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Female Hosts Have Earned $70 Billion Since Airbnb Launched

Airbnb is celebrating its “pioneering” female hosts and has revealed that women new to hosting earned more than $1 billion through Airbnb in just one year following the start of the pandemic. Since 2008, they have collectively earned $70 billion, it added.

A global survey carried out by Airbnb revealed that hosting has been a game-changer for many, especially those whose income has been hit by the Pandemic.

One third of female hosts who were surveyed said they had lost pay or had reduced hours in 2020 because of the pandemic, or live with someone who did. An additional 14% were laid off or lost their job because of the pandemic, or live with someone who had suffered the same fate.

“Hosting on Airbnb offers a flexible and accessible form of income, creating an attractive opportunity for women in communities all over the world in these uncertain times and beyond”, said the company. It added that 33% of respondents live with their children; 13% of employed women hosts are teachers; 10% are in hospitality or food service and 14% are healthcare or social workers. Interestingly, 32% are small/independent business owners, or live with one.

Airbnb added that women hosts represent more than half of the global host community and an even higher proportion in countries including the US (58%), France (59%) and the UK (60%). In 2021, women hosts also received a higher share of 5-star reviews (91%) than their male counterparts (89%).

Airbnb stated: “Women have always been, and continue to be, a driving force of the Airbnb community, embracing hosting as a powerful outlet for their entrepreneurial spirit to thrive.”



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