How Your Wildest Dreams Reveal Your Purpose

Written by: Dale Darley, Executive Contributor

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As the last embers of this year die away and a new year awaits us, it is a time of reflection. I find myself contemplating the year with a mixture of fondness and dislike. Fondness because I have learned more about myself again. It's felt like a crash course in being human. And dislike because of what I have witnessed. I feel deeply and wish with all of my heart that I could add some magical herbs to my cauldron, stir it three times while dancing naked around the flames, and all life on Earth could be healed. If only it were that easy.

So, even though this wasn't my favorite year. I have had worse. I imagine this is the same for many of you reading this. My 2018 was horrid. My spine fractured, and with other complications, I spent well over a year healing. I emerged stronger and discovered a level of sheer bloody-mindedness and resilience that certainly surprised me.

These odd years force us out of our comfort zones, to declutter what does not serve us and ask what we want? Cue the Spice Girls telling us, 'I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.' I'm ready to zig-a-zig ah. Are you?

I feel right now, at least for me, that this is a powerful time to be thinking about what I want to manifest for the future. So let me ask you?

  • What dreams do you have that you didn't realize in this last year?

  • How can you let in your future heart's desires?

Dreams, especially wild dreams, tell us a lot about who we are. The trouble is we can feel conditioned into having should and ought dreams that sound like they are the right dreams, but in reality, they only touch the surface. I would love to invite you to meet your wild inner child. The one with no filters on his or her imagination and ask what are your three wildest dreams.

To make this work, you really do have to throw off the shackles and dance with the wildness within. Even if you are not visual, use your main communications style and let yourself be in the experience. Here are mine:

  • To write a brilliant, first, bestselling novel which gets turned into a film and helps me to become rich beyond my wildest dreams.

  • To fly in a spaceship around the Earth to witness it from all angles and perspectives.

  • To sing on stage at Wembley, clad in rock chick leather gear, wowing the audience with the power and meaning of my songs.

I can see and feel these clearly.

Now in case, you think I'm incredibly shallow for desiring riches beyond my wildest dreams. Or a little dotty to think that I could fly around Earth in my lifetime, and I know you must be giggling at the rock chick because you have heard me singing to the dogs.

Let me explain...

This is where I find the juice that reveals what my wildest dreams really mean to me.

Soon, I'll start to write my first novel. The person I want to become is more of a creative writer, a weaver of magical words that share deeper meaning. Flying around the Earth is about perspective, seeing the big picture, and humanity from all angles.

But the rest is about how I can be of more service in the world. There is something that says to me, with more cash, I can help more people.

I am saddened by what I have witnessed this year—people who can no longer sustain their business or job. People now have no money or benefits to put food on the table and pay the bills. Lives that have been torn apart by fear and isolation. And so many lives lost, from all kinds of things. I have two rescue dogs; what about the lack of funds for the extra abandoned animals? Where I live, it's been tougher than ever for animal charities. I could go on, and there will be something that has touched your heart, I am sure.

So, get in touch with your wild inner child and let it all out...

Try it! Write down three of your wildest dreams, leave them, go for a walk, sleep on them and then look deeper. You will certainly find that the inner meaning of your dreams will reveal your purpose.

  • Who do you want to become?

  • What do you want to experience more of going forward?

I want to become the weaver of stories who will inspire others to write to heal and then write to heal the world. My deepest desire and purpose is to touch many hearts with the alchemy of words. In doing so, I fulfill my purpose of being a better human in the service of others. What I want to experience is more kindness, compassion, and understanding in the world.

What about you?

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Dale Darley, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Dale works with her clients to help them to discover the magic in their story through the power of writing, journaling, and energy work. Dale is an expert at getting your story out, finding the essence of who you are, what you want to become, and supporting you to get what you want through coaching and programs. She believes that writing heals, and her vision and mission is to create a community of people who find clarity, purpose, and meaning through their writing. That these people go on to inspire others to know what is possible in the world. Dale holds an MBA from The University of Glamorgan and an ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching certificate. She served in senior marketing management roles in the IT and manufacturing sectors before working for herself.



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