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How To Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Goals

Written by: Lisa Hammett, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Motivation is one of the most difficult emotions to maintain when you set a lofty goal. You may be all fired up when you start your journey, but you quickly lose your motivation and enthusiasm as time goes on.

Maybe your goal was to lose a substantial amount of weight, train for a marathon, or earn an incentive trip. What happened? If you’re like many people, staying focused and motivated can be challenging, especially if you’re relying on yourself for encouragement. When a bump in the road occurs, it can be difficult to get back on track and maintain a positive mindset. That’s why accountability is so important for goal achievement.

When you’re in the corporate world, your direct supervisor holds you accountable. If you own the company or are an Executive, the Board of Directors holds you accountable. If you’re on a project team, your teammates hold you accountable. Knowing that someone has your back when things don’t go as planned, problems arise, or mistakes happen, can mean the difference between success and failure. Without that support, it’s possible that your business goals would not be met, and your performance would be negatively impacted.

Often when we set a personal goal, we don’t think of having an accountability partner. We assume we have what it takes to get through tough situations. We may have the skills needed to navigate challenges, but our mindset is not in alignment.

For example, imagine that you’ve had a particularly stressful day at work. Instead of going for a walk when you get home, you kick off your shoes and open a bottle of wine. After the second glass, you determine you’re too tired to make dinner and decide to order a pizza. When the pizza arrives, you eat 4 pieces instead of the two you intended.

You turn on your favorite Netflix show and end up binge-watching several episodes until late in the evening. By the time you get to bed, it’s hours past your normal bedtime. When the alarm goes off the next morning, you’re exhausted and irritated with yourself for blowing it the previous evening.

You tell yourself you have no willpower and that you’ll never lose weight. When you get to work you discover a co-worker has brought donuts. Instead of refraining, you have two because you feel you are already so off track that it just doesn’t matter.

With an accountability partner, this situation would have a different outcome. For starters, a walking buddy would have encouraged you to join them on a walk. Then, if you had walked, your dopamine would have been higher, your stress relieved, and your decisions to stick with your healthy plan would have been easier to make. On those occasions when you do over-indulge, your accountability partner will be supportive and encouraging, to prevent you from further self-sabotage.

Accountability partners can be close friends, family members, colleagues, advisors, and coaches. They may be going through or have been through a similar journey as you. Regardless, they are someone you can trust to share your goals and hold you accountable. They will be your biggest cheerleader but will also expect you to do the work necessary to achieve your goals.

Communicating what you need from your accountability partner will set a clear expectation. Tell them you’d like a daily or weekly check-in with them to ensure you are staying on your path. Let them know you’ll be honest about your efforts and will be grateful for their guidance. Your partner will appreciate your direction on how to work with you because then they know they are supporting you in the best way they can.

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, and lack motivation, it may be time to find an accountability partner. Think of the people in your life that are willing to encourage and support you to achieve your next goal.

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Lisa Hammett, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Lisa Hammett is a leader in health and wellness, stress management, and goal setting. After a 26 year career in the corporate retailing world, which left her stressed, burned out, and at her heaviest weight, she left the industry for a successful 16-year career in direct selling. During this time she developed her love of coaching. She also started her health and wellness journey, losing 65 pounds, and has kept it off for 11 years. After losing the weight, she became a health coach, for a global wellness company, and has been coaching members for the past 10 years, to achieve their weight loss goals. In May of 2021 she launched her Success Coaching practice, to help individuals who were struggling with anxiety, depression, and weight gain due to the pandemic. Her business has since expanded to life coaching. Client success stories include: weight loss, improved health, stress reduction, creating a balanced life, development of sustainable healthy habits (mind and body), development of a laser focused Vision for goal achievement, building strong confidence, improved relationships, and business success. Lisa is currently writing her first book, “From Burnout to Best Life.” which will be published later this year.



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