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Business Strategy Meets Spirituality – Exclusive Interview With Megan Winkler

Motivated by her challenges with business ownership and burnout, Megan Winkler, The Good Business Witch, is always looking for better ways to do business. She’s captivated by the intersection of business strategy and spirituality and is determined to help as many women build their businesses as possible – without burning out. Megan shares her love of the power of proper energy management and the science of business with her community through the written word and in her programs.

Megan holds a master’s degree in military history and an MBA focusing on women in leadership. Her near obsession with strategy translates to powerful roadmaps for her clients and her upcoming book, Breaking Up With Burnout, which focuses on helping women overcome the many types of burnout we face daily.

Photo of Megan Winkler.

Megan Winkler, Business Coach for Creatives

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

I’m a creative business owner, an inexhaustible intellectual, and a modern witchy woman focusing on helping other women build the businesses of their dreams. I live just outside Dallas, Texas, and grew up there. In fact, the only other city I’ve lived in is Tokyo. I actually don’t know how to NOT live in a big city. 

I love the arts and going to live shows. When I travel, a local museum is always on the list of places to visit, and I love experiencing the everyday life of the locals – from the food to the music. You just can’t beat it!

Your approach to business coaching seems quite unique, blending practical strategy with elements like Internal Family Systems, Reiki, and astrology. Can you share how you developed this holistic approach and the impact it has had on your clients?

I never present a strategy to my clients without trying it myself. A few years ago, I began studying Internal Family Systems (IFS) with my coach. I took a few classes, devoured a few books, and realized how much I used it in my everyday life. The same is true for astrology and Reiki. So it made perfect sense to bring them into my business coaching approach.

I believe the best way to guide someone else through a business challenge is to tap into their stories, astrology, and strengths, and use them to our advantage. A cookie-cutter approach just doesn’t work for creative business owners. Instead, we’ve got to address who they are as people first. Then, we can develop a strategy based on their strengths and talents.

What inspired you to focus specifically on coaching creative women entrepreneurs, and what do you believe sets them apart in the business world?

I started serving this group of women almost by accident. When you first go into business, you say “yes” far more than you say “no,” so in my case, my client focus kind of defined itself. I looked at what my clients all have in common, and I realized that my creativity and soulful approach to the more “masculine” business strategies resonated with them. So, I really dived into helping this specific niche. 

Creative businesswomen think outside the box and do things differently in their businesses. They’re really driven by their purpose and crave freedom from their work so that they can achieve that coveted work/life balance. There’s so much innovation and exploration when working with creative businesswomen, and my Aquarius self just loves it.

The way creative women interpret the world around them, engage in problem-solving, and connect with others is unlike any other niche I’ve seen before.

Could you walk us through a typical coaching session with you? How do you tailor your guidance to address the individual needs and challenges of your clients?

My coaching sessions are short and sweet, at just 30 minutes each. I keep them short so we can remain focused on the challenges ahead, and my clients can access me between our sessions. So, if anything comes up between calls, we can address it right in the moment. 

We start by breathing together and setting the intention for the call. Then, we dive into the week’s challenge. In my programs, I give clients clear roadmaps to help them reach each point on their journey. It really helps creative, more right-brained people stay organized. It also gives us smaller goals to accomplish regularly. Those dopamine hits are so valuable! At the end, we close the call by breathing together. It’s a supportive container that brings a little ritual into the calls.

You emphasize helping your clients conquer self-doubt, master marketing, and close sales with confidence. How do you incorporate mindset work into your coaching process, and why do you believe it's essential for entrepreneurial success?

Marketing and sales are such a mindset game. We have to guard our energy, make sure we know the line between vulnerability and TMI for ourselves and believe in our work beyond a shadow of a doubt. Bringing mindset work into your business is absolutely a must-have for success. Without it, you’ll be tempted to give up too quickly, take on other people’s energy, or completely burn out without ever making the impact you want to make in your business.

Beyond financial success, you mention a belief that when women entrepreneurs thrive, the whole world benefits. Can you elaborate on this philosophy and share any examples of how you've seen it play out in your work?

Studies show women invest more money than men in local economies, small businesses, and charitable organizations. When women entrepreneurs thrive, they give back to others significantly. For instance, one of my clients can run an anti-racist book club for free, and another client donates her time and money to a local organization.

Outside of your coaching practice, you mention a passion for supporting local artists and animal rescue groups. How do these interests influence your approach to coaching, if at all, and how do you balance your personal passions with your professional endeavors?

Every musician, artist, or performer began as a local artist. I love supporting the local arts scene because I truly believe we all thrive when we support each other. The same is true for animal rescue groups. I’m in awe of fosters who take animals in from the street or high-kill shelters and make room for them in their homes. I’ve adopted two rescue pups myself, and welcoming these animals into our homes helps them and us immensely.

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

I’d toss all the “bro marketing” strategies out there. They give marketing and sales a bad name. Marketing is about connection, and sales is about having a conversation. Most business owners are really good at both already, even if they don’t realize it. We don’t need to be standing in front of a gym mirror to sell a coaching program unless you’re a fitness coach. Instead, we just need to be ourselves.

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