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Building Your Best Life ‒ 3-Step Simple Path To Change And Transformation

Written by: Janylene Turcotte, Cl.hyp, ACC, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


As a clinical hypnotherapist, hypnocoach and RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) Therapist, I work with people who are ‘stuck’ ─ whether in their personal lives or in a career transition ─ and help them work towards complete transformation, resulting in a breakthrough that permits them to live free from the limiting beliefs that once held them back.

Demystifying Hypnosis/Hypno-therapy

Many people often come to me with antiquated ideas about hypnosis and the stigma that this practice once held.

Today, we are better informed, and hypnosis has proven to be a time-tested, scientific method for bypassing internal filters and connecting with your intuitive belief systems. It works by creating a burst of brain waves similar to those that occur in the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase of sleep when you have your most vivid dreams.

Among the proven benefits of hypnosis, is its ability to help you tap into the wisdom you already possess and efficiently aid in removing the obstacles that impede your freedom and success!

My experience, after mediating close to 600 hypnotherapy sessions, is that the subconscious mind, under hypnosis, leads you to the information you need in the most logical way — somewhat like the Russian Matryoshka dolls, wherein the discovery of one doll leads you to uncover yet another until finally, all the hidden pieces have been revealed and everything makes perfect sense.

The first thing to recognize is that there is no ‘one-size-fits all’ method to successfully transforming one's entire life or career and, while the mechanics of making it work can be complex and challenging, I have, through personal experience, developed a 3- step model that has helped my clients define their goals, move forward and achieve successful transformation ─ however daunting their situations may seem!

In my case, I was faced with multiple challenges — an unfulfilling career, alcohol abuse, unhealthy weight gain and emotional dysfunction. Then one day, the negative impact of these circumstances prompted my ‘aha’ moment, and thus began the process of building the model that would support my transformation.

The ‘AHA’ moment

Most people looking into serious life transformation come to me after a kind of epiphany ─ an ‘aha moment’ that signifies a desire and need for change. We have all experienced it in one form or another ─ it is a sign, whether external or internal, that suddenly wakes us up. In this pivotal moment when you recognize the impulse to break the status quo, you must seize the opportunity right away!

The Model

  1. Build a support team

  2. Take action

  3. Experience your new reality

The model above was developed while I was going through my own personal transformation. Building a team — a network of support — was the first stage in the development of the life-changing model I created to help myself and, subsequently others, take charge and transform their lives.

At first glance the model looks simple enough — 3-steps, how difficult can it be, right? However, we quickly learn that each step is a process in and of itself that must be followed and respected, in order to yield the desired results.


This team should be made up of people who know, understand, support and contribute to your transition and transformation in a positive and constructive way. They are not there to judge you, to decide for you or to be your guru; they are there to guide you within the realm of their particular field of expertise or with their caring presence. In creating your team, you will have to be honest and offer full transparency with regards to your feelings and circumstances, so that your team knows how best to help you.

Everyone’s team differ, according to personal needs and goals. If, for example, you are just looking to fine-tune a particular aspect of your life, you might only need one or two people; maybe you just need to reach out to a social service or engage in a new activity.

However, if you’re looking to make a significant change that will have a serious impact on your life, you will need to consider a network of support — with a central person of your choosing to guide you. This central person can be a psychologist, life coach, therapist, hypnocoach — there are many possibilities, depending on your preferences and other factors, like time and budget.

If you are embarking on a major process of transitioning and transforming, I have learned from personal experience that having this team will not only help solidify your commitment, it will also enable you to stay connected to your vision, help you to feel supported and understood and maintain your presence of mind during difficult days, while also being there to celebrate milestones and successes on good days.

When you are in ‘transition-mode’ and ‘transforming,’ community makes a world of difference. I encourage you to find a supportive community where you can feel safe and accepted.

If your ‘transitioning’ and ‘transforming’ is more on a business level, you can, for example, seek out groups or business and industry associations where others with your goals meet and converse.

Organizing your transformation

It is a sound practice to approach and manage your transformation like a project, as this allows you to keep track of your process and progress. For example, you can put up a board with columns that allow you to see everything you need at-a-glance, like resources and the budget required. (See example below)

What I need

Who helps?



Guided meditation

Free- YouTube audio

Gain energy




Once you have had your ‘aha’ moment and assembled your team, you need to take action.

It is a common misconception that one must be self-motivated to bring about change. Many people subconsciously sabotage their motivation by holding onto old beliefs that eventually become a never-ending internal dialogue of negativity. I have found that motivation comes with action. Once you understand that it is merely the habitual mechanism of your subconscious that is causing you to remain inactive or to procrastinate and self-sabotage, you realize that motivation alone is but one small obstacle in the process of change.

Ideally, you need to ‘take action’ every day, even if that means that the simple act of ‘consciously resting ‘ is your action of the day. Consider both personal and professional actions that are aligned with your objectives to overcome your limiting beliefs.

It’s important to balance your actions with rewards. Think about rewarding yourself regularly when you are in transformation — you can reward yourself for newly acquired habits, beliefs, emotions or actions that are in keeping with your goals. Self-care is an essential part of the process — it does not have to be a grand gesture, but rather it should be meaningful and foster positive emotions. An example of a simple reward could be to listen to your favorite album or treat yourself to a special tea you like etc.


This final step could last a week, a month or more; you will know when you are there. What’s important is the intention and the meaningful choices made during the reward ritual, as these are the things that nurture learning—be it personal growth or acknowledging the new ‘CEO’ in you — it is the time to expand and let these changes take residence in you permanently, so that it becomes fully you.

Try not to label who you are becoming in the process — focus instead on knowing and believing that you are enough, that you can connect with others and that most of the things you once believed were not available to you, are, in fact, abundantly available.

As seen in the chart below, you will begin to recognize a shift in your beliefs. This gradual shift will inspire you to move forward in a positive way and continue your journey to complete transformation.

​I can't do it

I can do it

I have done it

I am lost and confused

I can see I am going somewhere but where?

I have clarity; all this is starting to make sense

I don't have what it takes to succeed

I am better equipped than I thought

I have what it takes to succeed

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Janylene Turcotte, Cl.hyp, ACC, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

After more than 25 years as a top level executive in the corporate world, Janylène Turcotte made a 360 degree career change and became a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach and HypnoCoach. While going through her own major life transformation, she developed a unique 3-STEP MODEL as a tool to help herself, and now, her clients, through the complex process of transformation and transition. She graduated from the Marisa Peer School as an RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) Therapist. She has been an ICF Certified Coach for more than eight years and host the podcast ‘’ It’s Just a Belief’’.



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