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Exclusive Interview With Agnes Gomori – Healer And Intuitive Coach

Agnes Gomori is a London-based intuitive coach, spiritual healer and artist. She is the founder of Mindset Salon® a coaching and healing practice for extroverted, creative empaths. Apart from being a certified life coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation, she studied mindfulness, energy healing, NLP, hypnotherapy and positive psychology over the last two decades, and executive coaching at the University of Cambridge.

Agnes Gomori, Healer And Intuitive Coach

Tell us about your spiritual journey

I was born as a highly intuitive empath. I connect with people on a deep level and feel their emotions as they are my own. I can sense their thoughts, motives, and intentions. I can also sense the energy of the space, such as an office space or a private home. For example, I pick up on the unsaid things and if the people in an office are treated unfavourably.

Growing up, my nickname was Magus, which means the wizard who channels the higher wisdom. I would see people’s aura and spirits around them. I thought most people could sense it, too. I would intuitively know what happened to them or what goes on in their lives.

People would come to me for advice and total strangers open up to me telling their entire life story. It was draining for me as a young person. I didn’t know how to protect myself from other people’s energy and I felt exhausted after such interactions. It was confusing because I am a people-oriented person, but my energy level would drop drastically around certain people.

I later discovered that I’m an extroverted empath and learnt how to set healthy boundaries so I can still enjoy socialising but not be affected by energy vampires.

In my experience, being an extroverted empath is one of the most misunderstood innate traits, and part of my mission is to educate people about it. There is a misconception that sensitive means introverted. While it’s true that all HSPs (highly sensitive people) are introverted, a small percentage of empaths are extroverted.

What prompted you to start your healing and coaching business?

I started practicing martial arts as a teen and discovered meditation around the same time. A few years later, in my early twenties, I studied mindfulness, followed by energy healing. I became interested in the healing properties of crystals, Feng Shui and the tarot and oracle cards.

Back then, spirituality was considered as a hobby and not a lifelong profession. Because of that, I ignored my innate spiritual gifts for a while, and only offered energy healings and tarot readings for people in my close circles.

I started my first business in my twenties in interior design, later adding property development. I always loved connecting with people, and my love of networking soon led me to mentoring and coaching people, including some of my business clients. I intuitively felt when someone had a misused talent and I was passionate about motivating them and building their confidence.

Later in London, I started another business venture where I organised music and art events and did artist talent management for 6 years, followed by leading the UK mentorship programme for a global organisation in the city for 5 years.

Unfortunately, I suffered multiple burnouts and the last one was so serious that it felt like I’m having a heart attack. I had to re-evaluate my life and where I was heading from there. It became crystal clear that I can’t ignore my real calling anymore. I almost immediately knew that I want to help fellow empaths and that it was time to return to my spiritual gifts.

How do you use art and nature as healing properties in your practice?

For empaths, it’s especially important to be connected to Mother Nature. Ever since I can remember, we would go for big walks and hikes with family and friends. I introduced many people to the concept of walk and talk, and it made sense to incorporate it into my business, too.

‘Healing with nature’ is a mindful walk and talk coaching session I offer to my clients in North London.

Similar to nature, love of arts is part of an empath’s life. I’m well aware of the healing power of expressing ourselves through art. I’m also well aware that being highly creative means that we dislike structure.

I’m a multimedia artist. My artworks include paintings, drawings, photography and mixed media. I write short stories, poems, songs and I sing. I co-written a play and did some acting. It might seem a lot, but for multi-passionate empaths, these are all equally important parts of who we are. For us, expressing ourselves through art hugely contributes to our wellbeing.

A ‘healing with art’ session can contain a walk and talk with mindful photography or clients can draw something that represents the issue they want to work on. I always encourage clients to journal. It’s another great way to deal with an overactive mind.

I met with many fellow multi-passionate empaths over the years. One of the common problems with multi-passionate people is the difficulty of prioritising their talents. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and I, as their coach and healer, support them to come up with an actionable plan they can stick to. I’m a big believer that arts and nature are two big components which help our soul heal, alongside the universal healing energy.

How do you incorporate spiritual healing with your coaching sessions?

I offer deep level coaching and healing, where I support my clients in achieving a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit. Apart from the ‘healing with nature’ and ‘healing with art’ sessions mentioned above, I offer remote energy healing.

Through energy healing, I help to ease anxiety and stress, balance chakras and repair the aura. I do not attach this type of spiritual healing to any religion.

As a channel to the higher realms, I conduct the energy healing with the help of my spiritual guides. During the healing sessions, I often receive spirit messages, which I’m happy to pass on to my clients. Interestingly, the spirit messages are coming through more and more since the pandemic.

In addition to healing and coaching, I offer highly accurate tarot and oracle card reading.

What’s new for your business in 2022?

I’m working on a couple of new programmes. One of them is the Empaths Empowered Mindset programme, which is a 12 weeks mindset transformation programme. It aims especially at overwhelmed creative empaths who seek clarity and a renewed vision which can support them to thrive.

The other programme is the Mindset Bootcamp which I’m developing together with a fitness instructor friend. It’s an 8 weeks programme where we offer clients 4 intuitive coaching sessions, 4 energy healing sessions and 8 fitness sessions. For more information, please visit my website.

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