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Finding Beauty In And Out

Written by: Cleanne Johnson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Cleanne Johnson

How do we find beauty in ourselves? Some may have discovered their beauty in and out, but for those still grappling with finding their beauty, where are they looking?

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Why do we look for others to validate our identity, to make us feel dignitary? How do we perceive ourselves? What do we see when we investigate our reflection? The answer is in us all to examine our souls and see our qualities and richness. What causes us to light a fire and deposit a spark in the heart? Is it what we tell ourselves or what others say about us? If we keep feeding our hard drive with positive affirmations about ourselves, that will unquestionably lead to confidence, courage, and determination. There will be no space for negativity when our hard drive is loaded with positivity. The status of our souls is transformed.

How to find internal beauty

Change happens only when we want it to, and we are the only ones who can usher in change in our lives. We identify ourselves, but our occupations define us. “Am I a doctor or a lawyer by profession? Is that really who we are?" When our careers are no longer, and we are retired or lose our careers, who are we then? Most people, after their careers are over, wrestle to find themselves. When we spend our entire lives defining ourselves in one way and never looking into our true selves to see our internal beauty, life becomes troubled for us. Finding beauty in our careers can be detrimental to our souls. To discover beauty inside, we must let go of professional labels and put on sustainable labels, giving us validation, affirmation, and a foundation of internal beauty. So, before we say, Before we can understand who we are through our careers, we must first understand who we are without them. What attributes do we have that are fabricated within us to reflect our internal beauty?

How to find external beauty

Our internal beauty must reflect the external beauty by our actions and speech. Positive internal beauty is needed to get a positive external beauty. A negative perception of our internal beauty will not give us a positive external beauty. The continuous downloading of positivity to our hard drive will reflect our external beauty. Our beauty is not defined by physical characteristics that change throughout time. We must examine ourselves and bestow a radiance that shines and glows within us. So, let us work on our internal beauty, and then our external beauty will be unstoppable. People will see our internal beauty in our confidence, charisma, and self-love. So don’t let others create our perspicacity but tell the story of internal beauty, which will show external beauty in everything we do.

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Cleanne Johnson vBrainz Magazine

Cleanne Johnson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Cleanne Johnson is a talented and creative artist who immersed herself in acting and performing arts from a young age. Blessed with her storytelling prowess, she perfected the art by telling stories to her family, creating fictional characters who came to life through her words. Cleanne started writing short stories and poetry to express her feelings and found writing to be a safe haven. Through her podcast, Beauty of Colors, the author of Love My Colors, Beauty of Colors (poems), Beauty of Life: 101 Inspirational Quotes, and Why This Trip, she loves to inspire people and listens to their stories. Deep in her heart, she believes everyone has a story to help change someone's life. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and a Master’s in Public Health from Andrews University in Michigan and now works as a registered dietitian in New York.

When she is not busy working on her next literary project, Cleanne enjoys cooking, hiking, reading, sewing, singing, and encouraging people from all different ethnicities that they are special, unique, and beautiful.



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