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6 Tips On How To Get New Clients For Your Business

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1. Foster Referral Partner Relationships

People are getting sold to all the time. Individuals are more likely to purchase a service or product from someone that they know or someone recommended by someone that they know. This puts a lot of importance on building referral partner relationships. Connect with other business owners who have contact with individuals who fit the description of your ideal client. Create a referral partner relationship where you and your referral partner are able to connect each other to those who can further the success of both businesses. – Arliss Dudley Cash, Business and Self Love Coach

2. Consistent daily posting, engaging & genuine connections.

Bringing in new clients on a regular basis is pivotal to sustainable growth for any business. With the majority of businesses utilizing the online space and social media to attract new clientele, it's more important than ever to understand the psychology behind buying. No one hops onto Facebook or IG thinking, "I'm so excited to go shopping!" instead they're online because they're bored, or have something to share, or want to connect with others. This is why the "post 'n pray" strategy implemented by most businesses fails to convert; in order for new clients to come from social media, you must cultivate relationships with them, build the know, like, and trust factor, and nurture them with excellent content that's relevant to their needs. – Amanda Rose, CEO of The Infinite Power of You Inc.

3. Connections & Market Dominating Position

Getting new clients for your business is an owner's main responsibility and should be a high priority. There are many methods all businesses in any industry can use to generate more leads. Incorporating some of the best marketing practices can grow your business by 5, 10 even 25% and more. Connections in business always being important - these same connections can give your more clients, through Joint Ventures, Affiliate Relationships; creating a Market Dominating Position will also ensure an increasing number of leads, who will, handled the "right" way, turn into qualified clients.

– Jane Parmel, Business Coaching

4. Give your intention an honest look in the mirror.

A new day requires a new way. If you go into an interaction with the intention of "selling", it might not be an effective approach. What would it look like if your only intention was to build (or deepen) the relationship? – Tina Paulus-Krause, Business Coach

5. Be clear, consistent and learn to give.

Create a sales flow, practice it, then evaluate rinse and repeat! One of the ones I have worked on recently with myself and clients is creating an interview process.

Let's say your clients are C-Suite, and your specialty is in DEI.

First, create 4-6 questions you can ask based on this topic.

Create a slide deck (branded with your brand, to plug in their answers and provide to them afterwards)

Create a list of C-Suites to contact (I would suggest 50+)

Create a messaging flow:

  • First message would go something like (connect):

"Hi XXX, I came across your profile and saw that you are XXX industry. I am currently interviewing 50 C-suites countrywide to see what the trends, concerns and best practices are. I would love to interview you. Please send me a yes and I will send a bit more information."

  • You would need a follow-up message, a NOT NOW message, a thank you one to start.

  • Have a calendar link to book calls

  • You can also ask permission to use their name, company and tag them in promotional info for social media.

Calls are NOT to sell, they are to make connections and contacts.

After the interview, send them a slide deck with their answers and a few value-added notes to help them. Only go in for sale if they open up the discussion on the call. Otherwise you "drip" on them, and go in for the sale through other messages and follow-ups over the next few months. This way is a relationship building, value-adding that is more of a planting the seed way of building customers, versus the hard quick sales (although you can get customers right away from this). This way also helps build your credibility in the field. – Lynn Howard, Entrepreneurial Coach/Consultant

6. Believe that you can!

The first step in attracting new clients into your business is to is to believe that you can. The subconscious mind can hold you back from attracting new clients if you have a hidden underlying subconscious belief that it’s not safe in some way to attract new clients. The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between something real and not real, so it will match whatever your underlying belief is. Hidden subconscious beliefs include, “I’m afraid my business may fail (or grow too big) if I gain new clients” or “If I grow my business too big, people may judge me.” If you are ready to attract new clients to your business, but haven’t had the success you desire, dig into your underlying beliefs that show up as sabotage that keep you stuck and playing small. – Cheryl Kasper, Success Mindset Coach



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