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From Burnout To Best Life – Exclusive Interview With Lisa Hammett

Lisa Hammett Shares Her Experience of Overcoming Burnout and Discusses Her Upcoming Book

Lisa Hammett is the soon-to-be-published author of her first book: From Burnout to Best Life – How to take charge of health & happiness.

Lisa is a Success Coach, helping stressed and burned out business owners and executives develop mental fitness, manage stress and anxiety, and get healthy.

She spent 26 years in the corporate retailing industry. She was the stressed, burned out, unhealthy individual she now serves.

For the past 10.5 years, she has been a health and wellness coach for a global wellness company, helping thousands of members create sustainable healthy habits, lose weight, and maintain their weight loss. She launched her Success Coaching practice in May of 2020, to help individuals struggling with stress, mindset and weight gain.

In 2021, she completed an intensive global coaching program with HPC (High Performing Coach). She is currently working on her Positive Intelligence certification.

Lisa Hammett, Success Coach

Lisa, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. Stress and burnout are so prevalent in today’s workplace. Please share for our readers your experience with stress and burnout.

In 2005 I reached burnout. I had spent 26 years in the corporate retailing industry. When I started my career, just out of college, I loved the fast-paced, changing environment. I didn’t mind working 12-14 hours a day. As I got older, I started to resent working all the time, but I stuck with it because I was good at my job and I was well paid. In hindsight, I realize that I wasn’t that well paid for the number of hours I worked.

Years of minimal sleep, poor eating habits, and chronic stress took a toll on my health. I was on multiple medications for stomach problems. At one point I thought that I had stomach cancer. I reached my heaviest weight. My joints and feet hurt. I was 40 years old and felt like I was in my eighties. I was depressed and emotionally and physically exhausted. My marriage was suffering.

I compare reaching burnout to hitting a wall. You’re done! You have no mental capacity to continue. The world seems gray, devoid of color. It’s an awful place to be. When you reach that point, a drastic change is necessary.

Wow! A world devoid of color. Now that’s a visual! I’m sure many of our readers can relate to your experience. How did you move past burnout?

I took a leap of faith, left corporate retail, and started a 16-year journey in the direct selling industry. It was scary and exhilarating at the same time. From an emotional and personal growth standpoint, it was the best thing I could have done. Unfortunately, it took me years to build a successful business. Financially it was very challenging as I was never able to replace my corporate income.

After I left my corporate job, I started my health and wellness journey and lost 65 pounds. I became a coach for a global wellness company. For the past 10.5 years, I’ve helped thousands of people lose weight and get healthy.

Congratulations on your weight loss and for helping others get healthy. That must be very rewarding.

It is! There is no greater satisfaction, in my opinion, than seeing someone blossom into the confident, happy, healthy person they are meant to be.

You consider yourself a Success Coach. Tell us about that.

In May of 2020, I launched my Success Coaching practice. I had several people approach me, asking if I would help them manage stress and lose weight. COVID had been very challenging for them. The direct selling company that I had worked for, for the past 6 years, closed its doors. It was time to start a new journey. And that was just the beginning. You know, stress and weight gain are just a bi-product of a bigger problem. I wanted to help my clients get to the root cause of the problem. In 2021 I invested in a life coaching program so I could better serve my clients. Currently, I’m going through certification for Positive Intelligence.

That sounds interesting. Tell us more about Positive Intelligence.

Positive Intelligence is an operating system with mental fitness at its core. Mental fitness is the capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive versus a negative mindset. The impact is peak performance, peace of mind & wellness, and healthy relationships. In a nutshell, all negative emotions reside on the left (analytical) side of the brain. Whereas, all positive emotions reside on the right side of the brain. Mental fitness enables you to recognize negative emotions, intercept them, and replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts by activating the right side of the brain. Positive Intelligence is based on the science of neural pathway formation in the brain.

So, tell us about this book that you’re publishing! It’s your first book, correct?

Yes, it is! I will be a published author sometime in late summer. The book, From Burnout to Best Life, integrates my journey moving past burnout to a happy, healthy life. The book is broken down into sections. The first section is about creating your vision for the future. We dive into your WHY and how to set attainable goals by creating sustainable habits. The next section is all about mindset. The other two sections focus on what you put in your body and how you move your body. It’s a holistic approach to living your best life.

That sounds amazing. What is the biggest take-away for your readers?

That’s a great question! Everyone is different so their takeaways will be different. With that said, my intention is for the reader to recognize that they have a pain point that needs to be addressed. At the end of each chapter, there are reflection questions. The purpose of the questions is to create awareness of opportunity areas. I have created a free, downloadable workbook for anyone who purchases the book. It provides an opportunity for deeper reflection.

To wrap up, why write a book? Have you always wanted to be a published author?

It’s funny that you ask this. I have always enjoyed writing, especially creative writing. Although, the thought of having to create an entire story off the top of my head intimidated me. I’m creative to a point, but not that creative. I started blogging during the pandemic. As I was networking virtually, I had multiple people comment that I had a lot of great content. They were referring to my blog posts. A couple publishers told me I should write a book. And then friends and colleagues started commenting on my social media content. They liked what I was writing. I have a strong faith and believe in divine intervention. I prayed about it. And I kept getting affirmations from others that I needed to write a book. And so I did! LOL!

If you’d like to be informed of publishing details and upcoming events for From Burnout to Best Life, including virtual and in-person book signings, please email,, to be added to the book launch email list.

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