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How To Find A Genuine Psychic

Written by: Diane Hiller, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Ethical psychics sounds like a non-sequitur, doesn’t it? When I am out and about making small talk, the first question people usually ask is, what do you do? When I tell them I am mainly working as a psychic, I get one of two reactions: “will you read me now?” or flatly, “I don’t believe in psychics.”

You can’t blame most people; the profession has a bad reputation due to too many people lacking credibility. It is estimated, I am told, that there are about 2 million psychics worldwide. Of that, 1-2% are gifted, some more than others. Like any profession, there is a bell curve. I often get calls asking this question. What if the dead person does not show up? Or I have had too many wrong readings. Some groups have testing available for psychics to be part of their group; this is one way to know.

My issue with groups is that at some point if something goes wrong with someone, people will begin to question the entire group. We have seen this issue repeatedly with Gurus that have become so unethical and abusive, for example, John of God and others.

So, I would like to offer would few guidelines that I hope will be helpful. The best referral is always by word of mouth. The second is to read third-party posted reviews. By this, I mean a review that the psychic has no control over. Google or Best Psychic Directory are two sources. Many psychics have tons of reviews on their sites but no noted origin. Anyone could have written them.

There is also, of course, the question of fit. I may find several people a year that I cannot read for or do not feel a fit with. I will know this is the first 10 minutes and so will they. At this point, the best thing to do is to end the session. I will refer people to others I have found accurate if we do not fit or if I am unavailable for an extended period.

These things may be obvious, but I have heard them time and time again. Cold reading is what many accuse psychics of; that means we say something and then look for clues in their body language or some other sign that we are on the right track. A genuine psychic does not need to do this. We will not ask you for any information other than clarification. You do need to have questions. Otherwise, it is like a test read, and the energy does not flow. Many people do not like phone readings for whatever reason, but to be honest, think about it, the second you walk into the room, the psychic has information: your approximate age, wedding ring or not, and many other minute details. Again, a genuine person will not take advantage of this, but when you are read over the phone, and the person can tell you your age, hair color, or facts that they cannot possibly see, now you know this person is the real deal. Many do not understand this process, “how can you do this over the phone?” Everything is energy, and we are reading through the vibrational energy of your voice and looking into your energy field. And, in my opinion, we need your consent to do so. I will not make celebrity predictions and consider them intrusive. I am also not a fan of tapping into global world events.

We will not ask you for a Rolex or $10,000 to remove a curse. We will not tell you something scary to keep you coming back. We will never guarantee that we can interfere with someone’s free choice and free will. Ever. I did have a client who came to me about the Rolex and the $10,000. A psychic guaranteed him that she could get his wife back; I said run, do not go back.

Anyone that will prey on someone’s vulnerability is not working with the divine.

I had a horrible experience at age 17. I was experimenting looking around, and I went into a storefront; I was told I had a curse, and they needed 4-5 sessions to remove it and quite a bit of money. I laughed and walked out the door. But there was a woman named Rose. And she had quite the reputation. I went to see her. This woman was the real deal. I can still see myself sitting at her kitchen table. I wish I had taken notes. She told me whom I would marry, what he looked like, what kind of car he drove, what he did for a living, and how many kids I would have, but that I would divorce after 20 years. That I would re-marry many, many years later, time will tell. All of it was true. But in the middle of the session, she started to wring her hands, stand up and get all upset. She saw something and said I needed to go; I said, “oh no, you cannot do this. No way.” She then told me that someone around me was going to die. She described him. But I could not figure out who it was. Not until after he ran his car into a tree and committed suicide a week later. Then I put it together. It was so traumatic for me. I always felt that had I figured it out, maybe I could have stopped it, but I now know a higher power is in charge of this event and birth. I won’t predict either. I am never shown adverse events that can’t be prevented. What is the point?

Some psychics will predict death. The Chinese astrologer I studied with could tell you the exact date. No thanks. I don’t get asked this often. It is usually about people at the end of life who are suffering. But I had one woman; it was her only question. “will he die first, or should I divorce him? ” It was, of course, about the money. Some of you may know about the 20-second window. It is instrumental in psychology; no matter what the person says, they cannot control their facial expression for 20 seconds, which will be the absolute truth. I wonder what my face looked like. I do not recall if she stayed for the rest of the session. I think I sent her to the astrologer. I tell people it is above my pay grade—way, way above.

People also wonder why anyone would see a psychic. Who actually does and what usually happens in a session. I’ll save that for another time.

I hope this helps if you are ever in need.

Keep an open mind, but do your research. We do exist. For further reference on Bob Olsen's Best Psychic Directory and third-party posted reviews please follow these links.

A wonderful article by Bob on pricing.

Also, sending much love and gratitude to Melissa and Bob Olsen for all they have done and continue to do to support, protect and promote us all.

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Diane Hiller, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Diane is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Psychic Medium, Certified Feng Shui Master, and Medical Intuitive. She has been tested for accuracy. After working in the nursing field as an LPN for 13 years, she returned to college and received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa. She then went on to earn her Master's (MSW) with a Major in Clinical and a Minor in Research, both from the University of Connecticut. She is licensed by State examination as an LCSW. In 2005 she founded Elemental Empowerments, LLC. She is noted in the book “The Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers in America.” She is one of the most well-researched psychics In North America.


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