Honoring Your Personal Divine Mission to Thrive in Your Business

Written by: Tom & Ania Yatar, Executive Contributor

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Spiritual seekers, entrepreneurs, and creative/artistic types all typically have something fundamental in common: a Divine Purpose – a deep inner need to create something specific in their life.

It goes by many other names – True Calling, Life Purpose, etc., but it’s really all the same. I like to call it divine because – "Hello! We are."

What is your divine purpose?

Your Divine Purpose is the reason that you’re here in this life. It exists outside of religious background or dogma.

There is a way of existing without it, but somewhere in the back of our mind, we always know it’s missing.

If you don’t have it, you’ll know it from that nagging feeling that keeps you up at night, wondering what’s missing.

Divine Purpose is your personal life mission. It’s intense passion, spark, and drive. It’s your big “a-ha” moment personified and poured out into every aspect of life.

Finding your Divine Purpose usually involves quite a bit of soul-searching (although some lucky types seem to come to this Earth just knowing – lucky them!).

It takes some clear-cutting of the trees that have grown inside of us to find it. That means re-acquainting yourself with the inner you and asking him/her some questions.

Finding your Divine Purpose is not a one-day affair. But everyone needs to start somewhere. So if you’re into beginning the search, here’s a few questions to get you started:

  • What gets you really fired up?

  • What inspires you to do what you do? I mean truly – behind any accolades, the adoration of others.

  • What are you drawn to over and over again?

We’re ultimately looking for that elusive thing that sets your heart on fire, which exists without the approval of others.

Hold on to it. It’s special, and it’s yours alone.

Of course, finding your Divine Purpose is only the beginning of the story. We must also put in work to keep focused on it. It’s all too easy to become distracted by the noise of modern life.

Entertainment, social media, and consumer culture (along with more obvious elements like drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, etc.) can become distractions from our inner reality. Why not numb ourselves with the drama of others rather than focus on our inner self, on questions we’re uncomfortable asking?

That means realizing that while we’re human and we all have guilty pleasures, no, you don’t really have to keep up with the Kardashians. (But it’s cool on occasion.)

Divine purpose is something we must actively choose to incorporate into our life, into our fiber of being.

When we honor our Divine Purpose, we honor ourselves.

So with that in mind, here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your routine.

How to honor your divine purpose:

1. Meditation. Setting aside time to stop and clear the cobwebs is hands-down the best way to focus on your inner self.

It’s also great for decreasing stress, increasing attention spans, and raising overall, happiness levels but who’s counting?

Many people shy away from meditation because it’s hard or think they can’t do it. But meditation is a true practice, not a perfect state of being that only special people can attain. Their own unwanted thoughts confront everyone who meditates; learning to confront them is – in a way – the entire point. The idea that someone can set a timer and go completely blank is unrealistic.

If you’re new to meditation, try starting with short five or ten-minute segments. You can work your way up after you’ve made it a regular thing. (Or don’t! Even short meditations are beneficial.)

2. Rituals. Ritual is just a way of tying our intentions to our actions. It’s a way of making things real. Plus, they’re highly flexible; rituals can be as simple or complex as you deem necessary. For everyday rituals, I would recommend going small and easy. Think: charging a crystal with a specific purpose or making an offering to the deity or element of your choosing.

Through rituals, you establish routines that remind you of your special place in the world and of the things that keep you connected to yourself and the rest of the world. Rituals are our reminders of the sacredness of our existence.

3. Create a scared space. If you’re lucky enough to work with your Divine Purpose in your professional life, then it’s time to really honor that. Create a sacred working space designed to let your inner self flourish. That means making your workspace free of unnecessary distractions and including some touchstone to help keep you on track.

How sacred is your working space? If you’re like most people, your desk is rarely kept in tip-top shape. I know many people claim to feel calmed by the mess but remember that your brain is still monitoring every little object around you. So it’s critical to stop everywhere to analyze what’s actually there.

Does it make you happy to work there? If not, how can you improve it? Does it reflect your Divine Purpose (even in small ways)? If not, can you add in something that does? Even something small like a photo or candle will do.

4. Show gratitude for your talents and gifts. Do not take any quality you have for granted. Anything that you excel at has been purposely put into your genetic blueprint to aid the rest of the world. Society is built upon people who honor their calling and who use their skills, mind, and talents to help those around them. Therefore, do not think that the special thing that you really enjoy doing, be it speaking to people, caring for animals, or painting, is random: instead, accept that you were sent for a purpose and put your talents in the service of others. And most importantly, be grateful for who you are. After all, you are a magical human being, and you deserve all the appreciation in the world.

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Tom & Ania Yatar, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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