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Exclusive Interview With Clinical Hypnotherapist – Rebecca Jones

Delighted to share our Interview with Hypnotist & Clinical Hypnotherapist Rebecca Jones M.A. (DipPCH GHR GHSC MAC).

Rebecca Jones has a thriving Clinic in Harley Street London, and a private practice in Manchester seeing private clients from around the world.

Find out about how she became a hypnotist, and why she became a Clinical Hypnotherapist helping a variety of VIP clients ranging from Government officials both in the UK and around the world, including clients from the White House in the United States of America, as well as celebrities, global popstars, Silicon Valley tech gurus, Embassies and diplomats, world-famous fashion designers, premier sports personalities and athletes, and more...

Rebecca has been interviewed for media radio interviews, and newspaper and journal articles worldwide. Rebecca is now an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rebecca Jones

Her latest book, 'Source Your Inner Jetpack: Rapid Transformations for Life's Jetsetters' is to be published later this year.

During the global pandemic, following her flagship and ground-breaking Research Study and Clinical Trials into Long COVID Rebecca devised the only clinical study into the therapeutic treatment of Long COVID using Clinical Hypnotherapy. It was, and is, the only and first of its kind worldwide, working with Long COVID sufferers. And it remains to this day the only therapeutic treatment designed for Long COVID sufferers using hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Rebecca progressed further to develop her very own unique clinical therapeutic method and treatment plan for Long COVID patients which is at the forefront of such clinical work and treatment for Long COVID. It is described as being revolutionary in therapy, treatment and innovation.

This was the first such study into Long COVID and Clinical Hypnotherapy anywhere in the world. And it remains the flagship treatment centre. Rebecca has since set up the Long COVID Therapy Institute, also in Harley Street London. Again, this is the only such Clinic and Institute of its kind worldwide, studying and researching Long COVID and Clinical Hypnotherapy, creating brand new and outstanding therapeutic techniques, technologies, and methods, using neuroscience, neurological technologies, and hypnotherapy and providing excellent results and unique treatments for sufferers of Long COVID.

Rebecca now trains medical professionals using her bespoke series of workshops, seminars, and training programs for therapists, medical practitioners, doctors, and hypnotherapists.

Rebecca also trains, accredits, and certifies future therapists, coaches, and hypnotherapists,

as well as training and mentoring current consultants, coaches and therapists continuing their professional development (CPD).

In lockdown and during the global pandemic Rebecca also provided free treatments and sessions offering free Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions and treatment for doctors, nurses, medical professionals, ICU staff, and NHS staff.

Rebecca has received the CREA Global Award for her work in mental health and therapy work alongside other notable winners such as Oprah Winfrey.

Rebecca initially trained alongside hypnotist Paul McKenna and Dr. Richard Bandler. She was then asked to work alongside them and assist them in their seminars, trainings and events in London. Initially, Rebecca was living in Paris at the time and so she would commute between Paris and London to work with them in London. And now she is a very highly trusted and highly valued member of their staff trainer team, working with them in London and the USA. Rebecca is a dedicated and highly sought-after Consultant and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Whilst living in France Rebecca ran successful Transformational Hypnotherapy Beach Retreats in St. Malo, France. Living in Dinard – St. Malo by the sea was the perfect location where clients and guests could come and stay on a transformational retreat by the beach. These will resume in the near future after COVID restrictions are eased. Watch this space...

Rebecca began her working career as a secondary school teacher. She then won the National Teacher of the Year Award for turning around the successes of a failing school in inner-city Manchester.

Rebecca then worked overseas for the British Council and was then headhunted by the United Nations to work for them. At the same time, Rebecca was also running her Consultancy and Therapy business overseas working with many international clients.

Rebecca was invited to visit Florida, USA where Dr. Richard Bandler awarded her with the utmost recognition and prize: His Seal of Approval. Rebecca is now able to train future therapists, coaches and hypnotherapists on Dr. Bandler's behalf, with his seal of approval, and Dr. Bandler's personally, hand-signed signature of trainees certificates.

Let's ask Rebecca some questions:

Where did you live and work overseas? And do you have many overseas clients now?

I was fortunate enough to spend 5 years living and working overseas.

I have lived in Paris and St. Malo, France, as well as Cairo in Egypt, Almaty, Kazakhstan, and also Poland. I spent a year working in each place learning the language and getting to know the local people, the local customs and cultures, and ways of life. It was an incredible experience and I have many fond and exciting memories of my time abroad.

I have many overseas clients from all over the world including Asia, USA, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, as well as clients from all around the UK. I feel very lucky to work with amazing people from all over the world.

Some clients will travel to me, or I travel to them, or we work together online. It is all possible.

What is life like in Manchester and London?

Yes, I now live back in England, and now I commute between London and Manchester. It is great being back in the UK and being close again to family and friends.

And now people can come to see me in my Clinic in Harley Street London or my private practice in Manchester and Cheshire.

Tell us about your new book?

My new book is called 'Source Your Inner Jetpack: Rapid Transformations for Life's Jetsetters'.

And it is a book of 3 parts.

It is a part autobiography where I share some of my amazing experiences that I have been fortunate to have in my life.

Secondly, it shares some (anonymous) client stories and case studies of some of the incredible people I have been able to work with. And it shows how they have been able to transform their lives.

And finally, it shares some of my secret techniques and methods that readers can also use themselves to transform and change their lives too!

Writing this book has been a labour of love for me. I am very proud of it and I can't wait to get it out there!

People reading this book really will be able to get out there and transform their lives!!

How can someone become your client?

I do have a long waiting list. But I do try to help people as soon as possible, especially in urgent or emergency cases.

People can have a look at my websites. I have different websites for the different areas of my business:

On my websites people can also check out my 5 reviews and testimonials:

You can also email me at:

What do you like to do when you're not working?

I love hill walking, walking the dog, as well as relaxing infront of the fire reading a good novel, and having dinner with family and friends.

I also love my work and my job, and so it never feels like work. And so I also enjoy writing articles for journals and the press, editing my book, and devising and designing new techniques for therapy.

You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



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