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From Super Yacht Chef To Helping Women De-Stress And Create A Life Worth Loving

Written by: Shannon Rose, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


To the fortunate few, life on a Superyacht is one of boundless freedom, magical sunsets and a level of culinary excellence once reserved for royalty. Yet, as luxurious as the experience may be, to Chef Jess Condy, it’s an all too familiar picture painted with a brush of impermanence.

As stress levels among women reach all time highs, getaways to exotic oceanscapes, soaking up the sun and reviving one’s energy stores has little more lasting effect than a sunset on the Mediterranean. According to Condy, Master of the galley turned Transformational Women’s Mentor and goddess of life-alchemy, women need to slow down, be less reactive and reconnect with a deeper, more meaningful life. A leader in the online transformation space, Condy guides women around the globe to awaken their lives through the power of good food: “Food brings your senses to life. It’s a form of social currency that creates connection and presence, which a lot of people have forgotten about. In relation to stress, our approach to food can serve as a way of cultivating emotional wellbeing, flowing into other areas of our lives, slowing us down and bringing us home.” While stress is unavoidable, decreasing its effect on the body and mind play a pivotal role in diminishing the ripple effect it might otherwise have on career, relationships and ultimately daily life. There are two types of stress: emotional and biological, each impacting in different ways. Emotional stress generally manifests itself in such feelings as anxiety or anger, and is often related to a trigger; a conversation, an event, a person or past trauma. Biological stress can disrupt such life-altering systems as our circadian rhythm, digestion and temperature regulation. However, beating stress and learning to thrive is possible for every woman. Here, Condy shares 3 ways to destress in the aim of creating a life worth loving:

Awaken Your Senses As women, many of us have forgotten our innate ability to deeply connect with ourselves and have relinquished to the existence of materialism and perfectionism. Naturally for Condy, food is a great place to make amends. Yet it begins well before taking the first bite – allow yourself to appreciate the artistry in your meal’s presentation and breathe in the entirety of its fragrances. As the first morsel passes your lips, focus on the taste, temperature and texture of your food.

Condy wants women to know the magic that exists in each meal of the day; the only way we can truly experience those moments is if we become alive within them. De-stressing is something we desperately need in the fast-paced, over-stimulating world we live in. We have a plethora of stimulation and distraction that keeps us spinning. We also have a huge array of tools and teachings to bring us into today. Begin with each mouthful of food you eat, enhance simplicity, start practicing by having no phones at the table and cook with music on or with friends around. You will immediately feel lighter and more alive”. Try A Digital Detox Just as food awakens you to the present moment, nature inspires the same. When stress begins in the mind, returning to your most natural environment brings back life where once overstimulation reigned. Whether on a SuperYacht or in the mountains, this is one of Condy’s personal favorites for inviting calm back into her world, while allowing stress to wash away. “Nature helps us to breathe deeper, to notice the little things. If you’re up for it, take the time to completely unplug from the digital world. As you do, you may experience the urge to return and check on the world; you may feel as though you are missing out. However, over time being switched off will bring you back to what is deeply meaningful in your life.” Audit Your Rituals There are things we all know we need more of. Movement is a practice far too often neglected, that does more for emotional well being than almost anything else. It’s a great regulator of the brain’s 4 main chemicals, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins, which all play a role in how we experience happiness. To release trapped emotion, a daily movement practice that Condy swears by, is jumping on her rebounder – a method shared by Master Life Coach, Tony Robbins. It’s but one of many ways to shake up your day, and add pep to your step. Reflect upon your own daily rituals, and aim to implement more healthy habits. Start with the movement.

A life worth loving is one built on a lasting connection to the present moment. No number of escapes across vast oceans, or far away lands can mend a life void of daily contentment and appreciation of the simpler things. Nourish your body, mind and soul, unplug from the mayhem and move your way to a better life, today.

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Shannon Rose Executive Contributor, Brainz Magazine

Shannon Rose is a Holistic Business Start-Up + Life Coach for women who are ready to stop the excuses and create a life they truly cannot get enough of, by showing up for themselves!

Shannon has just returned to Australia from 5 years in the Italian Alps with her young family, including 2 children under 7 while running her 6 Figure Online Coaching Business!

She is a Columnist at Influencive and Action & Ambition and Head Writer for Top PR Branding Agency, UBA, Founded by Rhonda Swan.

Her mission is to empower more women to create their own legacy, lead themselves to create truly unforgettable memories + not be afraid to make the money to match, every damn day!



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