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How To Become A Magnetic Woman?

Written by: Zofia Slowik, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The world needs your feminine magic more than ever. We live in a very masculine world that makes us very disconnected from our feminine state of being. Most of the time we operate in our masculine mode because this has been our psychological conditioning throughout our life. Being too masculine leaves us longing for something rejuvenating, playful, wild, and spontaneous it’s the feminine energy that we crave!

This is why we love spending time with other women feeling that mutual playful energy together. We love our beauty rituals, feeling happy and sexy in a moment, dancing and expressing our feminine bodies.

We crave that feminine energy because it’s the true essence of who we are. It’s our natural state that feels good. It unlocks our worthiness and it makes us unapologetic in getting what we want and deserve. We feel more balanced, centred, and connected to ourselves. The feminine energy is all about being, it’s all about the embodiment of what makes us feel at home.

It’s about loving and listening to your body and its language. Embodiment starts with checking how you feel, tuning into the sensations of your body and feeling your heart. You activate your magnetism within by going inward and becoming yourself.

You want to EMBODY the identity of a magnetic woman who feels worthy of everything that she desires:

1. Live with an open heart.

When you let yourself feel all the emotions, you allow yourself to heal your heart. In addition, spending time alone will help you reconnect with your intuition and will guide you to your heart's desires. The best way to put this into practice is by committing to your inner work, whether it’s yoga, meditation, visualisation, journaling, running, or dancing. Breathing through your heart chakra, the energetical portal of your heart is also a powerful exercise that you can do along with your meditations. The goal is to release the tension around your heart space and expand the capacity of your heart. By opening up your heart, your whole soul expands within you. You become grounded, confident and abundant. You can attract the life and love that you are the perfect match for.

2. Surround yourself with high vibe women.

Hanging out with other women recharges your feminine powers like magic. There is nothing more refreshing and uplifting than other women’s energy. Especially if you feel burned out and overworked, you need the feminine energy to recharge and enliven you.

3. Prioritise pleasure and time for relaxation.

Implementing more sensuality into your life connects to your senses and feelings. Schedule your beauty and pleasure rituals every week. It will recenter and make you feel more like yourself. The key is to focus on your senses mindfully.

4. Heal your wounded feminine energy.

Healing your wounded feminine is key to unlocking your potential and your feeling of inner worthiness. It starts with your self-awareness, and understanding, loving and forgiving yourself. Working on cultivating your inner worth and exploring your thoughts and feelings is a great way to tap into your divine feminine that lives in your subconscious mind. This is where the deep profound transformation happens, healing our inherited wounds is what sets our souls and hearts free.

5. Express yourself creatively and let yourself be wildly artistic.

Every person is creative, if you ever felt like you lack creativity is because it might have been blocked. Think of what makes you the most expansive person, how can you do more of that? What comes up for you when you do that? Write it down, and put it into reality. This is your soul singing, this is what calls all the abundance into your life. Anything that expresses your inner essence is a divine feminine. This is how you use your creative powers, connecting and attracting miracles into your life, you become a magnet.

The best way is to start small and build from there. Write about what you want to create and how you want to feel. What are you excited about and what’s your first step. Maybe it’s clothing that makes you feel expansive, maybe it’s a self-care ritual, meditation or a dance.

Embodiment is what creates the transformation of your holistic system, your mind, your body and your soul altogether. It uses our body, thoughts, feelings and actions to explore the relationship between our physical being and our energy. As you heal and accept your feminine power more and more, you promote healing all around you and you inspire other women to do the same.

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Zofia Slowik, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Zofia Slowik, B.Sc, is a Single Women Empowerment Coach, certified in Wellness and Holistic Health Coaching. After leaving the corporate world and going through her personal heartbreak, she decided to go on a mission of empowering other women to never settle for less than they deserve. She now helps high achieving single women rebuild their relationships with themselves, reconnect with their self-worth and focus their energy on the creation and manifestation of their dream lives.


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