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5 Simple Tricks On How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone In 2022

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1. Take a small action to start.

One trick to stepping out of your comfort zone is to step – not leap. It's about making the decision to act which has a ripple effect. Taking a small action to start means you are more likely to take another step, and each step increases your feeling of confidence. It’s rarely as bad as we fear it could be and give yourself permission to stop. It’s amazing how taking action in one area has an impact on how you view yourself so you’re more likely to try something else, to say yes next time.

– Sarah Snape, Confidence Coach

2. Expand your professional skill set.

Set a goal of learning a new skill for self-development or professional development. For example, if you're that person whose comfort zone is to avoid presenting at work or other public opportunities due to fear, take a public speaking course to boost your confidence and skill set. With confidence-building activities, your comfort zone increases immensely and your productivity grows leaps and bounds.

– Gloria J Mendez, LPC-S, CGP, CCTP-II, Counselor, Director, Coach, Founder, Owner

3. Change it up!

We are creatures of habit, in how we do things, where we do them and who we hang with. Regardless of the environment, most of us tend to stick in the same grouping. Does any of these sound like you?

  • Have your weekly meeting, you sit in the same area or with the same people.

  • Go to a networking function (which you attend every month), and you b-line to your friends.

  • Co-work at the same 3 coffee shops around town. The list can go on.

To step out of your comfort zone try these ideas:

  • Go to a new coffee shop, where the “successful” people go.

  • Sit in a new area at your weekly meeting, by someone new, gain new perspectives, and feel a different energy.

  • Attend a NEW networking event, make a goal of new contacts, and do not have a drink with your friends till you have hit that goal.

Whether it is a small step or a huge leap, everyday just do something to get you out of your comfort zone.

4. Future Visioning

If you are feeling nervous about doing something you can imagine yourself as having already accomplished the goal. You really need to get into the feeling of it. How will you feel? What will you see? See people congratulating you. What will you hear? Hear the applause or the boss saying well done to you. What can you taste? Maybe the champagne? Once you have done this you can imagine making it bigger, brighter and louder. Knowing what it feels like to succeed it won't feel so scary taking that action after all, will it?

– Sheila Kadeer, Intuitive Business Coach

5. Make a list of the things that make you uncomfortable.

Try out these strategies to step out of your comfort zone and to feel fulfilled:

  • Start by making a list of the things that make you uncomfortable. What exactly makes you uncomfortable? Is it specific environments? Speaking in public? Marketing your services? Speaking to new people?

  • Learn to soothe yourself. Some people are naturally better at this than others, but anyone can strengthen their ability to calm themselves down.

Here is a simple, but effective way of doing this:

  • Focus on the part of your body where you feel discomfort. This is most commonly in the head, chest, or stomach area. Put your full attention on the discomfort.

  • Breathe fully and relax that part of your body. You might even imagine a tube coming out of that area that permits the discomfort to be released, like oil from a well.

  • Practice this skill throughout your day. Sitting in traffic and feeling annoyed? Use the technique. Nervous about a deadline or meeting? Use the technique.

– Moira Hutchison, Intuitive Coach & Mindset Mentor



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