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How To Identify The Golden Secrets Of What Makes A Great TEDx Talk

Written by: Gary B. Doherty, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I have coached many ambitious individuals from all over the world for TEDx Talks. From my experience, I have gained valuable insights into the common ingredients of great TEDx Talks. I have selected one talk I personally enjoyed and have analyzed it in this article. It is the TEDx Talk of US author, speaker, and successful branding expert Ramon Peralta. You are about to find out what the golden secrets are within this talk.

Your success is our goal hand drawing on blackboard.

Secret 1. The Click

Firstly the title. This is crucial and even if your talk is live remember it lives forever online. The title must invite the audience to click! Ramon uses buzz words and phrases such as ‘How To’ ‘Succeed’ ‘Being Yourself. ‘

A lot of people want ‘how to ‘information, they want to 'succeed', and what is more liberating than 'being yourself ‘?

Ramon’s title of How To Succeed By Being Yourselfis inviting to click.

The first and most important success milestone was achieved.

Secret 2: The Hook

Ramon opens with a ‘hook ‘with the first 30-60 seconds being crucial. Ramon mentions the highly relevant term 'social media. Asking the listener, a question about their use of social media then gives a startling statistic on the number of people using social media. He has the audience hooked.

Success milestone number two for Ramon Peralta.

Secret 3: The Gifts

Ramon has a true serving mentality, and his talk is full of gifts and takeaways. He is consciously aware of the fact that the listener is listening to his talk for them and not for him. Give the listener something to take away. The next example is the gold in the talk, the gifts. Some of them are as follows:

Ramon encourages the listener to:

  • to write down their top 5 strengths, address what they are good at

  • fire yourself, become less important in your business, remove your ego

  • think we over I, collaboration

  • invest in yourself and he gives examples that include more sleep, rest, gym membership, proper diet, and nutrition.

Success milestone number three was achieved.

Secret 4: The Feeling

Like all good TEDx Talks, a call to action almost always works. Ramon does this while summarising concisely and precisely the gifts he's just given away. He connects and strikes emotion within.

The listener leaves this talk feeling motivated, inspired, and empowered, with the following and final message.

Be Yourself, Fire Yourself, Invest in Yourself.

Success and final milestone number four achieved.

All in all, a great TEDx Talk but not one by accident as you can see, one by choice and strategy. Ramon succeeded by being himself.

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Gary B. Doherty, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Gary B. Doherty is an award-winning entrepreneur and philanthropist. Founder of personal development platform Think Network and pr agency BE SEEN Gary is most well known for being a 2 x TEDx Speaker and word-leading coach. Gary's mission is to support ambitious individuals to be the very best versions of themselves ensuring they are seen, heard, and very visible... In September 2022 Gary was awarded Businessman of the year in his home country of N Ireland.



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