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How To Attract And Retain More Clients? Exclusive Interview With Martyna Boss

Brainz Magazine Exclusive Interview


Martyna, the Founder and CEO of House of White Ravens LLC, has always been fascinated by the business world. She launched her first business at 16 and sold over 6000 courses. Then she decided to study Management & Marketing with a specialty in Multimedia Design.

During her master's studies, Martyna realized that she wanted something more than her beauty business. So she left school to work in a small agency, learning about 3D graphic design. There, she started designing 3D perfume bottles and products for TV ads.

The constant pressure of time forces her to find new ways to connect her passion for 3D design with entrepreneurship. She discovered that the 3D software she used could be a fantastic solution for showing exclusive 3D houses to clients - and combined her skill in 3D with Oculus for an even better experience! Martyna has been traveling from Shanghai to San Francisco with her solution, PreVision. Martyna and her IT team realized successful 3D interactive projects of buildings, hotels and private mansions in New York, London and Dubai.

After building a network of investors and learning to sell high-ticket services, she got into architecture and gaming. She also ran a successful construction and renovation company in Warsaw and was in one of the teams that made and finished one of the most expensive buildings in the city center of Warsaw.

Martyna decided to share her expertise in growing and scaling businesses and now helping other entrepreneurs. She has created a method to develop a High-Value Offer, and her team is providing highly-qualified leads and closing prospects for coaches and business owners.

Photo by: Bartłomiej Zackiewicz

Tell us about yourself and your business! What kind of services do you offer and how do you help your clients?

I’m helping my clients scale coaching and consulting businesses without them being involved in the sales process. My consulting services are extended with a sales agency; we pre-qualify, close, and onboard new clients for my clients.

A few years back, one of my clients told me how much she hated calling new clients. She is a fantastic and talented consultant, but that one little thing bothered her and really stressed her out. I’m always working with my clients on their mindset and their offer first, to ensure that it’s packed with maximum value. It is important to feel proud of your offer, which helps with all sales processes. But somehow, even though her offer brought her so much success and happy clients, she just didn't enjoy it. I offered her my help with closing and onboarding new clients. That's how it all started! Since the first month of working with our sales agency, my clients get six-figure months and have more time to focus on existing clients' results.

One of your main goals for your clients is to find out what drives them in their business, but we would like to know what drives you in your business?

I always had big dreams and wanted to be financially independent and free. I knew one day it would happen, and all I needed was a plan.

In my early twenties, I remember when I made the wrong investments and felt like every decision was wrong. After my second bankruptcy with multi-six-figure debts, I asked myself, “Why am I going through such challenging and hard things? Is there a bigger reason for this?” It was tough.

Today, I know that our patches are designed better than we could have ever imagined in the best-case scenario. Every struggle can lead us to find a new and better solution. And I believe every solution we discover makes this planet a better place.

My bankruptcy period taught me how to operate a business with zero budget and how to generate clients. Today, I’m helping others grow their business and one of the first things we do is create an excel with different scenarios. Managing risk in business can make a difference, especially if we want to grow and scale.

"Here’s the secret of being happy, rich, and fulfilled: work with clients that also bring a unique skill set to your life. "

I only work with coaches and consultants with proven methodologies and offers that solve real problems for others. And that is so beneficial to me and my business. I help them have a bigger impact, make money and they teach me their unique expertise.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

I had a few moments that brought me here.

The first time I understood the power of closing high-ticket offers was during my bankruptcy. I realized I had to stop selling low-ticket offers and was struggling with cash flow for years. I knew that if things kept going the way they were, I would have to shut down my entire business! In a desperate attempt to save it, I decided to focus on only closing high-ticket deals rather than low or mid-ticket offers. It was an unconventional move. But, it was one that seemed to have the best chance of solving things for me.

I worked hard every day to make sure these high-ticket deals went through successfully. Quickly, I realized that although I spent the same amount of time as before selling these new offers, the rewards were much greater. This meant more money in my bank, which allowed me to pay off all my debts and regain financial freedom.

