How To Polish Your Team To Success

Updated: Jul 1

Written by: Irena Grofelnik, Executive Contributor

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As a leader, there is trust and responsibility often mentioned and a constant debate what kind of leaders we should be and which virtues do we have to possess, how to dress, how to smile, how to walk and talk, or must we walk the talk which frankly is my favorite.

My leadership experiences are quite a waste. And I have a confession to make. I have not always been a good leader. Not even exceptional. There were obstacles in a way, mainly because of my lack of self-leadership. Can you relate to that?

My past mistakes can be put into few bullet points:

  • Influence. As a young female leader with a lack of experience, I was following the leadership styles of my previous bosses. Some were great with people, others more autocratic, and when following their style, in a way, I lost my values and my personality;

  • Fear. I remember taking over a company in my late 30's when the market went down, and to secure all the jobs, I lay too much pressure on a sales team, which in the end did not perform well.

  • Task-oriented. It is known that by our character we are more task or more people-oriented. As a goal-driven and task-oriented person, I may at times forget to nurture people more;

  • Lack of communication.

I knew that I have to improve. Educate myself, organize, build resilience, and consider people more. Make them accountable and engaged. Throughout the years of breaking habits and listening more, I made one team shine, and another, and another,… I found my way and style, which resonates with my values, gives confidence, empowers, and puts people first.

So how to polish your team to success?

Have you ever heard about Bill Gene? He is the crazy digital marketer from San Diego with a bunch of awards. And Daniel H. Pink, the known psychologist specialized in motivation? Their ideas, books, and work helped me to make the 5E leadership model tangible.

What is it all about?

It is a model suited to my character and my values, goal and people-driven, personal and makes team members thrive. It makes the team shine.

1st E: Execute

My core obligation as a leader is to execute the strategy we set for our company, achieve goals, and secure business continuity and results promised to stakeholders. Execution is part of the business, which is non-negotiable. As a leader, I have to set clear explanations of the strategy and actions needed as well as expectations towards each individual member of the team.

Recommended tools: communication and coaching.