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How To Become A Social Entrepreneur! 6 Easy Steps

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1. Hold a clear vision

Hold a clear vision in your mind of what being a social entrepreneur really means to you:

  • What do you want to bring back to the world

  • What impact do you want this to have

  • Who should be the ones to be the recipients of this impact.

Once the vision is clear, then you need to create and formulate the clear goal, crystallize that and move into the creation of a clear action plan plus a very strong BY WHEN you want this all to happen. Finally, you have to be honest with yourself. What is driving you to want this social impact, because that will determine how much stamina you will really have to see it through!

Rachel Paling, CEO - Creator Neurolanguage Coaching

2. Have passion and a firm reason to start a business

Social entrepreneurs believe and trust that a first step can lead to change, therefore you’ll need to have passion and a firm reason to start a business. This very reason will help guide you to your mission! Impactful social entrepreneurs and change-makers are those with a story to tell - and did you notice, that story always starts with a why? The next step is to think about what you can do now - today. Do your research to understand the root cause of a problem. Ask people what they think, and develop a simple solution that stems from the people themselves. Do more research. Ask your community how they would solve the problem. Take this information and develop a solution using human-centered design and test your solution in the local context.

3. Be a people person

Look for ways to help you make a positive impact in others life. What makes an entrepreneur, a "social" entrepreneur is his ability to connect with others, be able to listen to them, make a positive impact in their life, and bring a solution to their problem. Which also requires the ability to be a good speaker and leader. You should be an authentic giver, and a natural when it comes to empathy and compassion. The most successful Social Entrepreneurs are in general, Activists for a specific cause or involve in NGO and Politics.

4. Make an impact

Focus on making an impact around you and changing the lives of people. Integrate your vision as part of the Sustainable Development Goals. Become a voice for social advocacy and to help, support, inspire and/or empower a group of people with similar conditions, characteristics, challenges, and aspirations.

5. Start making genuine social connections

Join a variety of social media groups where your ideal clients hang out. Make genuine connections by commenting and adding some tips/ value to their posts. Then, offer value. Use your expertise to offer valuable content in groups and on others’ posts. Many groups showcase or interview guest experts or offer podcast interviews. Finally, offer a masterclass. This can either be paid or free. Hosting a masterclass is your time to showcase your expertise, gifts, and knowledge. This is a great way to deliver content to a wide audience and allows them to see you and connect with you. Deliver valuable content that leaves your audience craving more.

6. Develop a dominant personal brand

These are the stepping stones to becoming a successful social entrepreneur. By creating a social enterprise based on what you are passionate about, then the paper (money) will come. Your personal brand emphasizes your expert status to afford more community and business partnerships to build your social. Take the time to define your most valuable points of differentiation from other organizations. Commit to exceptional customer service, commitment to the cause, and revolutionary new ways to make a difference.



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