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Finding Your Alpha-Female to Achieve Success in Business

Written by: Claire Johnson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


When you read the word alpha-female, what do you think? Do you envisage a woman at the top of her game, confident in her ability and a force to be reckoned with, or do you find yourself feeling slightly intimidated by this term, do feelings of inadequacy kick in?

In my experience as a female empowerment coach, I have found that this description can be very polarizing, some women embrace the term and feel strong and confident to take on the characteristics they associate with being alpha in their world, yet some are also confused by its context and the misconception that being labeled an alpha-female makes you predatory, uncaring and a lone wolf!

From my perspective, irrelevant of gender, being alpha means striving to be the best version of yourself, so you are the best in all that you do. By adopting this philosophy and raising your standards, focusing on a path of continued development and progression, you can be confident in your ability to make an impact and add value in your personal life as well as in business.

Through my coaching programs, I have seen many women make small changes to create the mindset shifts required to move from ‘I can’t do that to ‘How can I do that?’. Once this new perspective is created, the ripple effect that comes is incredible. I have seen women who were once shy and reserved start to build the confidence in themselves to speak up and take the lead in their workplace and then really progress in their career and with their business goals.

The first step to creating this shift is by changing the perception of what being 'alpha-female' means and its associated characteristics. Let’s explore this in more depth.

  • Alpha-females are confident and driven. They know what they want and are prepared to do what it takes to get it.

  • They are emotionally strong yet kind and compassionate. They will lift others whilst staying focused on what makes them happy.

  • They are not afraid to say no or speak up when required.

  • Alpha-females are independent, intelligent, and calculated risk-takers. They dispel the myth that being a strong female means, you dislike men or are pro-feminist. They are pro balance, choice, and equality for all.

  • They are sexy and sassy without being slutty. They are feminine and take pride in their appearance.

  • They are assertive and aware of the impact of their actions, always ready to adapt if required.

  • Being alpha-female means building strong relationships and alliances with those where you can mutually benefit from accomplishing common goals.

  • They are high performers, always highly motivated, and in business can balance their own personal drive with the needs of those around them by mastering the subtle strength of intentional influence to bring out the best in their team.

The key to having success within your workplace or business is to use the descriptions given above to identify areas of improvement for yourself. Are you knowingly implementing these attributes already with your colleagues, or could you improve on some of them? Which ones jump out and resonate with you about how you wish to be perceived in the office? Once you have taken the time to honestly self-reflect, you can then take action in these areas.

Next time you are in a meeting and have an idea to share, do it! Be brave and start to speak up, sharing your opinions and experience. Assess the interactions you have with the team around you. Are you aware of how to get the best from them? Do you make a positive impression on them?

Are you confident in who you are as a person too? Do you look after your health, physical and mental fitness so you can perform at your best? An alpha-female does as she knows if she looks after her body, keeps it fit, and nourishes it correctly, she can achieve her business goals, have the energy required to push through long days, and is healthy to cope with the impact of stress. Plus, why would you not want to feel sexy and feminine, excited to dress for success every day!

You cannot expect to think clearly and focus fully if you do not give your body the basics that it needs. This is why one of the first goals for women I work with is to help them achieve success with getting the body they want so they feel confident in their skin, empowered by their achievement, and in control of their health. Hence, they know how to nourish themselves for their lifestyle.

Alpha-females have many qualities which help them stand out from the crowd, and you too can develop yours simply by being bold and proactively making it a daily focus to become the changes you want to see. Do take the time to reflect, assess your alpha level, and commit to developing the areas you want to improve. If you already own your alpha-female traits and make no changes, find someone you can help to step into their alpha!

I would love to hear from you and learn how working on your alpha-female has impacted you, so be sure to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit my website.


Claire Johnson, Executive Contributor, Brainz Magazine

Claire is an expert mindset, nutrition and training coach for women, author, TV presenter, expert speaker, and female empowerment mentor.

Claire is the CEO of The Naked Warrior, which delivers 3 winning online coaching programs and Founder of The Naked Warrior Tribe online female empowerment community, plus author of two books - The Winning Formula: Discover the Secrets to Unleash Your Alpha-female and The Winning Physique: How to Get the Competitive Edge on Stage.



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