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Embrace Menopause Bliss With The Soothing Touch Of Reflexology

Written by: Paula Fenegan, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Paula Fenegan

Hey lovely ladies! Are you sailing through the tides of menopause, or do you feel more like you are stuck in sticky treacle unable to find a way forward? I know life can seem difficult at this time but what if there was a way forward that was only a footstep away?

foot massage reflexology

If you're looking for a natural and comforting way to ease those menopausal symptoms, then let's dive into the incredible benefits of reflexology!

What's reflexology all about?

Reflexology is a gentle and therapeutic technique that focuses on specific pressure points on your feet. These points correspond to various organs and systems in your body. By giving them some TLC through targeted pressure and massage, reflexology aims to bring relaxation, energy balance, and a sense of healing to your life. Just like a magical foot massage!

Why is reflexology perfect for menopause?

Well, would you like better hormonal balance, stress relief, improved sleep, better circulation, and an uplifted mood? At this time of your life, most women would eagerly say yes! Reflexology can be your secret weapon during menopause, helping you navigate those choppy waters with grace and a sense of ease. Here are a few things that Reflexology can support:

  • Hormonal Harmony: Menopause brings with it those pesky hormonal fluctuations. Reflexology helps to regulate those hormones, calming hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, and even those stubborn bouts of insomnia. Research has proven Reflexology can help to reduce hot sweats.

  • Stress-Less Moments: Ah, stress! We've all been there. However, this can be a time of the 'sandwich generation' dealing with elderly parents and also teenage children. Stress and menopause are not a good match. Self-care is so important at this time. But guess what? Reflexology is here to calm your worries. It's like a mini-vacation for your mind and body, melting away stress, and giving you a soothing sense of calmness and emotional well-being when you leave.

  • Say hello to better sleep: Are you tossing and turning during the night? Are you unable to switch off the anxious mind and relax? By releasing tension, reducing anxiety, and lulling you into deep relaxation, reflexology sets you up for a blissful night of slumber.

  • Does your circulation need a boost? Reflexology's got your back. By improving your blood circulation, it revitalizes your body, allowing the nutrients in the blood to get to all the cells of the body reducing fatigue, headaches, and those pesky muscle aches that can tag along during menopause.

  • Want more Happy Vibes? Feeling low, self-esteem taking a bashing? This is a common symptom in experienced by many women. You deserve to feel good, even during menopause. Reflexology stimulates the release of endorphins, those natural mood-lifters. Calming those mood swings and irritability, and creating a happier, healthier version of you. The one you remember before Menopause!

Would you like to experience the soothing touch of Reflexology? I offer 1-2-1 personalized sessions designed to support you through this chapter in your life. I also offer nutrition support together with lifestyle changes that complement the Reflexology sessions. It's time to put yourself first and start on your transformative journey with a gentle, healing touch.

If you would like to know, more contact me for a free 15 min Wellness chat to see how best I can support you.

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Paula Fenegan Brainz Magazine

Paula Fenegan, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Paula is Nutrition Therapist/Wellbeing Coach, specialising in supporting women through the menopause and beyond. She is also a practising reflexologist and uses this therapy to help her clients to relax and de-stress and lower symptoms associated with the menopause. She has always had a love of the natural health world and is passionate about how when we work with nature, we can support the body to heal.The recent pandemic encouraged her to leave the airlines, where she worked to retrain in wellbeing coaching and is now able to share her knowledge with her clients. Her aim is to support women to avoid burnout and to value their self-care, so that they can rebalance their lives and thrive in midlife.


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