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How To Dance With Change

Written by: Chris Janssen, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Are you wired for variety, embracing revolutions and shifting surroundings with gusto? Or do you value the security of stability, thriving with routine and shunning transitions? No matter your wiring, change is inevitable.

You’re going to have to dance with change at some point, and these tips will help you find its rhythm:

  • Know your wiring. Does change energize you or exhaust you? Neither is right nor wrong. It’s simply helpful to know how you respond, so you can exercise the best strategies to step onto the dancefloor.

  • When change takes you by the hand (and it will), ask yourself, is this a necessary transition, or am I creating more chaos than I want for my life right now? Be mindful of natural, essential transitions vs. inviting change out of boredom or as a means of avoiding a meaningful task. The first is inevitable; the latter is a distraction. (Busying yourself with what isn’t essential can be a form of delaying what is.)

  • Once you’ve sorted essential transition from invited distraction, consider the necessary change and ask, where will this transition lead me? Picture the result you want.

  • Next, focus on that desired result with a welcoming perspective. This creates a pattern of moving toward a productive outcome. Envision the effect you want instead of ways to prevent it from happening.

  • Invite resistance! Know that resistance to change means something valuable is about to transpire. Resisting change is part of being human, and it’s a beautiful tool meant to grow you, not crush you. Use its energy. If you didn’t feel the desire to resist change, you wouldn’t be able to celebrate that growth is about to happen.

  • Get started now! Don’t wait for motivation; it may not show up. Move forward anyway. Celebrate the heck out of all progress. One small act in the direction of your shift is a reason to high-five yourself! Focus on what you have done so far, not what you still have to do. Beautiful results are just a few steps away when you dance to the rhythm of change.

This article is an excerpt from Chris Janssen’s upcoming book, Living All In–How to Show Up for the Life You Want, available Fall 2022 on Amazon. No part of this article may be reproduced online or in print without the author’s written permission. © 2022 Chris Janssen

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Chris Janssen, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Chris Janssen is a Board Certified Life Coach with an honest, strategic style who helps her clients master habits and skills to move toward and thrive in what they love. Chris excels in working with high performers and understands the character traits associated with driven achievers. As a trained Business Coach, Chris specializes in closing the gap between where a company or individual is and where they want to be. Chris partners with her clients to access their creativity and resourcefulness necessary to achieve the sustainable results they want. She cares deeply about her clients' careers, relationships, spirituality, wellness, health, patterns, and mindsets. Chris says her clients are experts at what they do and she is an expert at the psychology of what they do. Together they are unstoppable.


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