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Empowering Souls Through Sound Healing And Transformational Coaching – Exclusive Interview Simone Niles

Simone Niles is an expert coach, sound healer, vocalist, and author, who offers grounded and practical teachings on how to use your voice for healing, transformation, and impact. She is training the next generation of Sound Healer and Shamanic practitioners and is the host of the SOULFULL SOUND Podcast which celebrates the leaders, teachers and coaches who guide fellow humans to connect, heal and discover themselves.

Photo of Simone Niles

Simone Niles, Sound Healer & Transformational Coach

You say you teach people how to use their voice for healing, transformation, and impact. Can you tell us more about this?

I’d be happy to. I like to call the voice our original instrument and when we learn to ‘play’ it we can create profound moments in our lives and in the lives of others. The voice in its most authentic and resonant form can heal through words, sounds and utterings that create physical, emotional, and mental transformation which is hugely impactful.

In a practical sense, I train people to become qualified sound healers using their voice. I teach women how to speak up and be heard both personally and professionally and I help soul driven creatives make an impact on stage through speaking and singing.

What was your journey with your voice and how has it impacted your life?

You know, growing up, I wasn't exactly the most outspoken child. Confrontation scared me, so I found comfort in staying quiet. But I found my way to express myself—through singing. Every day after school, I'd head straight to my favourite tree in the garden and just sing my heart out.

Funny enough, that's how I realised the power of my own voice. It was like my secret weapon. Singing wasn't just a hobby; it was my way of navigating life's ups and downs. It helped me tackle challenges, let go of emotions, and bring in some serious joy. One key thing I recognised from my experiences, is that when you are connected to your voice, that unique sound print that only you have, there is limitless potential in your life.

Now, I can see when people are struggling with the same things I faced—holding back, afraid to speak up. And it's not just about being heard; it's about feeling empowered to be yourself. I believe everyone has this right—to express themselves authentically. So, what I do now, using my own experiences and years of practice, is help others find their voice, break through those barriers, and unlock that incredible power within them.

Today I feel grateful for having embarked on a global tour as a vocalist, delivering lectures at prestigious universities in London, and successfully penning a book on achieving excellence in performance. Collaborating with major media entities and engaging with singers on the popular television show The Voice UK introduced an additional enjoyable facet to my professional journey. 

What type of people tend to work with you?

I tend to attract conscious, soul driven creatives based on my combination of spiritual and grounded, practical teachings. My offerings are diverse, all with the same intention of helping people to develop a healthy relationship with their voice. 

I work with women taking their first step into senior leadership positions, especially in corporate sectors where women are significantly under-represented. I am blessed to also work with entrepreneurs who are wanting to make an impact with their voice whether on stage and/or in leadership. With my foot in the music industry, I work with singers and performers wanting to achieve performance excellence. We look ‘behind the curtain’ with a depth of self-enquiry to help uncover their most authentic expression. 

When not working with individuals I work with corporations that are becoming more interested in procuring these types of trainings for their people. Helping their employees to thrive in communication, authentic expression and making an impact with their voices.

I’d love to hear a little more about the spiritual aspects. It seems to be a big part of your work too. Can you tell me how that works?

Sure! With over forty years of meditation practice, most of my work has an inside out approach. Meaning we explore the inner aspects of self so we can impact the outer expression. 

With my expertise being the voice, I infuse my work with meditations, healing compositions and sonic experiences to help support my community and clients in their healing and transformation.

What next for you? Any exciting projects in the pipeline?

My latest offering is a 6-week live coaching programme for women who want to learn how to speak up and be heard in the workplace and in personal relationships. It’s super important for us to know that our voices matter and to claim our right to speak about what truly matters to us, so I’m excited and honoured to be in service of that. 

I’m also in the process of writing my second book which is all about understanding and tapping into the power of your voice to transform your life. This book will be part of a series all aimed at educating people about this incredible tool we have access to and how it can be used for navigating life’s challenges, from moving through emotions, overcoming mental dissonance to self-advocating for health and vitality.

Finally, an inspiring and exciting area I'm developing, is creating bespoke compositions for companies offering wellness solutions to various commercial sectors including hotels, retreat centres and for corporate wellbeing programs.

To learn more about how you can use your voice for healing, transformation, and impact, sign up for my free audio training – The Voice Revolution. Click here.

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