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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Fitness Routine

Written by: Kyle Gonzalez, Executive Contributor

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The fitness world is rapidly changing. No longer is it required to go to a traditional gym to get your exercise in or to see results. About two out of three people who get a gym membership don't end up using it anyway. The pandemic has helped expand our view of exercise making it more accessible and less intimidating for people across the country. Now with the right guidance, plan, or coach, you can build an effective program that’s specialized to you and your goals in the comfort of your home. The best program is one that you can stick to consistently, so removing as many barriers to entry as possible is key. Working out at home gives you a more convenient workout space that allows you to be more comfortable, efficient, and flexible with your workouts and schedule.

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It’s important that you do your research or get help from an expert so you can curate a program that is customized to you and helps you stay injury-free. Building a well-rounded program and routine that incorporates a proper balance of cardio, strength, and flexibility training will help you progress and see results.

The good news is, that these types of training don’t require a gym membership. In this article, I outline some of the key components that will help you get the most out of your home fitness routine. We also explore big mistakes people make as well as tips to avoid boredom, break plateaus, and reach your goals. So use these strategies to make the most of your home fitness routine.

Key components to get the most out of your at-home fitness routine:

Finding the right coach or guidance:

This is the most important key of them all. Having an expert who takes the thinking out of your fitness routine is a game-changer. Most people fail in their fitness routines because they don’t know what to do or how to do it. A coach not only helps you build the right plan but also helps you stay accountable to that plan.

Get creative:

Working out at home can get boring if you don’t switch things up. Switching up the intensity, type, and duration of your workouts is a great way to break the monotony. Make sure you diversify your program with cardio, strength, and flexibility components. It can also be fun and effective to switch where you work out and your workout environment.

Get the right equipment for your goals:

Depending on your goals it might be necessary to get equipment. Make sure that you consult with an expert before going out and buying equipment. It’s important to get equipment that’s conducive to your workout space and also that you know how to use properly. It’s not always about getting the most equipment or the best equipment, it’s about getting the right equipment for you and your goals.

Eliminate distractions:

Working out at home can bring a lot of different distractions. Whether it’s your phone, your roommates, or your neighbors, there will always be something trying to steal your attention. It’s important that you eliminate as many distractions as you can while working out. Picking the right time to work out and creating the right environment is huge. Silence notifications, put your phone away, and reserve this time for you and your workout.

Stay healthy:

This seems obvious but often when people work out at home they neglect key aspects of training. First off, make sure you are performing exercises properly and listening to your body. Second, make sure you have the proper workout gear and the space required for your workouts. Third, make sure you use the proper weight and incorporate a warm-up and cool down as needed. Lastly, make sure you take care of your body. If you want to reach your goals, see results, and stay healthy then you have to pay attention to not only your fitness but your sleep, nutrition, stress management, and mindset.

Biggest mistakes when people transition to at-home training:

  • Not having a real plan or structure

  • Not doing a proper warm-up or cool down

  • Doing too much too soon

  • Being too comfortable

  • Poor exercise technique

  • Buying a bunch of equipment you don’t know how to use properly

  • Too much high intensity or plyometric (jumping and bounding) work

  • Not recovering properly

All of these mistakes can be easily solved by having the right guidance or coach. I think if you can reduce the cognitive load associated with building a fitness regime then you are able to channel that extra energy into working out and staying consistent. When starting your at-home fitness journey you want to make sure you gradually build out your routine, stay healthy, and keep it fun.

5 tips to avoid boredom, break plateaus and reach your goals

Find an expert coach:

Take the thinking out of it and find someone who can craft the perfect plan for you and your goals. From expertise to accountability an expert coach will keep you on the right path to achieving your goals.

Consistency is key:

Consistency is more important than perfection. Keep showing up every day!

Diversify your program:

You should have strength, cardio, and flexibility components in your fitness program. Find ways to incorporate each so you can stay healthy and well-rounded.

Keep it Fun:

Work out with friends, listen to music and find a healthy balance of doing what you want and doing what you need.

Be adaptable and realistic:

Change is an inevitable part of growth and progression. Welcome change and be flexible when faced with challenges. Results take time, so be patient and work hard.

Hope these tips and strategies help you maximize your home fitness routine. If you are looking for a coach to help guide you through your fitness journey check out Future an app that pairs you one-on-one with an expert coach who creates a personalized plan to fit your needs. Best of luck on your fitness journey!

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Kyle Gonzalez Executive Contributor banner with profile picture, name and title

Kyle Gonzalez, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kyle Gonzalez is a highly educated and experienced integrative health and wellness professional. Following a successful career as a Division I basketball player, Kyle earned multiple certifications within the performance, health, and wellness fields before getting into coaching. After obtaining his Masters in Kinesiology, he gained experience across several different domains including teaching at the graduate level, personal training, developing performance coaches, and serving as the director at several prominent gyms. Throughout his career, he's gotten the opportunity to work with and learn from clients ranging from professional athletes to high level executives, elderly clients to youth students and even Hollywood stars. His work has been featured in The Washington Post, NBC News, ExtraTV, RealSimple, and He is the creator of The Vitality System, an integrative platform that empowers people to optimize their health and wellness, build sustainable habits, and create lasting change. He's currently a top performance coach and manager at a fast growing fitness tech start-up, Future, based in San Francisco.



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