How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Accountability

Written by: Jennifer Jank, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

There’s a lot more to productivity than just grinding away for hours at a time. In fact, that’s not the route to productivity at all. That’s the route to bad performance and burnout. The human brain has certain limitations and requirements, and the secret to peak efficiency is to work with your brain, not against it.

Although no one can wave a magic wand to transform you (or your team) into the most productive version of yourselves, working smarter isn’t a magic trick. And it’s not another piece of software or app that you download on your phone.

Why not? What is productivity anyway?

So many of us brag about being busy, especially Americans. Multitasking (or believing that it’s possible); doing this, that, and the other thing, rushing around in the car, all seem to be pretty universal. That doesn’t mean you’re getting anything worthwhile done. It just means you’re doing “stuff.”

Productivity and efficiency aren’t defined by just doing random “stuff.” They involve activities that get you to your goals or move you forward in some way. Many people are “busy” on social media. Messing around on those platforms doesn’t get you anywhere, but it does make the company providing the service a lot of money from advertising.

There are other ways to be busy and “get things done” without actually approaching any of your goals. If you’re an entrepreneur, for example, you can be very busy with choosing the exact right shade of mauve for the header on your website or the right font styles.

You can also get busy looking up how to create a website or establish a business entity, picking graphics, asking people what they think about your title or logo. Maybe you go from networking event to networking event and collect business cards.

None of those activities are productive. It’s more important for a business owner to have a place for potential clients to find them on the web. Pick a font, a color, a style, and a URL, and go. You don’t even have to design your website, but choose a service that has templates and choose the one you like. Put in your own related pictures and content.

When that’s done, sooner rather than later, you have more time to spend on calling or getting introductions to your ideal client. That is what will get you the results you want in your business.

Yes, you probably need to network. There are lots and lots of these events, online and off, but only a few of them will actually be useful to you. Making connections at a networking event that is filled either with your ideal client or others who work with your ideal client is productive. Joining and attending every chamber of commerce within a 20-mile radius is busyness.

Why do we get so fixated on being busy?