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Empower Your Personal Brand And Business Growth – Exclusive Interview With Chloe Blades

Chloe Blades is a leading Marketing & Personal Brand Expert and Certified Business Coach. Chloe has worked with hundreds of industry leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide, helping them amplify their mission through magnetic marketing and powerful brand execution. Growing up, Chloe faced many challenges. From a difficult school life, a single parent household and lack of money. This is now Chloe’s superpower. Combining her upbringing and her passion of building an impactful personal brand, Chloe is on a mission to educate, support and guide people to building a stand-out personal brand to build a life and business they love. Chloe offers multiple programmes, 1-1 services and courses to help people worldwide in connecting with their true self and impact the world how they desire.

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Chloe Blades, Marketing & Personal Brand Coach

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

I love to tell this story for so many reasons, 1 being that it encourages so many, and 2 because it’s the real reason why I am where I am today. I grew up in a single-parent household. My mum had me when she had just turned 18 and raised me all by herself. 7 years later she had my brother, we are the three musketeers. I’ve always had so much support from my mum, she’s my biggest cheerleader, but we really didn’t have much growing up. We had little to no money, my mum even tells me stories about how she used to shut us three in one room of the house because she could only afford to heat one room. I had a tough school life with multiple groups of girls isolating me in most years of education. I truly believe now that all of this has shaped me for the better, and actually allows me to be a better business owner too. From these early years experiences, I became relentless, passionate, independent, compassionate, determined and eager to help others who feel stuck in areas of their life… especially around money, community and business.

What is the main mission or purpose of "Your Social Big Sis"?

Your Social Big Siswas born off the back of an Instagram account for my first-ever business which was a Social Media Management service. I still run this side of my business today because I am so passionate about marketing, social media and supporting business owners to build their dreams through the online space. Soon after launching, I was building relationships with industry leaders and just 4 months after launching my ’side hustle’ I was able to quit my minimum wage 9-5 marketing job. Naturally, others in the online space were watching my growth and were reaching out for guidance. The combination of my love for social media marketing and personal brand, mixed with my passion of creating a life you truly love, led me to mentor and coach. The mission of Your Social Big Sisis to support, guide and mentor ambitious female entrepreneurs to build a profitable personal brand online that truly fulfills them. I'm on a mission to help more people build a business they love, away from shame or self-sabotage, by leveraging their personal brand (their skills, characteristics, experiences and passions) and make the money they truly desire, even if they come from zero like myself. Can you provide an overview of the products or services offered?

Like I mentioned before, I offer social media marketing services to business owners who use social media to build and scale their business. I also mentor and coach entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs to help them gain clarity around their personal brand, master their marketing and messaging and scale their businesses with a regulated nervous system. I have social media management packages and 1-1 coaching offers dependant on your needs, goals and requirements. I also have two courses, one for aspiring social media managers to help them get started, and a course called PersonalTo Profitable which is an online hub of discovering and monetising your personal brand. My 1-1 offers are super close proximity and include access to all of my marketing knowledge, current courses, industry experience and truly transformational personal brand/identity work. Who is your target audience or customer base, and how do you cater to their needs?

My ideal client is an ambitious female entrepreneur who values social media and knows their potential but feels stuck with building a profitable personal brand. I work with clients who are driven, self-motivated and dedicated to creating real results, that respect and value high-level mentorship and coaching. Through my wide range of courses, memberships, 1-1 and group services, I cater to a wide range of entrepreneurs. No matter where they are in their journey, I have something for them. My courses and membership are more for those in their first few years of business, and my high proximity 1-1 programmes are for those who have been in business 1+ years and want to invest in getting to their next level in business, which usually is achieving a credible personal brand and generating 10k + monthly revenue. How do you differentiate your business from competitors in your industry?

I see a lot of other marketing experts and business coaches offer guidance in a form of strategy, but with me I like to go deep! I believe building a personal brand and scaling a business that you truly love takes deep identity work, and a lot of showing up for yourself. When my clients work with me they don’t just get a mentor, they get a cheerleader, a support system, real talk, transformation work and widely impactful brand building. What online marketing strategies have been successful in promoting your products or services?

Personal brand! Understanding it, implementing it and expanding it has changed my life. Learning to use the challenges that I’ve faced in life as a part of my personal brand has been my superpower. Combining a great personal brand and story-telling content is the reason why I have seen success without hanging my hopes on ‘going viral’ or worrying about vanity metrics on social media.

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

Ah, there has been so many pinch-me moments. A recent one is that I was recently flown out to Los Angeles from London to speak at my Forbes 30 Under 30 / TedX Speaker clients' event, to deepen the conversation around personal brand to an intimate group of global CEO’s, world-class entrepreneurs and millionaire guests.

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

That more people put themselves first. Instead of working ‘in’ their business and doing things they think they ‘should’ be doing (because social media has them feeling behind), stepping into self-empowerment. The sooner we can all start creating and leading from real thoughts and feelings – the better. This is why I love personal brand building. It’s really not about the colours and fonts. It’s about being true to yourself so that you build a business with integrity, passion, alignment and truth. I see a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners copying content and strategies because they 'think' that’s what they ‘should’ be doing, but in doing so they end up losing themselves. This is one of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs burn out – because they are chasing external validation and not being true to themselves – which is exhausting!

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