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Feeling Stuck? Don’t Follow The Most Popular Advice

Written by: Myrto Mangrioti, Executive Contributor

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Feeling drained? Stuck with a goal you're trying to achieve? Having no inspiration? Working on a creative project, but you're coming up with nothing? Do you feel like you're going nowhere despite your best efforts?

I get you! I've been there many times!

And what is the most popular advice?

Persevere! Push through! Just do it! You've got this! No pain, no gain!


I've tried this in the past. And sometimes, it works. But most of the time, what happens is that you get into a downward spiral until you arrive at a place you feel so overwhelmed and depleted of energy that the only way out is to give up. And this leads to you feeling like a failure, not good enough, and too scared to try again!

It doesn't matter what you're working on. It can be a project, career, relationship, weight loss, or a fitness or financial goal. The mechanics and the end result are the same.

But you don't have to get to this point. You don't have to reach the bottom to understand you need to kick back for air.

So what can you do instead?

First, realise that your brain and body cannot work at 100% all the time. If you look around you in nature, nothing works this way. There are seasons. There are times of growth and times of rest. So, why would you expect yourself to be or perform any differently?

The second thing to consider has to do with your life. You can break it down into seven areas: fitness, finances, field (career), family, friends, faith and fun. To feel happy and fulfilled, all areas should be balanced.

But, naturally, you cannot constantly focus on every area with the same intensity. Usually, you put all of your energy and effort into one or two areas, three at most. Until what happens is you become unbalanced and feel drained. Makes sense, right?

My advice to you is to take your focus away from that primary area as soon as you start feeling like you're stuck. "Work" on something else to restore balance in your life.

Most of the time, what's neglected is fun, friends and self-care. Why?

Because you believe you don't have enough time. Even when you do allocate some time for these, you feel guilty about it. This defeats the purpose since your mind and body aren't totally there, and you don't really recharge this way!

But I can guarantee you that if you stop and shift your focus from your main goal (which could also be your biggest pain point) for a bit and do something else without feeling guilty, you'll get back on track in no time, with renewed energy and inspiration.

  • Pause.

  • Give yourself space and time to recharge with self-care.

  • Have some fun, go out with friends, take a short vacation, or spend quality time with someone you love.

  • Think in terms of whatever you're not having enough of, what you're craving (in a healthy way), and do just that!

Observe the natural cycles of every living thing! You're the same.

Go with the flow. Listen to your body and take care of your needs and wants. Guilt-free. When you do, you'll have all the inspiration and energy you need to pursue any project or goal and everything your heart desires.

I'm not just saying this. It's my personal experience. In the past, I've experimented with pushing forward and "just doing it"… and getting the results I wanted (if I got them) was exhausting. Until I realised what I just shared with you.

Going with the flow and shifting your focus for a while creates new momentum and makes life a lot easier and a whole lot more enjoyable. It makes perfect sense, and it works.

Try it! I’d love to know your results.

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Myrto Mangrioti, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Myrto Mangrioti believes life is a learning playground that shouldn't be taken too seriously. Struggling with her "good girl" attitude all her life, she found peace by embracing it. That’s when she founded Loving Living to pursue her passion for helping people awaken to their true selves, enjoying their lives to the fullest by living in the present moment. Myrto is a certified Deep Coach, a Canfield Success Principles & Methodology Certified Trainer, and a No.1 International Best-Selling Amazon Author. Early morning, you can find her at the beach. She's vegan and loves nature. Meditation, yoga, music and cooking inspire and ground her. She lives by one word: EMBRACE… yourself, your life, the present moment.



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