How to Develop Confidence to Talk to Potential Investors

Written by: Edna Keep, Executive Contributor

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Raising money from investors is a major milestone for any business. But even getting the chance to talk to an investor is still a huge opportunity, and needs to be taken seriously by any business owner. There are many factors that come into play in order to guide your business venture to success over the years. For example, your own efforts at planning, your well-developed and thoughtful research on a given property, and even your drive and motivation will all play a role in your venture's overall profitability.

In Real Estate, if you want to start talking to Investors about capital, first of all it is best if you already have some experience, or are partnering or teaming up with people who have some experience. But a lot of times, even if you have that opportunity, there are still people who will say "Edna, I don't know what to say. I don't know, I just find myself stuck. I don't approach people even when I get a chance to”. so this is what I am going to help you with today.

First of all, take the focus off of yourself. A lot of people are worried that they are going to screw up, thinking they´re going to say something wrong. Instead, get to know the other person first and use the power of networking. Find out what it is they are looking for. How can you help them in their lives? It may not be investor-related today, but if you can show other ways that you are a good source of knowledge, you can help them in other ways. They will start looking at you as a different person, and that's when you start building your confidence.

For example, let's say that you are really good at vehicles, and if that person says that I have a challenge with my car, and next thing you know, you're working in their garage. They might ask what you do? How is it that you can be home during the day? What's up with that?

From there, you could start interacting with them. - you know what, I am a full-time Real Estate Investors and I help people create passive income through Real Estate. And that is how easy the conversation can come up. But if you look at people as if they are your lunch, they might not be open to do business with you.

So, where in your life can you start adding value to people?

One of the things that I teach to my students is that people need to understand Real Estate before they invest in it. Maybe you start doing Facebook videos, or perhaps you start writing articles or doing some newsletters. And you begin sharing with those people. It could be as easy as you are going through your phone list and trying to figure out who might be

interested. And you know you will never know 100% until you ask people. So, don't be scared to ask.

One of my students told me he liked both traveling and Real Estates. So, I think it's great that you can have two topics to be interested in. My significant interest is Real Estate and Mindset. I love studying Mindset, so it's a good fit. Or sometimes you want to work on a lifestyle change, and you are talking to somebody you know who is in the same position as you, and you let them know what you're doing to make changes in your life. Or ask them what they are doing to build up their passive income.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is: "if you don't build up your passive income, you will work until you die". Other people don't always know that there are opportunities available for passive income. So, share what you have learned.

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Edna Keep, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Former Certified Financial Planner Edna discovered the power of real estate in 2007. Since then, Edna and her husband Warren have amassed a $60M Real Estate Portfolio primarily multi-family and primary with OPM. Since 2014 she has been training and coaching real estate entrepreneurs who wants to scale their real estate business into multi-family with Investor Capital. Along the way, Edna has learned that Mindset is 90%, or more, of a person’s success and specifically attributes her success to studying and always working at improving her Mindset. Thus, she focuses a lot on her students on Mindset training.



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