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How To Heal, Transform, And Manifest With Akashic Records – Exclusive Interview With Patty Oliver

Patty Oliver is a transformational energy healer, author and spiritual teacher of the Akashic Records. A diagnosis of breast cancer in 2007 launched her self-healing path to soul empowerment and alignment, which she now passionately shares with others through soul coaching and spiritual online courses.

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Patty Oliver, Energy Healer, Author, Spiritual Advisor

What is an Akashic Record and how do you use it?

Every soul has its own Akashic Record. It is an inherent part of you as a soul having a human experience, making it the most potent source of information about you! It holds all your soul-level information including your gifts, strengths, attributes, chosen life experiences for each of your incarnations, and also something called your karma. Your Akashic Record can be accessed intuitively for objective spiritual insight as to why things are happening in your life, and how you can rise above obstacles and challenges to live your highest joy and potential. Anyone can learn to do this! After 14 years of healing experience and conducting hundreds of individual Akashic readings and clearings, I created a course teaching you step-by-step how to access and use your own Akashic Record for healing, insight, and guidance.

How did you decide to become a healer and work in the Akashic Records?

The funny thing is, I never consciously set out to do any of this work!

I like to say that the path was laid out for me by the universe when I finally decided to take my power back from all the years of over-giving and accepting less than I deserved in life.

It all came to a head in 2007 when I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. I was age 41 at the time and up until then, I had never put myself first. I was always in an anxious, nervous state of self-doubt and never believed in myself. In some ways, I was not surprised at the diagnosis, as I instinctively felt that if I didn’t stop the self-deprecation it could lead to health problems – but I didn’t know how to change. I’ve since learned through my healing work that staying in negative energy patterns can directly lead to chronic conditions and illness.

I decided right then and there that my life would take a new trajectory: I took charge of my life and my happiness by becoming an entrepreneur, something I wanted to do for years. I put myself through school, opened a skincare business, and was then immediately introduced to energy healing. It happened when I attended a networking event and met a Reiki Master, and after just one brief session my life changed dramatically. I decided to study Reiki and add it to my skincare sessions, and it blew up my business! After a few years, I decided to focus full-time on energy healing. Then, I started tapping into people’s past lives during healing sessions as the root cause of their problems. After doing some research and consulting with mentors, I realized I was working in the Akashic Records of my clients, which is what I’ve done exclusively since then.

How does one “heal, transform, and manifest” using their Akashic Record?

By bringing consciousness to your negative patterns called karma, which can be found in your Akashic Record. There are many different kinds of karma, but I’m referring mostly to personal karma or choices you make during any one lifetime that do not serve your soul's growth and evolution. Most of us are blind to our karma because we tend to make the same choices over and over again without thinking about why we are making them, and then wonder why we are stuck and unable to manifest what we want! Your Akashic Record can objectively show you exactly when and why a negative choice was first made, so you can end the cycle once and for all.

Karma has its own set of universal laws, one of which states that a negative choice will persist until balanced out by a positive choice, even if it takes multiple lifetimes. This means you will reincarnate with karma in place, causing you to attract similar energies or circumstances which can then expand into money problems, relationship trauma, family drama, and health challenges until you make a new empowered choice. Once you do, you’ve healed the negative pattern. This helps you transform by raising your vibration, which causes you to attract or manifest higher vibrational outcomes. This is the exact process I followed – unknowingly at the time – to help me move out of my self-deprecating habits and into my highest potential, manifesting a new career and abundance I never imagined was possible for me! I know I would not have gotten to where I am today without the ability to access my Akashic Record to understand and clear my karmic patterns.

Can your Akashic Record make it easier to change negative patterns?

Yes! When you learn to work with your Akashic Record, it will make your transformation much faster and easier than you could on your own, because you can immediately jump to the root cause of a problem and learn a resolution. It takes the guesswork out of decision-making and, when combined with other methods such as therapy, it can shorten the time it takes to make the shift.

Why do you feel that some people stay stuck and aren’t able to make changes in their lives?

Changing our patterns requires a lot of patience, dedication, and faith. It requires forming new boundaries in relationships, saying “no” to people and situations that make you unhappy, and the diligence to create new beliefs and a new empowered mindset. In the process, we begin to question everything in our life which can be lonely and frustrating, so many people simply give up and go back to their negative patterns because it’s easier, which keeps them stuck and unable to move forward. Leveraging your Akashic Record can smooth the way by releasing negative energy, balancing the chakras and healing emotional triggers.

How can people find you and work with you?

I have created several energy healing courses, including healing with Akashic Records. I call it “Live a Soul-Powered Life,” because your soul knows what it needs to be abundant in this physical world, you just need to get out of the way and let your soul power take the lead! I teach you everything you need to access your Akashic Record, how to ask questions while in the Records, and how to interpret what you receive, along with healing protocols. I also offer private soul coaching called “Heal & Manifest with Your Spirit Guides,” in which I work one-on-one with clients in their Akashic Record to conduct their healing and share with them their blueprint for manifesting. I’ve also written a chapter in a book titled “Intuitive: Speaking Her Truth” and I launched an oracle card deck titled “Akashic Truth Oracle.” You can find me on the web and also on Facebook and Instagram.

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