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From Heart Attack Survivor To A Heart Attack Thriver – Exclusive Interview With Brian Simpson

Brian Simpson is 56 years young and an 8-year heart attack survivor calling himself on social media "The heart attack thriver" because he's not just "Surviving, he is thriving!"

In the months immediately following his Heart Attack in 2016, Brian experienced several amazing, serendipitous events that led him to leave a 25-year marriage, travel to India and Nepal on a Spiritual Journey arranged by a Buddhist monk he randomly met at the airport in Amsterdam and who ended up sitting behind him on the same flight!

Image photo of Brian Simpson

Brian Simpson, The Heart Attack Thriver

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life so we can get to know you better.

As a Professional Life Coach and Heart Attack Thriver, I help clients who are struggling after a near-death experience heart attack to begin the process of healing both mentally and physically. I guide them through the healing process with 4 Pillars: Meditation, Mindfulness, Mindset, and Movement.

By sharing my own experience of how I navigated the fear, stress, and anxiety (all are very real and normal and are part of the stages of healing. I coined “Grieving the Loss of Your Oldself” as a model of understanding and Grief and the management of it.

I love what I do, and it is gratifying seeing people go from a place of fear to a place of personal empowerment and not only reclaim their lives but find meaning and purpose in their Heart Attack Journey so they can use what happened to them to propel them forward in their life instead of letting it be an anchor that holds them back from Truly Living!

What sets your business apart from others in the industry, and what is your unique value proposition?

I don’t know anyone else who is Coaching people in this area. Cardiac Rehab is an integral part of recovery after a heart attack and, sadly, doesn’t address the mental side of people's experiences. The fear is real, and I’ve learned through my journey post-heart attack that it takes hard work, determination, and what I call a “Thriver Mindset” to reframe the narrative of what happened to them. In the beginning, I, too, was a victim of what happened, and now, through my journey and working with coaches, I am the hero in my life and no longer a victim of it.

Could you share a success story or testimonial from a client who has benefited significantly from your product or services?


There comes into everyone's life when they least expect it, a being that completely and utterly transforms their world. I met Brian; we collided at a transition point for both of us. Although we each independently knew we were in a place of new beginnings, how could we possibly have known that of the other? Our collision was etched in my mind. Drawn together by an energy I'd never known before, we immediately connected no nerves, no hesitations just a knowing that this person was about to be necessary to my life. 

Brian has helped me realize many things that I had buried deep inside. He has assisted me in learning some of the most significant discoveries about myself, my relationships, and my ability to make monumental shifts in my thinking and feeling. He's listened to me, watched me cry, held my hand when I needed him to, and unconditionally spoke some truths I needed to hear. 

He coaches with the biggest and bravest heart, kind and gentle when necessary, fierce and questioning when he senses what is needed. He guides and leads to other sources of potential enlightenment or perspective and is fearless in saying he doesn't have all the answers. He seeks opportunities to make a difference to anyone he encounters, even in the smallest of ways. He is the real deal. Genuine, authentic, and growing through this journey. He speaks from his heart and his experiences without fear.

Anyone stuck, feeling like life isn't what they expected anyone who knows there is something so much more significant for them but can't seem to find it leaps and reaches out to TheKindfulnessCoach. It might be the most crucial step onto the next part of the path you will ever take.

Lisa M.

How does your business stay innovative and adaptable to meet the evolving needs of your clients or customers?

I am constantly adding to my coaching toolbox by taking courses, reading, doing workshops as well, and working with my coach and therapist to help me navigate my life post-heart Attack. I incorporate these tools into my coaching practice.

What strategies do you employ to maintain and enhance your online presence, and how does it contribute to the success of your business?

I use my social media platforms, my Heart Attack Thriver Support Group on Facebook, and my podcast, “The Heart Attack Thriver Podcast,” to interview others who have had heart attacks and as a way to engage and find potential clients. I interview men and women who have had heart attacks, as well as doctors, nutritionists, Cardiac Rehab specialists, and experts in the field of recovery. 

I do this because I know from my journey that sharing your story is healing for you and those who need to hear it. It helps them to normalize and realize they are not alone, that what they are going through is real, and that they get to choose how they move forward in their lives.

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