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How You Can Prevent Holiday Weight Gains Or Lose Weight During The Holidays

Written by: Dr. Christine Sauer, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


If you are like most of us, celebrations are linked in our mind and brain with food and eating, and so weight gain seems unavoidable during the holiday season…

Plate with bathroom scales displaying the word help alongside Christmas foods and decorations.

But if you're trying to not gain pounds – or even lose weight during the holidays, there's no need to feel guilty. You can still enjoy yourself while eating good food, enjoying family and friends, and staying fit. Just make sure you follow these tips to help you stay on track.

What Are the Root Causes of Holiday Weight Gain?

There are many reasons for us to overeat and gain weight, from physical reasons like genetics, toxins, medications, or hormones, to mental reasons like eating disorders, and emotional eating, to cultural reasons, and many more. In our modern society food is abundant and it is very hard to resist temptations... Read more about the Surprising Root Causes of Obesity here.

How Can We Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holiday Season?

I identified 4 Pillars of lasting weight loss that are essential to avoid weight gain and regain. These 4 Pillars (Mindset, Eating, Movement, and Support) also apply during the holidays.

Here is a video where I talk about these 4 Pillars of Lasting Weight Loss. You can see them all on my YouTube channel.

Tip No.1 Eat Smaller Meals ‒ More Frequently

If you eat smaller meals more frequently and also have a small snack before a major feast, you avoid painful hunger pangs that may have led you to overeat otherwise.

Eating smaller portions will help you avoid overeating at parties and other social events. I developed a special Eating Strategy – Intentional Intuitive Eating – where the food is selected with the intention of nourishing your body, mind, and soul, and your intuition is used to help you to stop eating once you are full – or you notice that the food is just not as delicious as you imagined.

Tip No.2 Eat Mindfully ‒ Enjoy Food And Company

Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation can be powerful strategies to end overeating.

When you take your time to appreciate and chew every bite of the delicious food, you will enjoy it more and keep feeling full longer. When you are also in the company of loving friends and family, your enjoyment will be even greater.

Without really noticing, the time will go by and your hunger subsides fast, so you don't need to eat a big meal.

Tip No.3 Avoid Too Many Sugary Snacks and Processed Foods

Try to eat more fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, dairy products, and nuts instead of heavy sugar-laden processed foods, Holiday candy, cakes, and cookies. A few here and there are okay, but gorging or bingeing on them is not.

If you want to keep yourself healthy during holidays, avoid processed foods and sugary snacks as much as you can. The occasional treat is okay.

If you struggle with craving or overeating during the holidays and tend to gain weight, consider talking with us to help you overcome these tendencies and lose weight fast – and make weight loss last.

Tip No.4 Exercise More ‒ Move Regularly

Most people think that exercise is essential for weight loss. But did you know that this is not true? To lose weight and keep it off exercise is not necessary. (Although it can help a lot and contributes to overall good health).

For those that don't really enjoy exercise or going to the gym yet, I wrote this blog about the weirdest way to train your brain to love exercise – even if you hate it with a passion.

If you already like to exercise, think of enjoying both cardio exercises such as running, swimming, cycling, and walking, and strength training exercises such as lifting weights.

I developed a strategy I call Intentional Intuitive Movement (IIM), where I help people – even if they want or need to stay home – to activate and strengthen their muscles, rev up their metabolism, and burn more fat while at the same time improving their balance and protecting their bones, joints, and tendons...

Another intriguing and lovely way to lose weight over the holidays is Chakra Yoga for Weight Loss

Tip No.5 Drink More ‒ Water or Other Non-Caloric Drinks

We like to drink – but many people think of alcoholic drinks which are full of empty calories and can damage your brain – or sugary fruit juices or sodas – they all are not healthy for your brain. Think of other drinks – it doesn’t have to be just water. Also okay are non – or low-calorie fluids like herbal or regular tea, green tea (ideal for the brain of those with ADHD – and really tasty with a bit of lemon juice and stevia), sparkling water, broths, or thinned-down fruit juices. Coffee is okay if you can handle it. It can increase anxiety for some people or prevent them from being able to sleep.

Drinking water instead of alcoholic drinks will help you lose weight during the holidays since you avoid the empty (=NO nutritional value) 4 calories that every g of alcohol gives you.

One Last Thought:

Don’t be too strict with yourself. If you consciously choose to have a cookie, piece of holiday candy, or cake or drink some alcohol, plan ahead and make a conscious effort to mindfully enjoy every bite or drop and give it all the attention you – and the treat – deserve.

Happy Holidays from all of us!

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Dr. Christine Sauer, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Christine Sauer is a German-trained physician and naturopath, as well as a gastrointestinal disease specialist, currently working as a Holistic Brain and Mental Health Professional, Coach, and Educator. Her own struggles with chronic pain, weight loss, and mental health issues have led her to dedicate her life to improving the gut health and brain/mental health of others and enabling them to drop unwanted pounds ‒ all with natural means. She wrote 1 bestselling books and lectures on the topics and coached individuals, groups as well as families. As “The Doctor who Knows how You Feel,” she is known to make a lasting impression and positive difference in the lives of her clients and followers.



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