How to Clear the Energy of your Business

Written by: Tom & Ania Yatar, Executive Contributor

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When we start a business and run a business, we give our business everything we have got, including our energy. The business becomes an extension of ourselves and, with time, begins to take up more and more of our energy.

The environment that we perceive around us is a reflection of how we feel inside, which is why a traffic jam can sometimes be the most annoying thing in the world and at other times a respite for it gives us some time to be alone.

The same is true for our business. The energy that we bring to it determines how we treat it and feel about it, which affects how it performs. If you run a business, this article will help you clear the energy of your business and come into harmony with it.

How does energy impact our business?

We carry our energy, our beliefs, our hopes and expectations into our business. Some of these are not our own. We pick them up from others.

We pick up the energies of others, the beliefs of others. We pick up the expectations that others have from us and from our business. They are sometimes imposed on us. We carry these with us into our business, which create interference in the energetic entity both of ourselves and our business.

Then there are pressures. We put pressure on ourselves to perform, to reach a target, to achieve certain goals. These pressures, when they become significant, begin to impact our relationship with our business. Without us realizing, what starts to happen is an energetic discord, a disharmony.

Stagnation occurs. This stagnation of energy prevents flow and movement from happening. Over time, we seem to be getting nowhere, stuck in the everyday, unable to move forward.

Why do we need to clear the energy of our business?

For energy to find its flow. For there to be new movement. For the business to once again become joyful and exuberant and not have to live under the constant burden of our expectations and those of others.

When we can let go of our disappointments and frustrations with our business, it will lead to the opening of new doors. These doors will open in our hearts and minds and bring new opportunities so we can manifest our true potential and that of our business.

We need to let go of this energetic interference as that will allow us to acknowledge the many wonderful things about our business. It will move us to a place which is that of gratitude instead of complaint. We will be able to honor what the business brings to our life. It will align our energy with that of our business, so the choices that we make lead to abundance and growth.

How to clear the energy of your business

Here are ways in which you can clear out any energetic interference in your business and restore its harmony, potential, and alignment.

Establish a daily meditation practice

One of the ways in which you can establish a more harmonious relationship with your business is clearing your own energy. Meditation is a great way to do this.

You can start from a few minutes in a day and build upon that gradually. Sitting erect, focusing on your breath and how your body feels is a good place to begin.

Use your energy as your guide. Connect with your emotions. Visualize your energy to rise while you are sitting in your meditation. Allow this energy to flow and if you sense any blockages in your body in terms of tension or tightness, release that blockage with every breath that you exhale.

When your body becomes light and relaxed and your breath becomes slow, deep, and even, your energy is flowing smoothly into your body.

Use your breath to let go of negative energies

If you feel negative energy building up, using the breath is a great way to dispel the negativity.

While you are in your meditation, you can imagine breathing in light from the universe and breathing out any negative energy and anything that does not serve you any longer, back into the earth.

Follow this cycle of breath for as long as you need to. Continue to breathe in light, visualize new space being created in your mind, in your business for new opportunities and for new insights as you breathe in this light. And as you exhale, let go of anything that holds you back and that holds your business back.

And once again, use your energy as your guide. It will tell you when the process is done.

Check for any messages that come up

The new space that you create will lead to messages that come up for you. Observe and listen. With practice, you will be better able to connect to these messages that your guides send you.

One way to do this is to ask for guidance from spirit guides, your ancestors, or from the five elements of earth, space, water, fire, and air.

Establish this intention when you start the meditation. Be open and allow the messages to come to you.

Feel gratitude for what there is

This is perhaps the most overlooked thing we do with our business – feel gratitude for it.

Keeping gratitude in our hearts for what is already with us, for what the business gives to us, and for what it creates in our lives is a way to show love and honor our own creation.

Gratitude also helps to keep us in a positive frame of mind, which is something we need to prevent distortion and interference of negative energies.

You can maintain a gratitude journal and before going to bed, write down three things you are grateful for just because your business exists. This can go a long way in keeping the energy of your business clear and fresh.

In closing

Your business is your creation, your child, and your manifestation. The more you work on your relationship with your business, the more joy you will derive from it.

There is harmony in partnership if we can establish it. Clearing the energy of your business will help you do just that.

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Tom & Ania Yatar, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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