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From Rock Bottom To Empowering Women And Making Mess Into Message – Interview With Patricia Love

Patricia Love, a Life Coach, NLP, EFT is the consummate motivator of women empowerment! Being broke and broken at age 57, she reinvented herself, and made it her mission to turn her “Mess into her Message.” She founded the “You GROW, We GIVE” “High Touch” APP “ConfidentU” where Patricia helps overwhelmed women revive their focus, confidence and resilience, while building mental well-being, through her “Exclusive Diamond Method” of coaching. Patricia is also the author of the 1 Best-Selling book “Seen and (UN) Heard."

A beautiful photo of Patricia Love.

Patricia Love, Energy Revival Coach

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

My life has been a symphony of extraordinary moments, with my current home being a 38-foot Tollycraft boat nestled in the picturesque waters of Seattle, where I reside alongside my rescued feline companion, Kona Aloha. An unwavering love for animals and a deep passion for helping others have been the guiding stars in my life.

Rooted in the vibrant city of Seattle, Washington, my life's narrative unfolds across five remarkable decades, each marked by unique career chapters fueled by an insatiable curiosity and boundless self-motivation. I embarked on a 15-year odyssey in retail, refining my salespersonship and mastering the art of customer relations. But my story was just beginning.

With a zest for learning, I set my sights on the dynamic world of real estate, where I spent an unexpected 30 years becoming a respected figure, renowned for my expertise and an unwavering commitment to my clients.

A decade ago, I underwent a transformative shift, transitioning into life coaching, driven by a mission to elevate women. Armed with a wealth of personal experiences, I champion the cause of embracing imperfections and nurturing resilience. Today, I hold certifications in Neuro Linguistics (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), powerful tools in my arsenal to guide others toward personal growth and fulfillment, and I am currently progressing towards achieving the status of a Reiki Master.

In addition to my never-ending path for growth, I'm also a best-selling author. My book, "Seen and (Un) Heard," is a poignant personal memoir that chronicles a little girl's remarkable journey from silence to empowerment. It's a narrative that underscores the power of resilience and the triumph of spirit.

My most recent endeavor is the birth of "ConfidentU," a revolutionary "High Touch" app that artfully blends confidence-building with giving back. This unique "You Grow, We Give" initiative reflects my relentless commitment to women's empowerment and my aspiration to create a global impact, igniting positive change as a beacon for personal transformation and societal betterment.

Can you provide an overview of Patricia Love and the services or products your business offers?

Certainly! Our mission is to empower and elevate women through our unique platform, the ConfidentU app. What sets us apart from the norm is our focus on encouraging women to pursue continuous improvement in their lives rather than chasing the elusive goal of perfection.

ConfidentU membership offers a wealth of services and products that cater to women's personal growth journeys. Our platform hosts weekly live discussions, covering a diverse array of personal growth topics, with a particular emphasis on nurturing mental fitness. These live sessions create a supportive environment for open dialogue and provide an opportunity to learn from seasoned experts in the field. In addition, our members gain access to an extensive library of audio resources, engaging growth learning games, and a comprehensive collection of materials designed to boost their confidence, resilience, and focus.

This platform is not just a digital space; it's a compassionate sanctuary where women can connect, learn, and flourish together.

The "You Grow, We Give" initiative stands as a testament to my values. Every action a woman takes within the app isn't merely a step toward self-improvement; it's also a profound contribution to someone in need. This unique blend of personal growth and social impact is what defines ConfidentU. I firmly believe that our journey to self-improvement should be intertwined with a commitment to make the world a better place. It's not just about bettering ourselves; it's about bettering the lives of others too.

My "High Touch" app believes that no one embarking on their path to self-improvement should ever feel isolated. Our dedication to making personal growth accessible and empowering lies at the core of the services and products we offer at ConfidentU. I am proud to offer a unique choice for women seeking positive transformation in their lives…and my goal everyday is to make it better, not perfect.

What inspired you to start this particular business? Was there a specific goal or mission behind it?

Absolutely, there's a heartfelt story behind the birth of ConfidentU. My inspiration came from a deeply personal place and a strong desire to create a positive impact in the lives of women. When I found myself at rock bottom, struggling to navigate life's challenges, I realized that I needed a supportive and judgment-free community where I could grow, learn, and give back.