As time went by, my closing skill and success grew exponentially. And people began recognizing my name in the industry! They heard of my success at closing large sales and managing projects beyond what other people could handle in a very short time period. But if we look back, I was only able to make all of this happen because I was consistently working hard for over 17 years in my chosen business. I never gave up! I always knew that the moments when I finally connected all the dots and learned how to build a bigger business took a lot of time.

During my studies, I worked as lash extension expert transitioning, to the beauty business and then to IT. Changes are good! And we always should learn new things and find what makes us truly excited – not for our parents, friends, or society.

Another thing is to focus on just a few clients at a time. Since my closing skill was so high, I was able to close new clients to my business. Also, I was able to negotiate big contracts for investors and bring more clients to my client's businesses. I called this boutique business model. Here, I was purely focused on five to ten clients and bringing them results. I become so confident that I started working on a small retainer plus commission from each successfully closed and onboarded client.

Since I only charge 10-15% from sales, my clients find this to be a great deal. However, since this time period, I don’t spend money on ads and it’s very rare that I market my business. In fact, 90% of my clients come from referrals. My business grows simultaneously with my client's businesses.

Another big moment was when I understood that my skill for generating leads was also unique. I believe if we create an offer that is based on a market need and brings real transformation and value to specific clients - this is a more fun business method than working on numbers and regular business development.

Photo by: Bartłomiej Zackiewicz

Why do people focus on marketing and sales instead of focusing on solving problems?

That’s a great question! I know the power of marketing and sales, but I disagree that we should focus on marketing first. Many coaches these days tell people that your product or service does not matter if you know how to market and sell it.

And yes, we see this on the market. We see people show how much money they make by providing something average. Meanwhile, experts often struggle to sell their knowledge. The problem is this strategy is solely focused on marketing and its sales come from a lack of real business experience from the people who sell it.

Focusing on solutions that solve real problems and connecting them with the right market demands a lot of work, research, and building teams. But the real value is in high-value offers. It is a choice. Everyone who wants to build a sustainable business should focus on developing one main offer that solves real problems rather than something that is trendy for just this week. Long-term strategies lead to long-term success – and we all know how shortcuts work.

You offer 3 different packages that can help entrepreneurs grow, what do these contain and who are they for?

My packages are for coaches and consultants who want more clients and a stronger impact.

My entry-level package help scales your business from $10k a month to $100k a month. We build a sales system and help with organic marketing. We don’t use any ads at this point and focus purely on organic strategies.

My next-level offers help scale even more. This includes an ads strategy, advanced video marketing, and lead generation.

To be qualified to work with my team, coaches should be on a minimum $10k a month profit and have at least 10000 active subscribers on their mailing list. If someone is not at my $10k a month requirement, then I teach them a simple strategy to get them on my free challenge to help them start growing.

According to you and your experience, what are the biggest challenges in scaling a business?

If I could choose only one thing, that would be a mindset. I met many experts who charge $5000 for very advanced expertise. But because they didn't know how to attract the right qualified clients, they didn't believe it was possible to sell for a higher price.

The lack of a team is the second big reason why coaches and consultants are stuck. I’m not talking about virtual assistants. To grow and scale, you need to hire executives and managers who can help with decision-making and the right work execution. It is time-consuming, but businesses demand many operation-level decisions daily.

The third thing is the lack of a lead generation strategy and sales team. I can’t imagine how some coaches can generate leads, sell their own offers, and after all that work, handle clients. It seems like endless work!

"When business owners focus on their zone of genius, then their businesses can generate amazing results. So, building the right team should be a focus from the first day."

Do you have any plans or goals for your business?

Absolutely! Every year I’m meeting with my Director of Sales in Manchester and we discuss next-level long term decisions. We have a big vision, and we enjoy working with our clients.

Not only can we grow our business but we develop our skillset, mindset, and soul set. We also hang out with the most ambitious expert in the industry! This year we are planning to hire more Closers who will work remotely with us.

This year, I also want to grow my blog and podcast. This way, more people can benefit from my knowledge and scale their businesses straight from the comfort of their own homes!

For more info, follow Martyna on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and visit her website!



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