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Hyperreal Company Brings Singing Simon Cowell To AGT Stage

The audience of America’s Got Talent was stunned to see judge Simon Cowell passionately belting out a song on stage but the performance got a standing ovation.

Leaked from the auditions from Episode Two of Season 17, the YouTube video sees Chris Ume and Thomas Graham from a company called Metaphysic introduce themselves to the judges. They are joined by former contestant Daniel Emmet. A large camera then is wheeled on stage and then the hyperreal, deep fake technology kicks in.

The episode, which is airing this week, will be a first for the talent show not least because, if the team goes through, who knows who will appear on stage.

Ume rose to fame after creating a Fake Tom Cruise TikTok account using Deep Fake technology and the talents of Tom Cruise impersonator Miles Fisher. The account has 3.4 million followers.



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