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Empowering Travel Lifestyle – Exclusive Interview With Robin Who

Robin is a Travel Lifestyle Mentor and the CEO of Our Connected World. With a background in Psychology and over 5 years of Marketing and Mentoring experience, she empowers women in life transitions to embrace a travel lifestyle of time, location, and financial freedom. As an educator and speaker, Robin draws upon her extensive knowledge to guide clients towards boundless possibilities. With a decade of experience as a student abroad, expat, nomad, backpacker, and immigrant, they understand the challenges and joys of a nomadic life. Through coaching, workshops, and speeches, Robin inspires others to break free from conventional living and create a life of adventure and fulfillment.

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Robin Who, Travel Lifestyle Mentor and Educator

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

I'm Robin, the founder of Our Connected World and an experienced traveller. Exploring unfamiliar destinations, connecting with people and learning about the world is my passion. I have a love for both food and dance. No matter if it's on the street, in a bar, at home, or in a dance class. It brings joy, and that's all that matters. I'm also a fan of sports and outdoor activities. During winter, I like to ski, and during summer, I love camping and hiking. I don’t have pets. I’d like a dog once I settle down a bit more, but for now… I am a plant mum! And I love it. I am Italian, but I have been moving around the world alone for over a decade now. I have been a student abroad, an expat, a nomad, a backpacker and now I am an immigrant in Canada. Because of that, languages are another aspect of my life. From dreaming to even just speak English when I was a small kid to being fluent in four languages. I am a firm believer that languages hold real worlds within them and the key to connection – especially when travelling around. I'm a curious extrovert who also has some introverted qualities. I often think about things deeply and I enjoy writing. My journey began 12 years ago when I left my native land to explore the world by immersing myself in new cultures and learning new skills. I consider myself a continuous learner and an absolute personal growth junkie, and I see travel as more than a passion – it is a “School of Life”.

What is the mission and vision of Our Connected World? Could you provide some insights into what inspired you to create this platform?

Ironically, it all started during the pandemic. Slowing down with my travels actually gave me time to reflect on how my time living in 8 countries and visiting over 42 has led to unique opportunities and personal growth. Living overseas and experiencing different travel lifestyles has transformed my life and given me a new perspective. To “stay sane,” I started learning more about content creation and eventually launched a podcast called “Journeys Untold,” and I published a bilingual book I wrote. After one year of podcasting, I had a turning point. I wanted to do more: I wanted to help free-spirited individuals worldwide by making travel a part of their everyday lives, by immersing themselves in travel and gaining a deeper understanding of the world and themselves. I knew that helping the wanderlust spirits create financial security and flexibility was necessary for them to make their travel dreams a reality. That’s why I started OCW – to enable individuals to transform their vision board into a real-life adventure. Our mission at OCW is to help let go of everything that’s been holding you back and live an incredible life abroad – full of adventure & personal transformation. Can you explain the core features and functionalities of the Our Connected World platform? How does it enable individuals and communities to connect and collaborate?

Our Connected World is a space that encourages people to connect with themselves, places, and others. At the heart of OCW are slow travel, remote work, language learning, and personal growth... The educational academy area is stocked with resources for travel and language courses... There are also mentorship programs that help create a work and travel lifestyle that aligns with individual vision and success plan. A secure and comprehensive hub for growth and networking through education for those who aspire to travel, work remotely, develop a travel business, and simply be themselves. What sets Our Connected World apart from other similar services and courses?

Our programs focus on helping individuals transition into remote work with ease, while also enabling them to achieve financial stability and build their online businesses. With our dual-pronged approach, our clients don't just dabble in remote work or entrepreneurship but are deliberately preparing for the ultimate freedom of a travel-centric lifestyle. We recognize that transitioning to remote work can be overwhelming and creating a successful online business takes effort and commitment. Our courses provide direction on how to secure remote jobs, leverage freelance opportunities, or develop digital ventures to maintain a stable income stream while building the business. All through a step-by-step approach. Our clients can fund their travel adventures sustainably, creating a fulfilling and financially sound lifestyle. Secondly, we place a strong emphasis on building the foundational aspects of business and financial literacy. We firmly believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed, steering them away from the misleading allure of MLMs and get-rich-quick schemes. By taking our courses, participants acquire fundamental business principles, comprehend personal finances, and establish a mindset focused on long-term success. Along with these distinguishing factors, we acknowledge how language learning can enrich one's travel experience. While not our primary focus, we offer resources and recommendations for effective language acquisition, enabling our clients to truly immerse themselves in the cultures they encounter during their journeys. If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why? Shifting the industry’s mindset away from quick-fix solutions and get-rich-quick schemes is a change I’d like to make. I firmly believe in fostering a culture of genuine skill development, business acumen, and financial literacy. Prioritising foundational learning and sustainable strategies instead of shortcuts empowers individuals to align their businesses and careers with their travel aspirations. This shift would ensure that our industry contributes to personal growth, meaningful

experiences, and long-term success, ultimately enhancing the authenticity and sustainability of the travel lifestyle we promote.

Additionally, educating individuals about the importance of living abroad and immersing themselves in different cultures is crucial. Often, the allure of travel-centric lifestyles focuses solely on exotic locations, overlooking the valuable personal growth that comes from cultural immersion. By incorporating comprehensive cultural education, we enable travellers to understand and appreciate the places they visit, fostering authentic connections and meaningful experiences.

Equally important is educating potential ex-pats about the obstacles associated with extended travel, such as complicated visa requirements, and developing a sustainable lifestyle abroad, which will aid them in making informed decisions and achieving a smooth journey.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

During my teenage years, my family moved to Germany, where I had the privilege of attending an international school. This experience fueled my passion for learning English and placed me in a diverse, global environment.

Overcoming cultural adjustments and language barriers during the journey had a profound effect on me... My familiar reality had extended beyond Italy's borders, and I began to understand the endless possibilities that awaited me in the wider world.

My love for languages became a real skill as I began conversing in languages other than Italian. The challenge of communicating with people who spoke different languages taught me empathy and how to embrace diverse cultures. This even went beyond mere linguistic differences, where I would often extend a helping hand to those struggling to communicate within our group.

Through this experience, my perspectives broadened, and my mind expanded. The adventurous spirit that took root within me during my childhood in Italy was then fueling my desire to explore the world.

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