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Empowering Others Through Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy And Art – Interview With Martina Maya

Martina's childhood in a small Slovakian village during the communist era ignited her adventurous spirit. Perched atop a tree at age 10, overlooking the valley, she felt an intense desire to explore the world. Her journey, from the village to global exploration, transformed her into a seeker of both outer and inner horizons. Inspired by that pivotal childhood moment, she now empowers others to uncover their own hidden treasures.

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Martina Maya, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, Relationship Coach, Therapeutic Life Art Coach

What inspired you to create Hypnobond, and what sets it apart from other platforms offering similar services?

After enduring many years in a toxic marriage, I found myself navigating a painful divorce. The fallout was immense—I lost not only my sense of self but also my job and accommodation in a foreign country. Life became a blur, and I felt utterly lost. It was a daunting journey ahead, one filled with uncertainty.

In the depths of despair, I stumbled upon a book called “Clinical Hypnotherapy” that had been given to me long ago. Intrigued and desperate for a glimmer of hope, I decided to have a few sessions with a hypnotherapist after reading it. I craved someone to talk to, someone to show me that I was not really losing myself. This step changed my perspective on my troubles. During the sessions, I discovered that there is much more to me than what the eye and mind can observe. I wasn’t really losing myself; I was reinventing myself. And although meaningful, I have realized that change is painful after all. I felt a sense of internal freedom and strength. I began to understand that everything I needed was already within me.

The process gave me confidence, and I have become more centred and guided by my intuition. This transformational journey sparked a compelling urge to share it with others. I embarked on a mission to study Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) and establish my own practice, HypnoBond. My primary goal? To unlock everyone's unlimited potential for profound personal growth and transformation.

Through my tailor-made programs based on CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Art Therapy, I guide clients on a journey of deep reconnection with themselves and others, facilitating profound shifts in perception and empowerment. My approach combines the art of imagery, storytelling, and metaphors, aiming to inspire people to think and feel for themselves within their own inner world. This experiential therapy ensures that clients are active participants in their own reconnection, both during our sessions and in their lives outside of therapy, gradually building valuable lifelong skills for self-hypnosis.

One of the central aims of my therapy is to meet the client where they are in the present moment, offering not just validation and acceptance but also instilling a sense of being more than enough and fostering hope for a brighter future. By utilizing the tools they possess in the present moment, we gradually uncover more and more resources that can aid in their recovery journey.

To reprogram the unhealthy coping skills that clients develop over time, I have developed an approach that has proven effective during sessions, especially with clients suffering from emotional turmoil. The ASR Approach is based on three major steps: Accept, Stop, Replace. This approach allows the client to validate and process their own experiences in the present moment. Once accepted, and when the client is ready to move on to the second stage, we work on stopping the cognitive and emotional processes here and now. Then, when the client is comfortable with this step, we move to replace the unhealthy patterns of thinking and feeling with more productive processes. The ASR approach is incorporated into CBT, Hypnosis, and Art Therapy according to the client's needs and current situation.

What sets HypnoBond apart from other therapies is its unique blend of evidence-based techniques with a focus on playfulness and lightness. We understand that people learn best when they are in a playful mood, so our sessions incorporate curiosity and creativity to enhance effectiveness and enjoyment.

HypnoBond ASR Approach – Accept, Stop, Replace –provides a structured framework for reprogramming unhealthy coping skills and fostering healthier patterns of thinking and feeling. This personalized and multi-faceted approach ensures that each client receives comprehensive and holistic care tailored to their specific needs.

What types of individuals or demographics have you found to benefit the most from your services, and how do you tailor your offerings to meet their needs?

In addition to my HypnoBond clients, I collaborate closely with renowned clinics specializing in addiction treatment for UHNW (Ultra-High-Net-Worth) individuals. I provide tailor-made therapy that deeply understands each person’s unique background and needs. I firmly believe that it's essential for people in leadership roles to receive adequate support and care so they can thrive both personally and professionally. Just like a stone thrown into water creates ripples, their actions resonate far beyond themselves, impacting the lives of many.

Business leaders often find their days to be a whirlwind of activity. From crisis management to long-term planning, they are constantly juggling competing priorities. This can lead to feelings of overwhelm or burnout under the weight of their responsibilities. Multitasking and constant disruptions only exacerbate the problem, derailing productivity and hindering focus on important tasks. The truth is that entrepreneurs and executives often harbour a heightened fear of appearing weak if they seek help for their mental health challenges. This fear isn't just about others' perceptions; it can yield tangible consequences for their businesses.

Time seems to be one of the most critical aspects for leaders. They have so much on their plate that it often seems challenging to accomplish everything in one day without distractions. I offer various programs tailored to address these concerns. For example, I am currently running the "Hypno-Focus Mastery Program," which guides clients to develop a revolutionary approach to achieving and maintaining laser-sharp focus without succumbing to overwhelm, stress, distractions, or mismanagement of time. Those who focus best are relatively immune to emotional turbulence, which is why emotional intelligence is at the core of this program. The ability to stay focused on one task without being distracted is controlled by the prefrontal cortex, which increases its activity during hypnosis. In other words, hypnosis enhances focused attention.

My approach combines a deep understanding of human psychology, refined through years of experience, with innovative hypnotherapy techniques to create a transformative impact. This personalized approach ensures that each client receives the support they need to not only succeed but to thrive in all areas of their life.

