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Empowering Spiritual Women Through Transformation 360 – Interview With Bianca Piculeata

Bianca Piculeata aka Mystical Queen Goddess is a leader in healing and transformation. Having struggled with feeling blocked with low self-esteem, generalized anxiety, trauma, emotional wounds, sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs, Bianca created her own transformational method called Transformation 360 because she felt other methods were not powerful, simple or fast enough for her. She has since dedicated her life to helping wounded spiritual women to heal, transform and reach a higher frequency that will bring them abundance at all levels. Her mission: to bring justice to every spiritual woman so that she too, can experience happiness and abundance at all levels!

Photo of Bianca Piculeata

Bianca Piculeata, Mystical Queen Goddess

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

Hi Angelika! My name is Bianca, a.k.a. Mystical Queen Goddess. My pseudo name stands for spirituality, Queen energy and wisdom. I live in Montréal, Canada & I was born in Bucharest, Romania, in a Romanian/gypsy family of musicians. I live with my husband and two fur babies (soon to be 3), Luna and Sinchi. I love spending my time listening to tarot readings on YouTube, reading self-development and business books, or shuffling my tarot and oracle cards and watching witchy movies. I am woo woo like that!

What inspired you to start your business and could you provide a brief overview of your business and its core objectives?

What inspired me to start my business is the fulfillment of bringing justice to spiritual women born into toxic families and scarcity. These women who were born in unjust conditions continue throughout their lives to experience the same injustice of living in lack of love, money, inner peace, and happiness. I believe all women deserve to experience abundance at all levels! Having been on the journey of self-healing and transformation and going from lack to abundance myself, I felt called to guide other women to heal, transform, and manifest abundance in their reality while saving unnecessary years of pain, lack and suffering. I am the guide I wish I had when I started my self-healing journey.

Can you describe the products or services offered by your business and what sets them apart from others in the industry?

I am currently offering one-on-one services to spiritual women. What sets me apart is that I work with my soul clients to uncover the subconscious limitations that keep them stuck in lack and suffering. I help guide them through their transformation so that they transition from feeling disempowered to feeling like empowered Queens, and we work at a deep level by working with reprogramming their subconscious mind. I guide them through releasing their toxic emotions, alchemizing their limiting beliefs, reprogramming their sabotaging behavioral patterns, and shifting their limited identity. It’s an all-around 360 transformation that touches on every angle of their inner blockage for a long-lasting transformation. This approach helps them elevate their energetical frequency to embody the identity that will help them attract and manifest their deepest desires. 

What values and principles does your brand embody, and how do these translate into the products or services you offer?

My brand embodies integrity, compassion, equality and justice. I make sure that every woman feels loved, valued & important. Above all, we are a team where no one feels left behind! I cherish all my soul clients and want them to experience abundance at all levels like I do! I am inclined to honesty because my frequency is at its highest when I feel in integrity with myself and others. Every spiritual woman deserves to live in abundance and have it all: true love, more money, self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, inner peace, and much more!

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

If I could change one thing about the self-development industry, it would be to highlight healing and transformation modalities that go deep and are not superficial. The old therapy modalities that only touch on the surface of problems are outdated. It’s time to evolve and highlight new modalities that unveil and alchemize the emotional wounds, limited beliefs, sabotaging patterns, and limited identities for an all-around and complete approach. Working on the subconscious mind and attacking energetic blockages from all angles will bring about a powerful and long-lasting change in one person’s life.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

My pivotal moment was when I failed my 1st business. It made me realize I had so many limiting beliefs about myself and around money that it was time to work on my subconscious mind. Getting trained as a therapist during a 3-year period helped me heal but still left me with many limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns. Other methods out there seemed too complicated, weird, and not fast enough for me. I didn't want to waste years feeling blocked and wanted to create a modality that would bring me fast, powerful, and long-lasting results. It motivated me to invent my unique Transformation 360 method, an all-around healing, reprogramming, and transformation modality.

To conclude this interview, if you had to share one last message with the world what would that be?

You come into this world as a perfect child with a blank slate to write on. During your childhood, everybody gets to write on that slate: your parents or caretakers, society, teachers, and authorities. You end up forgetting who you are. First and foremost, you are God's creation. They manipulated you into believing you are not enough, valuable, lovable, or worthy of abundance! Yes, you were a victim of your childhood upbringing and societal influence. As an adult, you are responsible for wiping that slate clean and writing your story! You get to decide whom you want to become and how you get to live your life! You are yet to become an empowered Queen that vibrates to the frequency of your desires!

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