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Does Emotionally Intelligent Guarantee Success In Business?

Written by: Katarzyna Dorosz, Executive Contributor

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If we want to be successful in life, intellect alone is not enough. Intellect, knowledge, and ability determine whether you are suited for a job, but it is the ability to manage your emotions that gives you a chance to be the best at it. Most psychologists argue that the level of EQ is not genetically shaped. Emotional intelligence can be learned and developed throughout life.

Stress or relax. Young woman meditating.
"Feelings and emotions are like waves – we can't do anything about them coming, but we can choose which ones we let through" ‒ Jonathan Martensson

According to Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence consists of:

  • self-consciousness,

  • the ability to recognize one's own emotions, self-regulation

  • the ability to manage emotions, motivation

  • the art of subordinating emotions to goals, and empathy

  • the ability to understand the feelings and needs of others, to develop social skills

  • the ease of establishing and maintaining relationships with the world.

Jack Mayer and Peter Salovey mention four areas that make up emotional intelligence: perceiving emotions, supporting thinking, managing stress and managing emotions.

An emotionally intelligent person is open to new experiences, can show affection adequately in any situation, easily establishes contacts with other people, copes well with stress, is assertive, believes in himself, is not afraid of criticism and risk.

Emotional intelligence does not guarantee success and does not protect against crises, but it facilitates contacts with people.

Classification of emotional competences:

  • psychological competences – self-awareness, self-assessment, self-control

  • social competences – empathy, assertiveness, persuasion, leadership, cooperation

  • praxeological competence - motivation, adaptation, conscientiousness.

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Katarzyna Dorosz, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Katarzyna Dorosz is a leader in the field of brain performance, mental performance, and improving memory and quality of work.

She is a world-renowned expert for senior and mature individuals who also conducts research on longevity. She is also a lecturer and author of several books.

Katarzyna works with many prestigious American universities about attaining meaningful longevity in Life and how to maintain brain function.

She also supports women around the world through motivational lectures. Her attitude and stubborn pursuit of purpose show how important changes and progress in life are. She is also the author of the TV Show "The Power of Life".

During lectures, she uses the "Educational kinesiology and Emotional intelligence" and developed her own methods of exercises that provide excellent memory, concentration exercises as well as relaxation, and a set of physical exercises to improve the condition (adjusted to the age and flexibility of the body).

In business training, Katarzyna uses the popular Japanese Kaizen method, i.e. a philosophy based on changing lifestyle ‒ an endless process of improving and improving the quality of the company.



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