How to Design a Signature Program That Sells

Written by: Andrea Cristancho, Executive Contributor

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Imagine your uniqueness, your expertise, your best practices, all compiled in one structure that is easy to follow and implement. That benefits your ideal clients, bringing results, again and again, that helps most of the people you work with excel in their life with your input. Imagine when your main business focus is to be promoting your signature system across borders!

It sounds simple, and it is simple to implement as your flagship program, the complexity lies in the creation of it, the market testing, and the implementation of all the pieces together to the point that runs on autopilot. Here’s where my expertise comes into play, I can help you design your signature program. I’ve learned how from my coach Kendall Summerhawk and since then, I have improved what I learned by infusing my own 13 years of international entrepreneurial business experience.

Here, I’ll describe the elements of it, and how you can get started creating yours having the three main elements in mind, your mindset, the system itself, and the creation steps.

Let’s tackle each one by one. Think of your signature system as organizing your work unique processes, step by step. Each step has clearly defined outcomes. When you’re able to dissect your expertise into steps that unfold unique results, you begin to mirror your client’s greatness and help them catapult their life into a higher level because it has the potential to transform their current pain radically. Giving an order, a sequence - a system- to your work makes your expertise highly marketable, easy for your ideal clients to understand what you do and can hire you for, and easier to talk about what you do in a dynamic way to help your clients.

  1. The mindset The aim is to feel calm and organized about what you do, to the point that you’re able to talk about your services with clarity and confidence. It positions you as an expert in your field and will inspire your copywriting, blog posts, interviews, content creation, etc. Your system will say you’ve got it figured out for your client! You might think you or your clients will get bored of focusing on a signature system, but the reality is that this is going to give you the confidence of a true leader. Your current business might already have a steady revenue stream, but you’re interested in designing multiple revenue streams that serve different clients at different stages with your knowledge and experience, a signature system can help you achieve just that.

  2. The system. Specializing is the key to attracting new clients, and offering your signature system in a variety of ways will give you freedom because you’re leveraging your time and opportunities. You’ll be able to stay focused and avoid the shiny object syndrome, and clients love hearing you have a step by step process because it’s focused on achieving tangible results. Meeting your client at the stage where they are without demanding more time and effort from you might be the next solution you seek.

  3. The creation. Your signature system won’t include all of your knowledge, tricks, or abilities. You can indeed have multiple systems if that’s your choice. What’s important is to focus on only basics for each step, and have steps that build upon each other, so you don’t overwhelm yourself or your client as you take them on your journey, always keeping your ideal client in mind. Doing “your thing” with each client, most likely you are following a particular process already, one that you can measure again and again. Now, the task is to narrow the steps of “your thing” to a minimum of 4 ideally, not more than 10 steps. Imagine an ideal client working with you along each step, what would you have them do? What would you ask them to achieve? What tools would you bring to each step? This is the beginning.

Now, how to market it? Let them know!

The specific reason why someone will want to work with you is narrowed down to your package promise. It solves a particular problem your ideal client knows they have, and a tangible problem your ideal client is willing to invest in to solve. Notice how it all begins by understanding who your ideal client is, where they’re spending time, what is their ultimate internal desire. So, revising your client avatar, again and again, will pay off dividends in the long run. After categorizing your package inventory in a way that builds upon the solution, this will bring to light the copy to help you promote it. Start with immediate results, follow with topic-specific solutions, including how all of this will be delivered, and add that extra mile that will delight if you feel there’s value in it.

Overall, these are the main components you’ll infuse into your unique valuable expertise. However, the difficulty lies in visualizing the big picture and narrowing it down to small actionable components that can then be packaged and priced to your ideal client. The beauty of having a coach guide you in the process has that mirror reflect your greatness, and help you decide on what to include and leave out in each step of the creation. Join me on a VIP Day to create your signature system in less than 5 hours, and you can make this part of your business offer too. To your success!

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Andrea Cristancho, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Andrea Cristancho, founder of is a Holistic Business Coach helping female entrepreneurs in the wellness space. Through her signature program The UpLevel Method, Andrea integrates the entrepreneurial mindset with practical business tools that re-engineer existing businesses to achieve their next level of growth. As an international business mentor with Latin roots and serial entrepreneur, she has run her own businesses in 3 continents in a number of different industries. In the process, she has discovered that having a signature program, a personal brand and the right mindset is the key to taking off your entrepreneurial success. Learn more about her work by claiming your Free Business Cleanse Checklist here. 



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