My specific goal and mission were crystal clear: I wanted to empower women to "Be Better, Not Perfect" by encouraging them to focus on continuous improvement rather than unattainable perfection. Simultaneously, I wanted to create a platform that allowed me to give back to those less fortunate. That's how "You Grow, We Give" became the heart and soul of our mission.

I firmly believe that as humans, our natural instinct is to help others. So, when we intentionally help others become better, it inspires us to become better versions of ourselves. ConfidentU was born out of this vision—to offer women a purpose and a reason to strive to be their best selves while simultaneously making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. It's about creating a supportive and compassionate space where personal growth and giving back go hand in hand. That's what keeps me passionate and dedicated to this mission every single day.

How does Patricia Love differentiate itself from other similar businesses in the industry?

I believe my High Touch App, ConfidentU, stands out in the industry by taking a refreshingly unique approach. While many similar businesses focus solely on personal development, My mission goes beyond that. ConfidentU is all about empowering women to embrace improvement rather than chasing an unattainable perfection. What truly sets ConfidentU apart is the "You Grow, We Give" initiative. Every action a woman takes in the app isn't just a step toward self-improvement; it's also a meaningful contribution to someone in need. This powerful blend of personal growth and social impact is what distinguishes Patricia Love and ConfidentU from the rest. It's not just about making our selves better; it's about making the world better too. That's a game-changer in this industry! It’s not all about me, it’s about us.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

I’ll never forget the day I hit rock bottom. I remember being curled up on the floor in my home, completely broken, and wondering what to do with my life. It was 2009 and the Global Financial Crisis was really starting to bite.

I had been a successful Realtor for many years but suddenly I found myself with no money in the bank, no income, and a terrifying $140,000 in debt.

My Mom had recently passed away and my husband had left me for somebody else.

I was 57 years old, devastated, overweight, and lost. What was I supposed to do now?

Everything I’d worked so hard for and sacrificed so much for, had slipped away.

In truth, ‘slipped away’ is an understatement. I felt as if my life had been swamped by a tsunami and everything, I understood about myself, and about my life, had been carried away in a heartbeat. I’ll admit, I wallowed for a while. I felt like a victim.

And I knew what it was to be a victim because, in my twenties, I had twice been the victim of rape, once by a stranger with a gun and once by a boyfriend who beat me up and put me in the hospital.

So, when everything fell apart for me in my mid-50s, I felt again the wave of despair, helplessness, and powerlessness that I’d felt all those years before. It all came rushing back with a power that took my breath away. But I also remembered that feeling like a victim, and living like a victim, hadn’t worked for me in my twenties and it sure as hell wasn’t going to work for me in my fifties.

Let’s face it, at 57, I had less time in front of me than was behind me. I couldn’t afford to wait until things ‘got better.’ I had to act right then and there before my future ran out on me.

So …I picked myself up off that floor and took a long hard look in the mirror.

It was time to get real …

I had worked hard to be successful, to be valued, loved, and appreciated. I’d given my all to improve the lives of the people around me. But I’d been like the proverbial beautiful swan, serene and unruffled on the surface…And paddling madly and desperately underneath. The harder I tried to make everything perfect … the quicker it slipped through my fingers … until it became that tsunami that swept everything away and I was left with nothing.

Being the top saleswoman in my company didn’t keep me from falling into debt

Making a ton of money didn’t keep my husband by my side

Wearing beautiful clothes didn’t make me feel beautiful

Working hard to make others happy, didn’t bring me the happiness I wanted

Being successful in business didn’t make me feel successful in life

Smiling on the outside didn’t make me smile on the inside …

It was all a sham. A mask I had put on years before and had forgotten how to take off. A mask I couldn’t afford for anyone to see behind, But when everything was stripped away … there was only me, myself and I.

And that I was enough. I had to be enough!

14 years on, I look back at that tsunami with gratitude, appreciation, and wonder.

The fever pitch of emotion and the extreme pressure of that time created the perfect conditions to break me open and reveal the real me within.

But everything is different …

I’m no longer that swan paddling desperately beneath the surface to stay upright.

Now I glide through life with a feeling of peace.

I discovered me! … I stepped off the hamster wheel that I had been running on for so long, I acknowledged my mistakes and replaced them with more positive behaviors, which allowed me to release the worry that people would see through the mask. This resulted in me feeling, that I didn’t need to prove myself to anyone!

I worked hard to discover myself, but it was worth it, as now I can look in the mirror and see myself in all my brilliance, I learned to love myself, and all my imperfections.

I now make "My Mess, My Message"

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