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‘Election Center’ Opened By Tinder To Encourage Young Singles To Vote

Dating app Tinder has launched a new ‘Election Center’ tool to help its US users navigate how to register to vote in the upcoming American midterm elections, where polling stations are and breakdowns of how the process works.

The ‘Center’ is sited within the dating app’s ‘Explore’ page and is a result of a partnership with democracy database BallotReady. “This new generation of daters wants to be heard. We’re so inspired by their willingness to prioritise potential matches that show up at the ballot boxes this year and use their votes to address the issues that matter most to them, whether that be reproductive rights, marriage equality, gun control or education,” said Melissa Hobley, chief marketing officer at Tinder.

“Many young singles don’t feel properly informed on key issues in these midterm elections, and we want to do something about that. Tinder’s partnership with BallotReady is a meaningful way for our members to easily get involved and informed, and show off their civic pride to potential matches.”

Political parties in France enlisted the help of the dating app to encourage young French voters to polling stations for the French Election in April this year when fears of record high abstentions abounded. In 2019, the Labour party in the UK took over hundreds of Tinder profiles (with permission from users) to post anti-Conservative party messages. It has also been used to campaign against migrant deportations again in the UK; and to spread safe sex messages in Brazil.


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