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Community –The Secret To Scaling Your Online Business In 2022

Written by: Shannon Rose, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


With the landscape of our digital world evolving fast, business owners committed to scaling in the new year are seeking an edge to awaken more impact and cultivate effortless momentum. Kelly Adams, known as the ‘Mary Poppins of Mindset’, is a Speaker and Multi Six Figure Entrepreneur who, with the power of community, is transforming lives and businesses around the globe. Her values lie deep within the roots of integrity and her mission extends to the heights of a worldwide movement cultivating holistic wealth that sees women making peace with their past to step into prosperity.

“You can do business and life alone, or you can collaborate and rise”, Adams shares. It’s a thought-stirring idea, in a world firmly built on the ideals of success being won through competition. But as Adams points out, sustainable success in the new age, requires an upgraded mindset – one of abundance and community. Operating under the guise of results-driven independence has since been exposed as the precursor to burnout – a fate too often met by even the brightest and most financially successful women in business. Adopting a community mindset and collaborative approach to scaling your business in 2022, is the exact model that has Adams inching toward her first $500k year. Her true success though, lies in the sense of fulfillment from simultaneously fostering a stronger relationship with herself, her three children and her husband. Here is how she did it in 2021 and what aspects you could adopt moving into 2022: Build An Aligned You “As above, so below” – a notion also true for building the community you desire. It begins within. Adams journeyed from public success and private failure, to innately worthy, confident and clear in her own level of expertise, which she was able to utilize to build a worldwide movement. ‘Knowing who I am, turning within to find unshakable faith and moving even when I am afraid, has become my superpower. It has shown me who I can become, and allows me to confidently lead other women through their own fire to reveal their truest selves.”

Building a relationship with yourself, first and foremost is the cornerstone of building a community centered on strong values – one that can provide a safe place for each individual member to feel at home. Providing safety allows for powerful reflection and momentum for individual growth through a collective window.

A Community That Grows Itself To create a movement, you need people who are invested in a shared vision. It is about a collective desire to have more impact, and to undertake the journey together in the interest of mutual expansion and influence. It’s the blueprint that Adams followed with her Luminescent Leader Movement, which even though in its infancy has already revealed tremendous results. “Community solves the problem for the woman no longer wanting to do life and business alone. It is about combining forces, gaining multiple perspectives, drawing on each other’s strengths to help solve the challenges faced by each individual along the way. This allows for exponential growth within the Community, and deepens the collective impact.” Adams has experienced first-hand the success of a group of women producing leaps in income, impact and influence over the past year. Her best piece of advice: “clarity and confidence lies at the center of effortlessly scaling yourself and your business in 2022”.

In Closing

With record numbers of women leaping into the online space, the demand has never been greater for high-level mentoring, and a safe place from which to expand. Women are returning to a place of understanding that the only way to truly live, is to thrive. For those ambitious women dedicated to changing the world, building a powerful community could be the next step towards creating their own version of an unabashedly thriving life.

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Shannon Rose Executive Contributor, Brainz Magazine Shannon Rose is a Writer for Top Tier Publications and a Woman's Mentor currently based in Australia with her young family of four. She works with heart-led, high-level female entrepreneurs who want to alchemize their story and life to build a masterpiece. Her Podcast, RICH Conversations has been in the Top 100 shows for entrepreneurship in Europe and she has been featured in MamaM!A, Inspire Magazine and Disrupt. Shannon's mission is to bring every woman into deep relationship with themselves and the world around them through embodiment and embracing taking a chance on them. More money in the hands of women led by spirit, is where the world is going. Walk with us.



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