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How to Show Up and Stand Out - The Show Must Go On

Written by: Nicola Blackstock, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


In a world that staple in my daily routine, but especially before meetings, interviews and speaking engagements, it will help calm the mind and slow the breathing. You will come across much more relaxed and approachable. Now for those of you who are meditation nay-sayers listening to some spa music, taking some deep breaths, and clearing your mind also counts! Try it and thank me later!

As superficial as it may sound, you’re image is everything in the world of entrepreneurship. No matter what you are trying to sell, your consumer will look up to you as an expert, and your appearance will help you to stand out against competitors and represent your brand in the best light.

Taking the time to look after your skin and present yourself as a business expert in your niche will be rewarded in so many ways and help you stand out against the masses. It has so many benefits to your business and wellbeing as if you look good, you will feel greater and be in the finest state of mind to excel in your interviews or meetings. Not to mention looking younger for longer and preventing any blemishes or redness, plus, plus, treble plus!

Preparation is key; think about what market you are in and what you would like to attract from your meetings, podcasts, interviews. Write down your goals, this could be anything from bagging that big business investment to the promotion you have always dreamed of. Writing it down will keep you focused and help you to believe that taking action towards your goal will help you to manifest it. Using notes throughout the virtual event will also help you to get in your key points and figures, but remember to glance at these and don’t let them derail you from keeping eye contact.

Research any companies or individuals you are speaking to. This is especially so if this is a new venture: folks really love hearing about how great their businesses are doing and that you are up to date on the latest news and events.

Set a reminder on your phone the day before and a few hours before your meeting to remind you to prepare for it.

Start to think about outfit choices and hair and makeup; if you look thrown together, the business prospects/colleagues will pick up on that and lose confidence in you and your business. If you’re a male, don’t worry so much about the makeup part but also be aware that a little concealer goes a long way especially on virtual events, oh and might I add everyone is using it!

Lighting is a biggie here, especially for our virtual events. I would strongly recommend finding the best lighting in your home by taking your phone on selfie mode and walk around until you find the best light. This will almost certainly be in front of a window and never face your back to a window as you will come across dark, have shadows in the filming and could even show up fine lines, pores and can appear to make under eyes look darker (and who needs this, right?). Also, check that the laptop/phone is positioned slightly above your eye-level and remember to look straight into the camera and not at your own picture. Duh!

Meditation is a staple in my daily routine, but especially before meetings, interviews and speaking-engagements, it will help calm the mind and slow the breathing. You will come across much more relaxed and approachable. Now for those of you who are meditation nay-sayers listening to some spa music, taking some deep breaths, and clearing your mind also counts! Try it and thank me later!

Quick Hair and Makeup tips to Show up and Stand Out! Ready Steady Go in 15 minutes or less!

I am fully aware the longer our stylists are on lockdown, the more disheveled we become, so here is a quick guide to looking and feeling polished.

No time to wash your hair? No problem: simply spray some dry shampoo onto your roots or alternatively dust it. If you are really running low, a little bit of talc can help soak up root-oils, but be careful not to use too much as you don’t want to look like lockdown has given you grey hairs. Backcomb the roots and use a clean/new rolled up sock to create a hair doughnut if you don’t have one. Roll the hair around it and pin with Kirby’s. Finish with hair spray and shine spray. This will give you a professional-looking volumized bun in less than 5 minutes.

For the males out there, that haven’t shaved all their hair off - spritz some water in your hair and use your favorite styling product to add some texture. Keep your skin moisturized, brush through your groomed brows and add a few dots of concealer if you need some undereye coverage.

So, we can skip the hair-wash part and have gained so much extra time to prepare for our meeting, but taking time to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face will be beneficial today but in the years to come. I strongly recommend a good facial routine for your skin type. Now your face is prepped for makeup. The first step is to prime. We at Nik Makeup Artist always say ‘it’s a crime not to prime’, and the reason for this is that it puts a barrier between your face and makeup, giving the foundation a base to adhere evenly too. It will help the longevity of your makeup and give you less chance of your foundation oxidizing, so no embarrassing colour changes in front of your peers. Now, if your not a huge makeup wearer, you can skip the next few steps as If in the office you don’t wear makeup at all showing up on a video conference with full-on makeup might be out of everyone’s comfort zone. The primer alone with help to shrink pores, reduce fine lines and even complexion.

Groom, pencil or fill in your eyebrows with your go-to product start at the arch on the outside and gradually fill in the rest working back to front. Brush out when finished for a really natural defined look.

Either use eyeshadow, concealer or eye primer (eye primer will work the same way as the face primer does) whatever you are most comfortable with. Finish with a light line as close to your eye socket and blend out with a thin brush for a lightly defined, not overdramatic eye look. Always finish with mascara even if you’re the non-makeup type. You could try clear or brown mascara to help enhance your eyes.

Time to go to grab your favorite foundation for your skin type and use a brush to apply in a downwards motion starting at the center of the face and buffing out. Powder all over to help reduce shine and use a three motion with bronzer or contour shade to define your cheekbones, then add your favorite blush or dot some lippy on your cheeks and blend in for a dewy look. Highlight above your cheekbones with powder or liquid highlighter and dot some into the tear duct of your eye to open the eyes even more. No one will ever know you had a late night now!

Line the lips with a lip pencil the same shade or shade darker than your chosen lipstick colour (try to make sure its similar to your blush choice), then pop on your lippy and finish with a spritz of setting spray. Now you’re ready to Show up and Stand Out without taking a full day to pull yourself together! For product recommendations and an in-depth step by step guide to a natural makeup look check out my blog

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Nicola Blackstock, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Nicola Blackstock, CEO of Nik Makeup Artist, is an Author, lecturer, multi-award-winning makeup-artist, beauty expert, stylist and creative director. Her work has been featured in numerous magazine publications worldwide and she has a passion for teaching and passing on her skills to others. In 2020 she is launching her new Pro brush line, book, and accredited makeup courses to help women and men worldwide understand how to use the correct tools for makeup applications. Whether you're a complete novice or a makeup maestro, Nik Makeup Artist has a course and mentorship membership program suited to anyone looking to succeed and excel in the beauty industry. Nik Makeup Artist has created an offer for our readers and can offer an online coaching consultation worth £55. Simply email to redeem.



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