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How a Small Business is Using Design Strategy to Help Other Small Businesses

At Concetti, empowerment is synonymous with our business. Our mission is to empower clients, both residential and commercial, to be their bravest, boldest selves through strategically co-created spaces. We believe that when you have the space to embrace your authentic self, everyone around you becomes a little better off, too. You may start finding yourself making more room for people to be themselves. In turn, they inspire the same in others. When we all have space to truly become ourselves, to share and put ourselves fully out into the world, imagine how great that will be for us all. 

Before starting Concetti, CEO + Principal Designer Rachel Nelson yearned for a work environment where everyone’s voice was heard, and where everyone felt empowered to move the business and themselves forward. 

Not only did she end up cultivating an empowered team, but she soon realized that a confident, autonomous team is more motivated to make positive change within the community and attract like-minded clients and partners. 

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with several other small businesses whose commitment to their team, customers, communities, and brand laid the groundwork for some of our most intentional projects yet. 

Keep reading to learn more about how our small business uses design strategy to empower other local small businesses. 

1. Supporting the cause 

Good Cakes and Bakes initially set out to create wholesome, organic, quality baked goods. They also wanted to employ those returning from incarceration as a way to ease their transition back into the community. As their business grew, their desire to give back also expanded…which ultimately led them to us.

Having the shared belief that the spaces we work in have a profound impact on our well-being, we worked together to transform their bakery into a space that prioritizes the customer experience and activates previously unused areas to allow for more employee functionality and efficiency. 

It was exhilarating to collaborate and achieve their goal. More than that, we know their employees and customers are in a better position to put forth more positivity in the Detroit community each and every day. 

2. Aligning mission, values, and atmosphere 

As the only Detroit restaurant that is both farm AND table, Coriander Kitchen and Farm is dedicated to creating nutritious and thoughtful food while supporting local farmers. 

However, this savvy small business knew they’d need more than an incredible mission and a prime Detroit River canal location to appeal to new customers…they also needed an atmosphere that was approachable and familiar enough for people to try their unique farm to table cuisine. 

Our design solution was to co-create a space that combined the industrial Detroit feel people know and love, with the quirky, farmhouse feels authentic to Coriander. The result? An eclectic space that aligned with their mission, values, and menu. 

In a fast-paced world where it’s tempting to take shortcuts and compromise, Coriander carved their unlikely niche in our city by living their truth, staying authentic, and reconnecting their patrons with the food they’re eating and enjoying. 

3. Keeping small businesses alive 

We can’t help but wrap things up with the small business that gives back to Detroit creatives and embodies our city’s past, present, and future. 

Before the Color Bloc existed, this space was solely the Banner Sign Co., which has been operating from the same location since 1924. Even more interesting than its nearly 100-year history is how the Banner Sign Co. has stayed in the hands of small business owners who have managed to adapt and meet the needs of a growing design professional and art community. 

For decades, the Banner Sign Co. provided handcrafted illustrations to generations of local businesses. In the 1990’s, the company brought large format printing to its offering mix, extending its creative capabilities to include custom printing on acoustic panels, fabrics, wall coverings, tiles, and more.

Fast-forward to 2021, the new owners of the Banner Sign Co, Digital Print Specialties (DPS), brought in Detroit’s first Benjamin Moore to offer a multi-service hub for artists, business owners, home improvement enthusiasts, and many more. 

In addition to recruiting our design strategy expertise to transform the space, DPS also encouraged us to use our rolodex of local partners to bring the multi-faceted design to fruition. The result? An award-winning project that wouldn’t have been possible without generations of Detroit small business owners. 

Are you looking to elevate your small business through interior design strategy? Connect with us today!



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