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How To Stay Motivated During A Discouraging Job Search

Expert Panelists are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within the areas of Business, Mindset, Leadership, Lifestyle, and Sustainability. Members of The Brainz Magazine community of experts will share their best tips, advice, ideas, and hacks on different topics.


Expert Panelists

1. Being honest with yourself

What I have seen with clients over many years of coaching and psychotherapy is that if something isn’t working out well, as with a discouraging job search, for example, you have to be honest with yourself. Do you actually desire to do this job/type of work? What would you really like to be and do? What conclusions have you come to (such as “I can’t do what I love and make money”) that may be standing in your way? – Dr. Adriana Popescu, Clinical Psychologist and Empowerment Coach

2. Reaching out to others who have "been there"

It takes a village..." for so much in life – and this also applies to looking for work. Your network can be the main source of motivation and support, especially when you are discouraged with your search. Reach out to friends and contacts who have also experienced job loss, and talk to them about their experience and strategies that worked for them. You will gain hope from the conversation and also learn some new approaches that you haven't tried yet. Tell yourself, "this is not my forever place – I will get there!" And you will. – Michelle Schafer, Career Transition and Leadership Coach

3. Listening to your inner voice

When you are facing unemployment or a similar hardship, compassion is a key tool that will help you find strength in the most difficult of times and help you push through the uncomfortable work that the process of job hunting requires. First of all, it is essential to start being cognizant of the language you use with yourself daily. Listen to your inner voice. Are you predominantly telling yourself that you are a failure and no one will hire you, or are you kind to yourself and talk to yourself as you would talk to your dear best friend who is going through a rough time? One of the things that I keep reminding my clients of is: do not let your job status define you! You are truly much more than your job! Even if your situation sometimes may feel endless, through perseverance, you will get the job that you are striving for! Staying positive and confident in your skills will also allow you to attract more opportunities despite the setback. – Adelina Stefan, Professional Career Coach

4. Allowing yourself to take some time off

The job search is often wrongly perceived as a period of inactivity when looking for a job can be (and often turns out to be) a full-time job! And like in any full-time job, it requires time off because our physical and mental energy is not infinite. The more you will take regular breaks to let your mind wander freely during this strained period, the more you will stay focused and motivated over time. Ultimately, it will improve your productivity and the number of interviews you get. – Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani, Professional & Career Coach

5. Being realistic and staying focused

The statistical probability is that any job that excites you will have fierce competition for it, and the probability is that you will be turned down. Instead of focusing on your excitement, practice interviewing and executing in your interviews so that people get to know, like, trust and respect you and your abilities. The better you execute on your interviews, the better you will feel. Remember, all you need is one good job offer, and because you failed on this interview, it doesn't make you a failure. – Jeff Altman, Career and Leadership Coach

6. Identifying your work values

In the same way that personal values change over time, work values also do. Our values constantly evolve, so we may outgrow jobs and roles that initially suit us. We no longer have values congruence with our jobs, and when that happens, we struggle to find meaningfulness in our careers. The more you know yourself, the more likely you will change your life priorities. Identifying your work values can help you understand what motivates and drives you in the workplace and clarify what to avoid. Understanding your values at work is essential if you are considering a role or career change or simply seeking ways to improve your current situation. When you know your values, you can select roles, careers, and activities aligned with them and avoid those that are not. Sometimes discouragement in the job search is not connected with what you think you aren't finding, but it's really about what you know you are or will have to compromise. – Vince Morales, Mindset and Career Coach & Leadership Consultant

7. Having a strong faith

There is power in speaking the Bible in all situations. Building faith in challenging times can be difficult, but first, you can persevere and build a close relationship with God. The job search can be stressful, and overcoming discouragement during the job search can be mentally and emotionally draining. Start building your faith with beliefs using God's word. The Bible is the best tool for building a solid foundation to grow strong and brave. You are made in God's image, and He has the best plans for your life. Choose a scripture that speaks to you to build your faith and move your job search forward. Start with a verse like Philippians 4:13 and put your name in it and put your name in it. For example: (Place Your Name) can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Take the time to pause and pray by doing this three times a day and watch your situation and mindset improve. LaVonda McCullough, Christian Life Coach

8. Sticking to your vision and trusting your intuition

Do not fall into the trap of identifying your worth with your career. Just because you cannot find your dream job at the moment does not mean you will never find it. Instead of focusing on making things work at all cost, use your energy to create and refine a vision of the ideal life you want to create for your future self. With that vision in mind, take small actions every day, that will bring you one step closer to your goal. So, if the world is not ready for your expertise right now, help it become ready by finding different outlets for your creativity, and different ways to share your message. If you believe in your vision and trust your intuition, all the small actions you take daily will eventually lead you to the most successful career you could ever imagine. Dr. Gaia Domenici, Strength, Nutrition and Holistic Health Coach



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