways to fail while I was at it. But that failure helped me to grow and learn what didn’t work, narrowing things down until I discovered what was working.

Was there a time you thought about giving up? What kept you from quitting?

Quitting was never a real option. However, there were certainly moments where throwing in the towel seemed easier. The first years of my business were a total uphill battle. I felt like I was pulling teeth to get every single customer sign up, putting in long hours, and seeing minimal financial returns. Despite those challenges, the idea of going back to work a job for someone else was much less appealing. I always knew my mission in life was to help change the way people think, and to do that. I knew I needed to create my own business and vision.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself at the beginning of your entrepreneurship journey?

Master your mindset, and you will master your life. Strategy is important, but it is useless without the mindset that will allow you to implement those strategies. You must move through discomfort and grow into who you need to become to be successful.

Which are your Favorite Books to help Entrepreneurs with Success and Personal Development?

Books were my gateway into personal development and professional growth, and to this day, I consider books to be some of my best teachers. A few of my all-time favorite books for personal growth and entrepreneurs are:

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

The Attractor Factor

You are a Badass at Making Money

A Happy Pocket Full of Money

The 5 Second Rule

Your Subconscious Brain Can Change your Life

The Trick to Money is Having Some

Millionaire Success Habits

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Entrepreneur Rollercoaster

Do you have a routine that you attest to your success? If yes, what is it?

Yes, I have a daily routine that I never vary from. Upon waking I:

• Drink 25oz of water

• Make a list of at least 10 things I am grateful for

• Read personal development

• Visualize my dream life

• Go over my affirmations and declarations

• Exercise for 30-60 minutes

How has social media played a factor in your success?

Absolutely, in fact, it has been a pivotal element. For any modern business, online or brick and-mortal, social media has become a necessary tool for optimal success. Social media makes brands accessible, and in an ever-growing digital age, consumers are craving that human element to businesses. Social media offers that by allowing businesses to be accessible and approachable.

What are the most prominent social media mistakes you see commonly made?

Cold-pitching, pretending to be-friend someone with the intent to pitch, curated a “perfect” brand, and flat content and copy.

1-to-1 conversations are a beautiful thing, but intention is key. Cold-pitching or pretending to befriend someone while viewing them as a walking-talking dollar sign backfire. Not only will your conversion rate be low, but your refund rate will be high.

Showing up in the online space projecting a perfect life or a perfect business may seem like a good idea, but studies have shown people feel disconnected from that kind of content. It’s more inspiring to show us how you struggled and overcame that to tell us how awesome you are all the time.

As far as content and sales copy goes, we have to remember that social media is a busy, lightning-speed paced environment. To stand out, you have to have to message that is meaningful for your ideal clients, or it will get ignored and fall into digital oblivion.

What is the business tool that has been most helpful?

Hands down, Kajabi has been the most useful tool that has allowed my business to grow exponentially. Having this integrated platform that does my website, blog, sales pages, check-out pages, funnels, opt-ins, e-mail automation, referral program, CRM, and so many other functions has not only saved a lot of time and money, it’s allowed us to have seamless growth.

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Is there something you wish everyone knew?

All of us can experience our dream life and have the successful business we have always wanted. There is no competition except within. Develop who you are as a person; your business can only grow to the extent you do.

What is coming up for you in the next few months?

I am extremely excited to be launching my 6-Figure Ascension Code Group-Coaching, Mastermind, and Course All-Access Pass Hybrid in April! I am so excited to help this select group of entrepreneurs to learn how to scale their businesses to sustainable 6-Figures this year.

This year, we will have the first installment of my Science Fiction Book series, Fire Fury Saga, launched as a comic book!

Learn more about the 6-Figure Ascension Code

What has been successful taught you?

To stay humble and remember where you started. To be generous and pay it forward.

What is your mission?

To shift human consciousness to create soulful abundance through mindset practices.

What are some fun facts about you?

• I have 3-cats named after characters from The Matrix Trilogy, Morpheus, Trinity, and Niobe.

• 99% of the time I eat with chopsticks

• I’m an introvert, but I love public speaking

• I’m Aquarius

• Video games are my favorite down-time activity

• Chocolate covered peanuts are my favorite treat

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