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Would you walk me through the process of how a user typically engages with Hypnobond and the benefits they can expect to receive?

The journey with HypnoBond begins with an initial contact. This can be through the website, program advertising, a phone call, or an email. During this first interaction, the client shares a bit about their current challenges and what they hope to achieve through this therapy.

Following the initial contact, we schedule a consultation session. This can be conducted either in person or virtually, depending on the client’s location and preference. During this consultation, I take the time to understand their specific needs, concerns, and goals. I explain how the therapy works and what they can expect.

Based on the information gathered during the consultation, I designed a personalized program tailored to the user's unique needs. The program's structure is flexible, allowing adjustments as needed to ensure it remains aligned with the client’s progress and evolving goals.

The client then begins their tailored program with scheduled sessions. Each session typically lasts about an hour. Throughout the program, I provide ongoing support and make any necessary adjustments to the user's plan. The goal is to ensure that the client feels supported and empowered throughout their journey.

We review their progress together. This helps in assessing how well the program is working and identifying any areas that may need additional focus. It's also a chance for the client to reflect on their growth and celebrate their achievements. The aftercare includes occasional follow-up sessions or access to resources that can help them maintain and build on their progress. The aim is to ensure that they continue to thrive and apply the skills and insights they've gained in their daily lives. Finally, we encourage users to provide feedback on their experience with HypnoBond. The feedback is invaluable for continuously improving our services.

With this objective perspective, clients naturally tap into their hidden wisdom and capabilities that were once obscured. By stepping away from autopilot and taking control, they feel the power of their own existence and reconnect with their true selves. This profound shift changes how they experience life, and once they embark on this path, there’s no turning back to old, unhelpful ways of living.

The result of the session is that clients gain the ability to observe their experiences from a bird's-eye view. Their perspective becomes wider and more objective, allowing them to view their lives with detachment and clarity. This new way of thinking and experiencing life provides greater insight and understanding. It’s like standing on a path without knowing where it leads, but upon elevating above the tree trunk, they gain a clearer view of a shorter, straighter path towards their goals, previously hidden.

HypnoBond provides a safe environment where clients can express their authentic selves without judgment or criticism. They are treated with respect and utmost confidentiality, ensuring they feel secure and valued throughout their transformative journey.

Can you share any success stories or testimonials from users who have experienced significant improvements or transformations as a result of using Hypnobond?

Absolutely, I'd love to share a particularly inspiring success story. I had a client, let’s call her Anna, who was suffering from severe hot flashes because of intense chemotherapy for cancer treatment. She had successfully completed her chemotherapy treatment and was in the recovery process but was still struggling with this distressing side effect.

In our first session, we delved into the root cause of her hot flashes. She held a managerial position and was responsible for leading a team in a highly dynamic environment. Although she loved her job, the work environment was extremely stressful. She often worked long hours, dedicating herself entirely to her team, frequently skipping breaks and most impertinently struggling with expressing her own needs and saying no.

During our sessions, it became clear that chronic stress and emotional dysregulation at work were exacerbating her health issues. By implementing the ASR (Accept, Stop, Replace) approach, we worked on changing her response to stress. I remember when I saw her for the first few sessions; she seemed timid and shy, with her body language almost bundled up in a ball, hiding herself away. Even when she laughed, she couldn’t let the sound freely flow from within, hiding her joy and blocking her mouth to avoid making a sound.

As time passed, she became more confident and outspoken. I remember we were joking about her recent trip with her dog when she suddenly started laughing. I told her, “I don’t think I have heard you laugh so beautifully from your heart yet.” Her face light up. After a while, she decided to seek a new job where she felt valued and had room to grow. We used visualization and future goal therapy to help her imagine and feel that these changes were already happening. This emotional grounding and regulation exercise significantly reduced her stress levels and, remarkably, her hot flashes diminished substantially.

Through our work together, she gained a stronger emotional foundation, rediscovered her self-confidence, and took proactive steps to improve her life both personally and professionally. This transformation highlights the profound impact HypnoBond can have on individuals facing various challenges, helping them reclaim their health and well-being. Anna's journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the human spirit. Her ability to face her fears and push through adversity has not only changed her life but has also inspired those around her. Watching her evolve into a more confident and empowered individual has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.

Another example of a client’s transformational journey, let's call her Sarah, has been truly remarkable. When Sarah first came to me, she was a dedicated CEO, but she felt a profound disconnection with both her and her employees. Work consumed her life, leaving little room for personal fulfilment. She was longing to find a partner and build a family. She told me “<What to do, there is just no time”.

Sarah also shared with me that her employees struggled to connect with her, feeling a sense of distance and even fear. This realization deeply affected her, prompting her to seek guidance and support.

Throughout our sessions she has realised that she was disconnected from her emotional needs, seeking to fulfil them through her work. She said to me “I identify so strongly with my work that it became my identity”. Consequently, due to this emotional disconnection from herself, she often struggled to connect with others, leading to an unfriendly and impatient approach from her side.

Sarah learned invaluable coping skills to manage her emotions effectively, thereby reducing stress and restoring life-work balance to her life. For example, we utilised her joy and satisfactions in writing things down. Consequently, she was naturally attracted to what she had become. What’s more, her employees now feel a genuine connection with her, free from the previous sense of fear. It's been an honour to witness her growth and empowerment throughout this journey."

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